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Porsche 996 GT3

Porsche 996 GT3

Coupé, 2004


  • Perfect condition
  • German first delivery
  • 67,000 km

Buy 2004 Porsche 996 GT3 Mk II!

Absolutely unusual.

As a rule, we like to do the work to capture a new addition, to experience it, to understand it. (Between us - what could be nicer than getting to know a Porsche from the GT range?) In this special case, however, we take over a good part of the description from the previous owner. The individual passages quickly reveal what an extraordinary specimen this is about. When you finally stand in front of it and get to know the vehicle in all its details, you will quickly know what we are trying to describe with “perfect”.

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Price: EUR 76,996


dls automobile
Friedrichstraße 5
70736 Fellbach
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The vehicle in detail

"The first registration took place on April 1st, 2004 on the first-best from Rosenheim, from 2007 to 2017 the car was in use by a Munich based AIL Leasing in Munich until I bought the car in 2017 and registered it at the beginning of 2018. At that time I had another 996 GT3 in white. The typical collector's item with few kilometers, where every trip was torture because of fear of falling rocks, rain, kilometers, ... This gave rise to the idea of buying a driving machine for my trips into the mountains. This is my typical area and as a Munich resident I feel really comfortable and at home there.

It was precisely this driving machine with 54,000 km back then (and 67,000 km today) that I found after some search: Cared for and maintained by a real enthusiast regardless of costs. Therefore, all invoices for maintenance have been available since 2007, all HU documents. Such a completely full A4 folder, as it should be.

In October 2008 at an event organized by the local Porsche Club there was a blown tire with an associated rear damage, which was professionally repaired in the PZ in Munich. The Dekra damage report and the repair invoice are of course available.

Compared to the original delivery condition, my previous owner at A-Workx made some optimizations, namely in the form of a shorter gearbox, a reinforced limited-slip differential and an original Tequipment roll bar. Exhaust systems are chassis but are still in their original condition.

Back then I drove my completely original GT3 and then this optimized one one after the other. And I was blown away immediately. For me it is simply a sensational car with an even better driving experience, even more direct, even more agile.

In the last three years I have invested further in the maintenance:

2018: Major maintenance with spark plugs, fuel pump, air conditioning control, new front lip

2019: Again extensive maintenance with all fluids, repainting of rims at APT (not flawless despite two reworking, therefore new purchase of brand new rims in 2020), new support bearings, horn, interior mirror, all three coolers, air conditioning dryer, air conditioning condenser, cup lip (liked optically even better than the recently bought lip from 2018), new Michelin tires

2020: Comprehensive maintenance with changing of all fluids in March including overhaul and repair of brake calipers, new brake pads

At the beginning of 2020 I redesigned the interior: I really wanted to have the original bucket seats for more lateral support. But not covered with Nomex, but with black leather and an embossed Porsche crest. I found what I was looking for in Belgium. A real stroke of luck, because the leather should be preserved to preserve the patina. The backrest has been painted in the vehicle color, the original factory sticker as proof of authenticity has of course been preserved. The middle parts as well as other details (steering wheel, key fob, linking floor mats, handbrake levers, airbag panels in the doors and so on) were then covered with original Pepita fabric.

In June 2020 I felt a very, very slight jolt between 4800 and 4900 revolutions on a fast motorway drive. You know your cars very well and somehow that seemed strange to me. I then had all the spark plugs and ignition flushes changed again at the workshop. All good, but the slight jerking (nobody else really felt it) stayed and made me feel a bit strange. That didn't leave me in peace and then I had the engine completely dismantled in the workshop. Just out of sheer caution, so as not to risk anything…. (Note: do you already notice where the journey is going? What is the consequence of such work, if there are no compromises and nothing, really nothing! Should be left to chance?

The decision was made quickly in summer 2020: Complete engine overhaul.

The result: engine dismantled down to the crankshaft, pistons and bushings renewed, timing chains and rails renewed, connecting rod bearings and crankshaft main bearings renewed. The oil pumps were checked and found to be in order (but of course the seals and bearing set new), the intermediate shaft bearing glued. All seals have been renewed, all knock sensors too, of course, the heat exchanger is also new, starter new, alternator new, air mass meter new and so on….

A huge and expensive break that was completed in April 2021. I then ran the engine in gently and comfortably for 1,000 km and then of course had it serviced again. The maintenance booklet probably has more stamps than many, many other cars that are on offer ... "

So much for the description of the previous owner, which you get to read 1: 1 with a few useful abbreviations. Such descriptions make our lives easier, dear reader. However, they are only one of several building blocks that in the end give a complete, round picture of a vehicle, after from our point of view even the most critical interested party would have to lick their fingers, because our daily experience allows us to say with great certainty - a 17th Buying the “old” GT3 is always a more or less courageous lottery game. Because such driving machines are rarely bought for collection or for a leisurely stroll. In accordance with the philosophy of their builders, genes suitable for racing were given to them on their way in order to reliably deliver maximum performance over the long term. Good and reliable like a German Shepherd and already anchored in the DNA. Just like you know Porsche.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the marketing contract and we are doing the best of things: this car deserves someone who values all of the above as much as we have come to appreciate after more than 2 decades of handling water-cooled sports models from Porsche . This GT3 is a top quality specimen.

With a brand new engine that the next proud owner can drive in himself.

To ask? With pleasure! But we repeat ourselves at this point - the documentation at hand, but above all the car itself, speak for themselves and are self-explanatory.

Your DLS team

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Year of construction: 2004
Model: 996 GT3
Body: Coupé
Series: 996
Mileage: 67000 km
Power: 381 HP
Cylinder capacity: 3,6 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Rear drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Black
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Silver
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: Germany

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Porsche 996 GT3

Price: EUR 76,996

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