Porsche 993 Turbo

Porsche 993 Turbo

Coupé, 1997


  • WLS 2
  • Black Black
  • Low mileage!

1997 Porsche 993 Turbo WLS2 for sale

Let's not fool ourselves.

If we were to offer a flawless first-hand 993 turbo with a large increase in performance and 450 hp in this configuration and with an incredibly low mileage of 11500 km, the asking price would be many times higher. Whether justified or not, we do not want to judge. The global “market” reacts with no rationale whatsoever when highly sought-after Porsche specimens with such extraordinary key data appear and are offered for sale or at auctions by well-known houses.

In this case, however, it is a vehicle that went the normal way to becoming a classic until October 2012 and was allowed to age in the USA – more precisely in New Jersey or New York. Up to this date, the vehicle had a normal history and, according to Carfax, was handed over to its first owner in New Jersey on January 21, 1997, who kept it until May 30. 2006 and handed over to the 2nd owner with 23,402 miles on it. In November 2008 this had an apparently minor rear-end collision (minor damage), was repaired and continued to be driven until 08/13/2010 and a mileage of 54172 km. The third owner took over the turbo and drove it until 07/07/2011 and a mileage of approx. 57000 miles. Finally, the 4th owner took over the turbo and only drove it up to the documented mileage of 58,286 miles (approx. 93,260 km). On November 10, 2012 the last owner in USA/New York was involved in another accident with this turbo, where he hit a movable object (whatever it was).

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The vehicle in detail

Both the vehicle and the vehicle documents were handed over to the insurance company that had settled the damage and were finally sold in 2013 to the Freisinger company in Karlsruhe in the same condition as before the accident.

So far so good.

It would be premature to speak of a stroke of luck, because it takes the interaction of several coincidences at the right time to turn a 993 turbo like the one on offer, DESPITE all its history and injuries, into a de facto new car, which finally in 2015 in will be handed over to its new owner in its new life.

An essential factor of this interaction is that the Freisinger company (and no one else!) took the turbo into the apparently immeasurable camp. To our knowledge, no other company in the world is able to restore such a vehicle to new condition at the request of a good Freisinger customer. We use the term "new condition" quite consciously, because apart from the interior fittings – more precisely: the front and rear seats – the turbo was brought from the almost inexhaustible NOS Porsche parts warehouse of the Freisinger company to the new condition mentioned at the customer's request and finally handed over in July 2015 with a mileage of almost 200 km.

Listing the new parts used at this point would go beyond the scope, so we'll keep it as short as possible and summarize: EVERYTHING.

Starting with the complete drive unit engine, transmission, drive train, chassis, brakes, electrics, axles, all ancillary units such as turbochargers, starters, alternators, pumps, steering, rims, all windows, switches, buttons, carpets, headliners… feel free to ask us , if you can think of anything else. Simply EVERYTHING was renewed in 2015.

Looking at the turbo after completion in 2015 was a journey back in time to 1997. At the time, the vehicle looked as if it had just rolled off the assembly line. Before we sold it back then, it was registered in our name and run in for around 1500 km!

A quick look at the bigger picture helps here, for example to shed light on a vehicle manufacturer such as Singer or RUF. The desirability of the fantastically beautiful individual pieces that leave these manufactories is outstanding worldwide. Even convinced guardians of the Grail of originality click their tongues appreciatively at the sight of these sculptures. However, what we have not heard from any of the admirers of these cars in countless conversations about this is an increased interest in the history of the basic vehicles used, all of which left the Zuffenhausen factory at some point. No one wonders what mileage or accident history the “donor” used had. Only the result now, here and now counts, after the donor vehicle has been brought to a level in practically all areas that often exceeds the already high factory standard of the house Porsche many times over.

If you approach our offered 993 Turbo in this way, freed from the usual constraints on the search for value-forming history around the coveted search object, and make it clear that this was made by the Freisinger company with their unique possibilities and know-how. You don't have to see how it was rebuilt at eye level by Singer, RUF and the like – but you can certainly see this vehicle with completely different eyes. A 993 turbo, on which a quasi-new vehicle was created around the 25-year-old chassis number, which has now been in use for 7 years and 11,450 km. In 5 years this Turbo will have H-approval, and in the near future the interest in all the details mentioned above will fade more and more into the background, because at some point it will be important with this Turbo, as with each of its predecessor models, in which actual state he is in then, at the moment of viewing. At that point at the latest, this vehicle will play its trump card – it was created in 1997, but was completely wiped out in 2015.

That's his biggest plus. The "by-catch" here – until then, the future owner will drive a quasi-new car, which in every respect keeps the maximum distance to wear and tear repairs of any kind. That's how it looks like a shoe, isn't it?

In the meantime, the turbo has been driven approx. 11,450 km since 2015 under the best conditions and after our handover – "initial inspection" was 5 more times at the Porsche specialist for maintenance and care. When it was repainted in 2015, it was of a quality that was well above the factory level and has since been protected by a professionally applied transparent protective film in the endangered front area, so that the vehicle, even after 7 years of its creation, presents itself as a new year-old car that has never been in its new life had to see stress, salt or winter.

Let's go back to the beginning of our description.

If you are looking for a 993 turbo that is flawless from a vehicle-historical point of view, the vehicle on offer will not meet your requirements. Its history is exciting and attractive because 18 years after it was manufactured in the factory and around 93,000 kilometers, it had the almost unique opportunity to be reborn and its new era began with actually 0 (ZERO) kilometers.

However, if you are looking for what is probably one of the best-preserved 993 Turbos on the market, which easily has another 25 years ahead of it with proper care, we strongly recommend that you visit the car and let it speak for itself. We assure you at this point – this 993 turbo shows no weaknesses even in the deepest corner of its body or its drive and presents itself as we want to describe it – just like a well-maintained year-old car.

Except for the leather of its absolutely neat sports seats. The only indication that he is not 7 but actually 25 years young.

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Year of construction: 1997
Model: 993 Turbo
Body: Coupé
Series: 993
Mileage: 11450 km
Power: 450 HP
Cylinder capacity: 3,6 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Four-wheel drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Configuration: Sun roof ABS Airbag Servo steering Navigation system Air conditioning
Interior color: Black
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Black
Condition: Partially restored
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes

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Porsche 993 Turbo

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