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Porsche Book 959


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The Porsche 959 book

There are sports cars. There are super sports cars. And there’s the Porsche 959, an automobile legend. This limited edition of 2,500 copies of the Porsche 959 is like the car itself: passionate, concentrated, spectacular. Not just one, but three books in a jewel case create a new reading experience: the “Picture Book” with opulent photos from all phases of the development of the Porsche 959, the “Story Book” with the gripping story of this car, and finally the “Fact Book” with all relevant data, facts and figures about the 959.

Edition: 1st edition 2016
Publisher: Delius Klasing
Equipment: Bound in slipcase
ISBN: 978-3-667-10695-7
Pages: 418
Size: 29.6 x 31.2 cm
Photos and illustrations: 160
Other: bilingual (German / English)

1. Picture book (210 pages, 140 photos)

The unique visual language of the “Picture Book” was created by the Munich photographer and designer Stefan Bogner. Known for his spectacular street portraits from the magazine series CURVES, published by Delius Klasing Verlag, Bogner also finds a drive in his photographs of the Porsche 959, which gives his pictures something inimitable.

2nd Story Book (64 pages, 2 black and white photos)

The “Story Book” was written by Jürgen Lewandowski.

3rd Fact Book (144 pages, 12 black and white drawings)

In the “Fact Book”, the Porsche expert compiles all relevant data, figures and drafts of the technical stroke of genius for the Porsche 959. Excitingly written and at the same time compactly and clearly presented.

In addition, author Jürgen Lewandowski and this book share a very special story: in 1985, Prof. Helmuth Bott, the Chief Technical Officer of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, to accompany the development of the 959. At the time, he was able to look over the shoulders of the engineers and test drivers as they did their work and thus collect facts which he can now pass on first-hand in this book.

“Porsche 959” is the perfect reference book for this model, with all the facts and figures, with test reports and the historical classification of the 959 and its significance for the Porsche company.

More information about the Porsche 959 can be found here: Porsche 959 – The high flyer 

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