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Target Bavaria Rallye 2024: Unique classic car experience through four countries!

Target Bavaria Rallye 2024: Unique classic car experience through four countries!

The world of classic motorsport is preparing for an extraordinary event: the Target Bavaria Rallye 2024. From May 25 to 31, 2024, four countries will be crossed in Eastern and Central Europe – from the Adriatic Sea via the Karawanken mountains to the foothills of the Bavarian Alps and on to Munich. The event starts with a prologue race on the historic GP Preluk circuit in Rijeka. This city circuit along the Croatian coast was reopened after 50 years especially for the Target Bavaria Rallye. You can hardly get closer to the feeling of the Monaco Grand Prix. For five days, magnificent country roads and serpentines lead over the Slovenian mountains to Austria, until the participants cross the finish line in the Bavarian capital of Munich after almost a week.

Inspired by the Panamericana, LINEA BAVARIA GmbH is organizing an international rally through Europe for the first time with the Target Bavaria Rallye

Even as a young boy, Dr. Joachim Graf von Finckenstein dreamed of driving legendary races such as the Carrera Panamericana along the road linking Alaska and Tierra del Fuego. He has since fulfilled this dream and taken part in numerous other rallies such as the Modena Cento Ore or Tour Auto in France. He sees the question of why there is no such event in Germany as a challenge to organize something like this himself.

There is a flood of new classic car events. These are often aimed exclusively at enthusiasts of the more tranquil form of transportation. This means that the average speeds are often very low. The Target Bavaria Rallye also aims to appeal to participants with faster ambitions in addition to this classic regularity rally. After all, where else is real motorsport celebrated with old cars? Apart from on closed-off race tracks at the Oldtimer Grand Prix or the Goodwood Revival, there are hardly any events with higher speeds on country roads. The longing to experience something like this is great and Target Bavaria will make these dreams come true.

Twelve special stages, closed country roads, three international race tracks – that and much more is the Target Bavaria Rallye 2024

Over twelve special stages test your skills on up to 14 km of closed country roads or proving grounds. To really see, who’s fastest on track, there’s also three opportunities to shine and show your best on international race tracks. The list contains the Grobnik Circuit in Croatia and the famous Red Bull Ring in Austria!

The Target Bavaria Rally starts in Rijeka, at the Croatian coast

This adventure is full of fun, excitement and adrenaline – but that’s not all. The route promises a fascinating journey through history, culture and landscapes. Participants will pass beautiful places such as the stalactite caves of Postojina and the Admont Abbey Library. The route runs up and down Alpine passes, past rivers and mountain lakes, through forests and along scenic country roads. It offers a huge variety of nature and an experience for every travel enthusiast, which comes to a festive end at Motorworld in Munich.

Regularity rally or chasing tenths – you decide!

Two different categories will be judged: Regularity & Competition. In the Regularity category, an average speed is specified for each Special Stage, which the participants must maintain over the closed-off route. Depending on the motorization, the fast or slow average could be the better option. And for the traditionally minded participants there is even the option of taking part in the separately scored hourglass class.

As the Competition category’s name already gives away: it’s all about best times! So if you enjoy speed and want to push the thrill to the limit, this is the right place for you. The special prerequisite for this is the so-called Historical Technical Passport (HTP), or equivalent for the car and the sports racing licenses for driver and co-driver.

Even those who love more modern supercars or cars with a special historical background will find their place here as a “Special Guest”. The participants in the “Special Guest” category are not ranked, but drive the same tracks. They even do a few laps on the Red Bull Ring and the Autodrom Grobnik and thus experience the full adventure.

Among the Target Bavaria participants will be numerous historic Porsche race cars

Target Bavaria Rallye participants stay in the best hotels and enjoy lunch in breathtaking locations

In addition to the motorsport part, participants enjoy an excellent all-round service. The best hotels in each region have been pre-booked. Lunch will take place at unusual locations in the respective countries and there will always be opportunities for short espresso stops.

For example, participants will spend the first two nights in Europe’s newest Hilton hotel right on the coast – the Costabella Hilton Hotel Rijeka. If you wish, you can book rooms and meals for your support crew through the organizer and even have your luggage delivered from hotel to hotel. The parc fermés after the riding days are all within walking distance of the hotels.

Target Bavaria Rallye 2024 starts at the newest Hilton Hotel in Europe, the Costabella Hilton Rijeka

The Target Bavaria Rallye 2024 invites enthusiasts and newcomers alike to experience a unique blend of tradition and excitement. Each milestone of this rally contributes to the history of automotive evolution and creates a collective memory of automotive heritage.

The rally runs for one week from May 25 to 31, 2024

On Saturday, May 25, you can arrive in Rijeka, Croatia, from 8 am. The technical scrutineering can take place between 2 and 6 pm in the port of Rijeka. On Sunday, May 26, scrutineering will be possible again from 8 am to 12 pm. Directly after that, the drivers’ briefing starts. Immediately afterwards, the race will continue to the historic Preluk Grand Prix circuit where, after lunch together at Opatija harbor, the training and prologue race will be the first special stage. In the evening, the opening dinner will take place at the Hilton Costabella before the winners of the Villoresi Prize are announced.

Maybe someone beats the old lap record on the Opatija Circuit. Because the old record set by Ernst Vogel in a Porsche 550 RS Spyder still stands. In 1958 he lapped the six kilometer long street circuit in 2:44.6 minutes. And there will be a lot of competition. Starting with the likes of Porsche 356 pre-A and 356 B, you’ll also find a race-prepped 904, a couple of 911 G-models, including a 930 Turbo and a couple of 914-6s. Maybe even a “Special Guest” entry in Porsche 991 Speedster disguise will break the record?

Target Bavaria Rally 2023
This beautiful Porsche 904 will also be taking part in the Target Bavaria Rallye 2024.

On the first full day of driving (Monday, May 27), the first stage is a round trip along the picturesque country roads around Rijeka. Day two leads to Postojna in Slovenia, south of the capital Ljubljana. Where else do you have the opportunity to drive a special stage across national borders? The next day, the route leads to Zeltweg to the Red Bull Ring Formula 1 circuit, before continuing to Salzburg on Thursday. On Friday, May 31, the final stop is Motorworld Munich, where the awards ceremony will take place at the gala evening from 7 pm.

All Target Bavaria Rallye participants have to cover a total distance of around 1,500 km

This route through four countries covers a total of 1,500 kilometers. All participants drive the same route, be it on connecting stages, special stages, race tracks or other rated sections. The daily stages vary between 150 km and 350 km. The liaison stages between the special stages take place on public roads, while the stages themselves take place on closed-off sections of country roads along the day’s routes or on special proving grounds. The entire route is therefore on asphalt.

Target Bavaria Rallye 2024 - Route from Rijeka, Croatia through Slovenia and Austria to Munich in Germany

Vehicles aged 40 and over can take part in the Target Bavaria Rallye

There are different participation requirements depending on the category:

Regularity Category

The reference point for the age of the vehicles is the year of the Target Bavaria Rallye (TBR) 2024: the cars can be 40 years old or older, so all cars built up to 1984 are eligible to apply. Proof of the vehicle’s age and a medical certificate for the driver are mandatory. A FIVA classic car passport is welcome, but not a requirement. The driver must present an EU-approved driving license. On the race tracks and special stages, long sleeves and DIN standard helmets are mandatory for drivers and co-drivers.

Competition Category

Cars from the VHC periods C/D (pre-war) to G/H/I, i.e. 1919 to 1981, which have a valid “Historical Technical Passport” (HTP) or an equivalent passport issued by the national motorsport authority are eligible. In addition to an EU-approved driving license, drivers and co-drivers must also have racing licenses for historic vehicles (C/D Historic license). Standard-compliant helmets, appropriate fireproof racing suits and underwear are mandatory on all special stages and race tracks.

Special Guest Category

The driver must have an EU-approved driving license. Long sleeves and helmets according to DIN standards are mandatory for drivers and co-drivers on the race tracks and special stages.

Applications will be accepted until March 31!

If you still want to get one of the coveted places as a participant in this unique motorsport event, you should hurry. Applications can be submitted directly online using the registration form.

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