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Porsche 911 S

Porsche 911 S

Coupé, 1972


  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • VIN: 9112300945
  • Completely restored!

1972 Porsche 911 2.4 S for sale!

One of Porsche’s Finest 911s-A Fantastic 2.4 Flat-6, Italian Provenance Since New And Recent Complete Restored In A Stunning Black Over Pepita Color Scheme.

This specific car was first delivered in May 1972 in Milan. The current owner bought it in 2015 and performed a complete mechanical and body restoration. The car is now finished in Black over “pepita” interior, it shows 41.100 kms and still has its original orange/black plate from the late seventies. It is in very good condition, having been used carefully since the restoration.

Preis: EUR 214.900


Via Ettore Ponti 53
20143 Milano
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Das Fahrzeug im Detail

The early 70s Porsche 911 combines an evocative vintage experience with superb road manners and drivability, particularly when compared with other cars of the same period. There is a wonderful cohesiveness, agility, and communicativeness to how they drive, which makes them evergreen driver’s cars. This has made them particularly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors who are interested in using their cars.

Early 911s were continuously developed, and the 1972 and 1973 models are generally considered the most refined and usable of the long hoods. The 2.4 liter engine (technically 2.3 liters at 2341cc) provided more torque than the 2.2 which came before it, and the S model sat at the top of the standard 911 hierarchy, providing the highest level of equipment and the most power, just 20 hp less than the iconic Carrera RS. The 1972 models are noteworthy because the oil tank was moved from behind the right rear wheel to in front of it, improving weight problems with fuel station attendants putting gasoline in the oil sump, the oil tank was moved distribution and necessitating the addition of an oil filler flap in the right rear fender. After back to its original position for 1973, where it remained until the arrival of the 964 in 1989.

By 1974, the weight of the cars was up somewhat due to the new impact bumpers, and the engine’s character and power output softened appreciably thanks to the new CIS fuel injection system, which helped emissions but lacked the urgency, sound, and intoxicating power delivery of the MFI setup used on the 1973 and earlier cars.


Baujahr: 1972
Modell: 911 S
Karosserie: Coupé
Baureihe: 911 F-Modell
Laufleistung: 41063 km
Leistung: 190 PS
Hubraum: 2,4 Liter
Lenkung: links
Getriebe: Manuell
Antrieb: Heckantrieb
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Innenfarbe: Schwarz
Innenmaterial: Stoff/Leder Kombination
Außenfarbe: Schwarz
Zustand: Vollrestauriert
Neu / gebraucht: Gebrauchtwagen
Fahrbereit: ja
Land der Erstauslieferung: Italien

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Porsche 911 S

Preis: EUR 214.900

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