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Porsche 964 America Roadster for sale

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Porsche 964 America Roadster for sale

The genesis of the 964 America Roadster

The “America Roadster” variant traces its roots back to the 1950s when US importer, Max Hoffman aimed to introduce an open-top, sporting 356 variant to the promising US market by offering the now highly coveted, 356 America Roadster. Only 25 were produced but this limited production run validated America’s desire for more offerings. Soon after, the Speedster was born.

In a stroke of marketing brilliance, Porsche released the 964 America Roadster in 1992, 40 years after the debut of the 356 America Roadster and right before the release of the 964 Speedster. They paid further homage to the 356 version by adding a “0” to the end of the 356 America Roadster production figures to produce a total of 250 964 America Roadster variants for the US with even less (about 54) produced for the 1993 model year. In fact, a total of 326 examples of this model were built.

As in the 356, the 964 Roadster was meant to be a performance-focused, open-top car. Breaking it down further, one will realize that the America Roadster is essentially a 964 Turbo-Look/Widebody in convertible form. It featured upgraded turbo brakes, suspension, 17-inch cup wheels, and rear seat deletion. These models now present as an opportunity to own a highly coveted, limited production, air-cooled Porsche for under $100,000.

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Porsche 964 America Roadster – Technical Data:

  • Model Year: 1992 – (1993)
  • Series: 964
  • Model name: 964 America Roadster
  • Engine type: 6-cylinder boxer engine
  • Engine capacity (cm3): 3600
  • Body version: Roadster
  • Power output (kW/PS): 184 kW / 250 PS

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