Porsche 991 Turbo S

Porsche 991 Turbo S

Cabriolet, 2014


  • PCCB
  • Black on Black!
  • BOSE® Sound System

2014 PORSCHE 991 TURBO S CABRIOLET (2014) for sale!

Remarkably for a sports car that is nearly 60-year’s old, the 991 version of the 911 – launched in 2011 – is only the third all new re-working of the iconic design. Carrying virtually nothing over from the 997, in terms of engineering, the 991 does of course, continue the 911’s stubborn rear-engined ideology and with the classic 911 silhouette being retained, there’s no mistaking exactly what it is either.

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Das Fahrzeug im Detail

So, the 911 evolution continued and true to form, Porsche wasn’t going to drop the ball with the 991 carrying on the good work. Customer demand and increased safety requirements dictated a 911 that was bigger than the 997, however still (just) compact enough for our small island and of course, with all the day-to-day practicality that makes a modern 911 such an effective touring machine too.

Initially the 991 was launched in standard Carrera and Carrera S form, with 3.4 litre, 350bhp and 3.8-litre, 400bhp engines respectively. Four-wheel drive versions followed, as did the Cabrio and Targa, plus of course the halo Turbo and GT models. With 560BHP, the ultimate 991 Turbo S incredibly had 300BHP more than the original 260BHP 911 Turbo launched four decades earlier.

And of course it’s the Turbo S that we’re interested in here, specifically in Cabriolet form too, which is to say wind in your hair, all the way up to a whisker under 200mph flat out.


We fully admit to being fans of classic 911s at Paul Stephens, but that doesn’t mean to say that the modern stuff doesn’t excite us. On the contrary, who wouldn’t be excited by a 991 Turbo S, which barring the very latest 992, is pretty much the pinnacle of 911 evolution.

Supplied new in April 2014, by Porsche Centre Wilmslow, in S form, this is the ultimate spec Turbo, with an extra 40bhp over the standard car, plus an overboost facility that – in full Launch Control mode, will see it hit 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 198mph.

Big numbers indeed, but it’s the way the Turbo delivers that truly impresses – or simply terrifies. Specifically it’s the mind-bending torque – 700Nm @ 2100-4250rpm (750Nm @ 2200-4000rpm with Sports Plus overboost mode), that you really feel, before the revs take over to deliver the full 560bhp @ 6500-6750rpm. To experience a standing start in this, is something akin to a jet-fighter taking off. The G-force is absolutely real. As is its crushing cross country performance. Whether it’s a Ferrari, McLaren or Lambo they will struggle to shake off a 911 Turbo and that’s before it rains…

And yet, with its PDK transmission, 4 seats and typical 911 practicality, it fully lives up the everyday supercar reputation. Hell, it will even return sensible fuel economy.

But to our stunning black example. With just 37,000-miles covered, it’s in prime condition. The service book is fully stamped with a mix of Porsche Centre and Porsche specialists. Maintenance, as you would expect, has been routine.

Being a Turbo S, it comes pretty much fully loaded, which on top of the extra power, includes active aero, Porsche ceramic brakes and massive 6-pot callipers, plus dynamic engine mounts, teamed with an active anti-roll system. Oh, and there’s the four-wheel steering too.

Interior wise it’s all black to compliment the exterior, which we think is a good thing. Fully electric/heated/adaptive sports seats are a great place to sit. Leather extends throughout and contrasts nicely with the carbon pack, whilst sports chrono is great for performance timing. Radar cruise is standard, as is just about every other creature comfort, including full Bose.


Utterly devastating, or utterly benign? Both really, it’s the devastating performance that usually makes the headlines, with sooo much power and torque, that you could be forgiven for thinking that the gearing is too short as it rips through the revs. Yet it’s the ease that this performance is deployed through its capable 4wd chassis, that ultimately impresses most. The four-wheel steer, you can really feel, making it incredibly agile, whilst in Sports Plus mode with everything at max, the Turbo S feels more mid, rather than rear engined.

And once you’ve got all that out of your system, just activate the electric roof, relax and enjoy the ride. The 911 Turbo, as ever, just does it all.


Porsche have made many reiterations of the immortal 911, from standard RWD through to track focused RS/GT derivatives, however, no matter which generation, the Turbo is still the ultimate all round 911. End of.


  • 257 Manually retractable exterior mirrors, with automatic dimming and memory
  • 264 Left exterior mirror glass, convex
  • 285 Right exterior mirror glass, aspherical
  • 636 Park distance control in front and rear
  • 340 Wheel rims painted in basic colour
  • 674 „Vehicle Tracking System“ preparation
  • 170 Acoustic package RoW
  • 454 Automatic cruise speed control
  • 602 LED headlights with dynamic cornering light Plus (PDLS Plus)
  • 276 Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror
  • 632 PDLS+ dynamic high beam
  • 840 Sports steering wheel (for PDK with paddle)
  • 656 Steering column with electric reach/ height adjustment and memory
  • IY2 Model year period from week 45 to week 22
  • 153 Middle radiator
  • 672 -2008 PCM 2, 2009- PCM 3 Offroad navigation
  • 435 911 Turbo S wheel, 20″ central lock
  • UX7 TPM valve, Black
  • 022 Black-coloured instrument dials, instrument cluster
  • 025 Black-coloured instrument dials, stopwatch
  • 061 Version for Great Britain
  • 070 Pedestrian protection
  • 071 EU country version
  • 092 Turbo S
  • 099 Right-hand drive version
  • 130 Control and indications in English lettering
  • 140 Dynamic engine mounts (PADM)
  • 200 95 Ah battery
  • 211 Licence plate holder version 3
  • 221 PTV Plus, el. controlled rear-diff. lock
  • 250 PDK transmission (dual clutch)
  • 268 Rain sensor
  • 288 Headlamp washer
  • 323 Sports seat Plus, left, electrical, 18-way
  • 324 Sports seat Plus, right, electrical, 18-way
  • 335 Automatic seat belt, 3-point, rear
  • 352 Electronic damper control for PASM and PDCC
  • 440 Antenna diversity
  • 450 Ceramic brake (PCCB)
  • 466 Rear fog light, right
  • 470 Rear-axle steering
  • 478 Central wheel lock
  • 482 Tire Pressure Monitoring TPM, 433 MHz
  • 492 Headlights for left-hand traffic
  • 521 Tilt sensor
  • 529 SportDesign exterior mirror
  • 534 Theft security system, 433 MHz
  • 536 -07 Alarm siren and tilt sensor 08- Alarm siren
  • 538 Seat position control for comfort seat, right
  • 552 Electric wind deflector
  • 555 Black seat belts
  • 567 Windscreen tinted, upper part darker coloured
  • 573 Air conditioner
  • 605 LED daytime driving lights
  • 610 DVD navigation, „Europe package“
  • 621 12-V socket, passenger’s side, footwell
  • 640 Sport Chrono Plus package
  • 657 Power steering
  • 665 -2008 PCM 2, 2009- PCM 3 basic module incl. radio
  • 666 -2008 PCM 2, 2009- PCM 3 telephone (GSM)
  • 680 BOSE sound package
  • 685 Rear seat assembly
  • 691 Digital radio reception DAB
  • 810 foot mats
  • 870 Universal multimedia interface
  • 936 Seat covers, rear, leather
  • 981 Leather equipment, without seat covers
  • 983 Seat covers, front, leather
  • 991 Steering wheel airbag module in leather
  • XGB Decorative dashboard trim, carbon
  • XHM Centre console trim, carbon
  • XSC Porsche Crest embossed in headrest
  • XYB Fuel tank cap in Aluminium Look
  • 342 Seat heating, left/right seat
  • 642 Start/Stop function
  • 523 Immobiliser, 434 MHz
  • XWC Door panel trim in carbon


Baujahr: 2014
Modell: 991 Turbo S
Karosserie: Cabriolet
Baureihe: 991
Laufleistung: 37500 mi
Leistung: 560 PS
Hubraum: 3,8 Liter
Lenkung: rechts
Getriebe: PDK
Antrieb: Allradantrieb
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Ausstattung: ABS Airbag Servolenkung Navigationssystem Klimaanlage
Innenfarbe: Schwarz
Innenmaterial: Leder
Außenfarbe: Schwarz
Neu / gebraucht: Gebrauchtwagen
Fahrbereit: ja

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Porsche 991 Turbo S

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