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Passion For Classics

We firmly believe in fair trade


  1. We provide a lot more information – to ensure a more honest representation

    Each vehicle is objectively described with more details about the history, the overall state, service records, and a lot of photos. The vehicle remains with the owner so that more information can be exchanged during a visit.

  2. We provide the possibility to interact

    The platform provides a way to interact with the seller, with experts, with people that have gone to have a look to the car,… You have a chance of discussing the state of the vehicle, your experience what to look out for or just ask for additional information from the seller. The seller has more opportunity to provide more transparency, increasing his chance of being able to sell the vehicle => a win-win. Whoever is fair will be rewarded.

  3. We have spared no effort to ensure a far greater amount of fair transaction

    During the registration process, we ask for more information to ensure a user actually exists. Secondly, through integration with Stripe, we allow for credit checks to ensure we have users that are also financially viable. Professional users will also be checked through VAT analysis. The platform we offer is as waterproof as possible, in terms of transactions.

  4. Real-time 4 language translation process

    All information on the platform, including comments provided, will be translated in real-time in 4 languages. Allowing for a greater amount of interaction and information share.

  5. Advanced information share

    When browsing through our platform you will discover:

🚦 Unique way to inform our users if/when the reserve price is met (via color indication red, orange, green).

🔎 Ability to discover information about other users, like rating, amount of comments, bids, submissions,… This can be interesting information when bidding against a fierce bid-competitor

⭐️ PassionForClassics specific user rating, allowing you to become an expert user – rewarded when providing truly quality information to the other users

🌎 Car enthusiasts from all over the world. 

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Passion For Classics

About us

Passionforclassics originated in 2020 when the paths of two pure-bred ‘petrolheads’ crossed because of their shared love: a Passion for Classic cars

The driving force behind Passionforclassics consists of 2 people: Bjorn and Jan.

Bjorn knows everything there is to know about cars and is a true “connoisseur” of cars from the eighties and early nineties. For many years he has been active in the auction world and he already sold hundreds of cars through various channels.

Jan has many years of experience in IT and has been a car fanatic from the moment he started walking and talking.


Both experts in their field, joined forces to transform the current way of being able to buy and/or sell classic cars. More people need to be able to enjoy discussing and driving classic cars! 

In providing more and accurate information we want to make classics more widely accessible to enthusiasts, so they will never have to regret not having dared to buy the car they have always dreamed about. 

The goals they set themselves were:

  1. providing maximum transparency,
  2. highest possible quality of information,
  3. at the lowest possible costs.

Over a period of 1 year, they have developed a digital platform that enables every ‘petrolhead’ to sell or buy the car of their dreams in the best possible way. Passionforclassics shifts gears: providing as much information to the buyer as possible on the true condition of the car:

📝🔎 extensive descriptions;

📸🎥 numerous pictures and sometimes videos;

📋📆 there’s always the opportunity to visit and view the car

Next, and as important, there is the possibility to interact with the seller, other buyers, fans, and experts. You can ask questions about the car, request more details, pictures,… etc.  Or simply have conversations about the car you like or want to share your knowledge about and become part of our community of enthusiasts.

Passionforclassics distinguishes itself from all existing auction sites in Europe. We welcome vehicles, no matter if it is a project or in “Concours condition”, as long as the description fully matches the true state of the car.  Transparency and fair trade are what make Passionforclassics stand out from the crowd.


Oh, and one more thing, the rates on PassionForClassics are the lowest… by far!

Passion For Classics


Passion For Classics

Ouderdomseweg 26A
8970 Poperinge


VAT Nr: BE0753556673