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Porsche 944 Cabrio for sale

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Porsche 944 Cabrio for sale

The Porsche 944 was Porsche’s second model with a water-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine at the front and transmission at the rear, i.e. in transaxle design. It directly followed the success story of the Porsche 924. The 2+2 seater sports car was launched in 1981 and was built at Audi in Neckarsulm until 1991. Only the very last models rolled off the production line in Zuffenhausen. It was available as a coupe and from 1989 to 1991 as a convertible as well. With over 160,000 vehicles built, the 944 was the best-selling Porsche sports car of all time until it was outsold by the Porsche 996.

1989, with the Porsche 944 S2, a Cabrio was finally available!

After countless technical revisions to the 944, Porsche presented the largest mass produced 4-cylinder petrol engine in the 944 S2 for the 1989 model year. 3 liters of displacement and 211 hp were the result. There was also ABS as standard. Everything was packed into the slick Turbo body. The 944 S2 thus replaced the 944 S. And as a first, Porsche finally offered a cabriolet on the 944 S2 basis. Before 1989 there was no Transaxle cab at all from Zuffenhausen. To make them, bodies of the Porsche 944 S2 Coupe were delivered to the American Sunroof Company. There, the roof was cut off and a second floor was welded in.

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Technical specifications about the Porsche 944:

  • Model year: 1981–1991
  • Model name: 944 Porsche
  • Engine type: 4-cylinder front mid-engine (water-cooled)
  • Engine capacity (cm3): 2500 – 3000
  • Body versions: Coupé & Cabriolet
  • Power output (kW/PS): (110-184 kW) / (150-250 PS)

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