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Ande Votteler

We offer carefully selected Porsche vehicles from all series, from the 356 to the 911.
Our great passion is for absolutely original and pristine vehicles of all age categories. Also with patina. For us, untouched vehicles, often still with their first paintwork, represent an irretrievable cultural asset. In our eyes, the charm of such originals always exceeds that of restored vehicles. The work that time and careful use have done cannot be copied from a restoration perspective and is therefore so valuable.

Philosophy from …
The greatest good of man is health. Plus quality of life. That means living consciously, having time for yourself, for others and for beautiful and fascinating things. To be able to get involved and be enthusiastic about something. If we look at the flood of expressionless, ugly and often not even practical cars of the past few years, it obviously does not matter to the majority of humanity which car one drives. Unless you have a special worldview, have a sense of form, of quality, of the constant, of the old, of the beautiful. One is receptive to the aura of old vehicles.

The day will come when you decide to buy a classic automobile. You can find more about my philosophy >> here:

Seek …
There are a lot of nice classics out there. Good and not so good. Happy is the one whose heart beats for Porsche vehicles. These are not only timelessly beautiful. They are also technically excellent, very well made and stable in value. This is what we have come to know after years of working with classics of all brands.

Find …
Even happier, however, is the one whose sales advisor is technically competent and who meets a reputable provider.

The number of not only apparently but actually good vehicles on the market for classic and vintage cars is low. Their prices are correspondingly high. The risk of encountering a "blender" is great. Cheap offers usually do not stay cheap. With the intention to save, one often achieves the opposite. You invest heavily.
Our goal is to counter obscure and create clarity.

and having no regrets!
Regardless of which vehicle and which quality level you choose from us, we will check and define the condition of the vehicle of your choice together with you. We point out risks and possible follow-up costs.
Costs of work planned later can also be shown.

This creates transparency and trust in the vehicle, in processing and in us. We are happy about the large number of satisfied customers who, for years and sometimes over great distances, have regularly brought their vehicles to us for maintenance or processing. Valuable friendships have developed that have more than just nice joint ventures with old vehicles and gasoline conversations.

Make an appointment with us and visit us at the foot of the Swabian Alb. We are happy to take time for you.

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Ande Votteler

Schalksburgstrasse 2
72336 Balingen

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Ande Votteler

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Ande Votteler

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Ande Votteler


Ande Votteler

Schalksburgstrasse 2
72336 Balingen