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Why Porsche of all things? First of all, Porsche is THE German sports car par excellence. The Porsche 911 is the only vehicle whose evolutionary history can now be followed more clearly over 50 years than with any other vehicle in the world. Every child will immediately recognize the relationship between a 911 original model and a modern, up-to-date model. We like this continuity and uniqueness, but also the uniqueness of not being random. In our opinion, there is no more perfect sports car that is sporty but also suitable for everyday use, that is exclusive but also socially accepted.

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Elevenclassics GmbH

About us

Are you a Porsche enthusiast like us? Have you already done almost endless loops when buying a classic or more recent Porsche?

The internet was supposed to change all of that, but in reality, it just got even harder. How can a prospective buyer keep an overview of the vehicles for sale? How can he convince himself of the quality, authenticity and origin, what will the necessary investment be? Conversely, it is difficult to process a sale without professional support – starting with the vehicle preparation, through the technical side to the commercial processing. Quite trivially, most of our customers do not want to carry out such processing in their private environment, which we can well understand.

At ELEVENCLASSICS we have the experience to assist you in buying or selling a Porsche vehicle. Our in-house workshop is winning more and more satisfied customers who are convinced of the quality of our work, the advice and the parts/materials used. They trust in our performance, the fairness in billing and the treatment of their vehicles.

We are very proud of the number of customers who come to our workshop based on recommendations. ELEVENCLASSICS was born out of a lifelong passion of the two founders for Porsche. We firmly believe that our focus and passion for the brand and model enables us to offer the performance you have come to expect from us.

Elevenclassics GmbH


Elevenclassics GmbH

Armensünderweg 14
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