In 2020, the Feuerstein Cars team made the decision to take their passion for cars to a new level. David Krzemien – trained automotive mechatronics technician and avowed car freak – founds Feuerstein Cars together with his partner Lena Salcito – also an avowed car lover with a flair for marketing and passionate photographer – Feuerstein Cars and fulfills a childhood dream.

They both love everything that has to do with automobiles. They love to talk about cars, repair them, put them in the limelight, compare them, drive them, look for them … David Krzemien and Lena Salcito share this passion with many millions of people around the world. That is why they not only offer a platform on which they (sell) cars, but a place where petrol heads and car enthusiasts meet.

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What can we say: we love cars. We want to pass this passion on to our customers and offer a platform on which they can compare, buy and sell cars. We at Feuerstein Cars ensure a stress-free car (sale) purchase and will find your dream car for you if you have not yet found what you are looking for in our portfolio. In our work, we place the highest value on discretion, seriousness and reliability.

Our customers and friends have the opportunity to convince themselves of our competence and to get to know our team in a relaxed and stress-free way. Initially, it's not about the sales pitch, but about the exchange between people who share a passion.

FeuersteinCars team

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David Krzemien

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About us



Even as a small child, cars dominated his life. Other children take cuddly toys to bed with them – for David only the toy car was an option. As a teenager he worked on scooters, his father's Mercedes and constantly looked at the latest newcomers at regional car dealers. In doing so, he learned the data sheets and prices by heart, so to speak, and in his spare time he created purchase lists according to price, features, etc.


At the end of his school days, a clear career choice had therefore crystallized: automotive mechatronics technician. David Krzemien wanted to understand cars and learn to repair them. During his apprenticeship at a Nissan, Volvo and Mercedes authorized dealer, he gained important experience and expanded his already extensive know-how. After his training, he worked in various contract and independent workshops and got to know and understand the fine brand specifications.


Already during his apprenticeship he attached great importance to customer service. That is why customers specifically asked his advice and kept coming back to him with problems and questions. Regardless of whether it was a repair job or the sale and purchase of automobiles – many of his previous customers asked him for advice when they wanted to buy a used car. His know-how and experience were also known in the circle of friends, which is why friends kept coming back to him and asking him to help them buy a car.

Therefore, he asked himself more and more often: Why not act yourself?


In spring 2020 he made the decision to quit his job and to become self-employed as a car broker and car dealer, primarily for mid-range and upper-class automobiles, but also for sports cars and luxury vehicles, and developed the “Feuerstein Cars” brand together with his partner Lena Salcito.

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Lena Salcito also has petrol in her blood. She lives out her passion for cars in the aesthetic presentation of cars. She loves to present used cars from their best side and to offer the customer the opportunity not only to look at a vehicle in a photo, but to experience it from all perspectives.

Thanks to her many years of experience with social media, image, video and audio programs, she is the perfect contact when it comes to the aesthetic presentation of automobiles. Through her further training in advertising psychology and online marketing, she knows exactly how to perfectly present cars and how to appeal to the passion of customers.

Cars also play a big role in her life – she is just as crazy about petrol as her partner David Krzemien and discovered at Feuerstein Cars the opportunity to combine her passion for automobiles with her passion for photography and marketing.

At Feuerstein Cars she perfectly combines the sale of used cars with the advantages of social media and online marketing. The customer not only visits a website, but becomes part of a community. He is there and can get to know the passion, competence and know-how that distinguish Feuerstein Cars from the first row.

FeuersteinCars Porsche 991


High-quality vehicles and cars that are particularly close to your heart require appropriate accommodation. In order to maintain the well-kept condition and to achieve an increase in value, Feuerstein Cars ensures professional storage in a closed and temperature-controlled hall. A vehicle storage at Feuerstein Cars also makes sense if you want to present your car in Vechta and the surrounding area on special occasions, but are not based in the area. Regardless of why you decide to store your vehicle with us, we guarantee you one thing in any case: maximum comfort and safety for your favorite automobile.

Storage at Feuerstein Cars offers many advantages:

  • Dry and clean floor space
  • Laundry service
  • Tank service
  • Discreet storage
  • Access for vehicle owners only
  • Repair service
  • and much more

Car brokerage – how does it work?

Would you like to sell your car and need competent support in handling sales talks and contract processing? Then you have come to the right place at Feuerstein Cars. We would also be happy to look for the vehicle you want. Feel free to discuss the details with us and we will inform you as soon as we have found a suitable car for you.


First we record the vehicle data and look at the condition of the vehicle. In cooperation with our expert, we can prepare a vehicle report on request for special or very old vehicles.


Your vehicle will be photographed for sale and presented from its best side – we make sure that nothing is embellished or retouched. Because we work transparently, honestly and fairly. It goes without saying that we will show all the advantages of your car and present it individually and in a varied way, thus making it interesting for customers.


Based on the data available to us, we create an offer and publish it on our website. Upon request, we will also post your offer in all common sales portals. We recognize dubious offers immediately and do not even forward them to you. Once a suitable buyer has been found, we will contact you and mediate the conversation between you and the potential buyer. We would be happy to do this completely on your behalf.


We are happy to support you with the vehicle handover and the formalities. Contact us. We would be happy to accompany you to the handover appointment or, if you wish, we will take care of the appointment on your behalf without your presence.

At the customer's request, we will prepare the vehicle, deliver it to the specified address or store it until it is picked up. If you would like modifications to your newly purchased vehicle, speak to us – we will be happy to do it for you.


  • Let us do the work and sit back and relax:
  • You don't waste time on dubious calls.
  • You do not need to have any concerns about (selling) a car.
  • We take care of the entire process from the idea to the direct purchase.
  • We sell your car at the price you want.
  • Upon request, we will not only place your offer on our platform, but also on other platforms by arrangement.
  • We pay attention to discretion and only present your vehicle to selected interested parties on request.

Call us or send us an email if you need help selling your used vehicle.



It goes without saying that all vehicles at Feuerstein Cars are reconditioned before they go on sale. We fix any defects and clean the vehicles thoroughly. We put all vehicles optically and hygienically in a new-car-like condition. We take care of cleaning, minor repairs, removing odors and, if requested, correct damage to sheet metal, lacquer or plastic surfaces.

It goes without saying that vehicles that you purchase from Feuerstein Cars have a new TÜV sticker, have passed the emissions test and are technically in a carefree condition.


Do you need an evaluation of your vehicle for sale or are you unsure whether a vehicle will deliver what it promises? We are happy to support you with the evaluation. For every car that you purchase from Feuerstein Cars, there is of course a vehicle valuation from an expert, which you are welcome to view and which we attach to the purchase documents when you purchase it.


If you do not have the opportunity to pick up your car on site, please do not hesitate to contact us. We schedule and organize safe transport throughout Germany – so that your new car is with you quickly and undamaged.


Of course, we import vehicles when we have found your dream car abroad. We organize the transport to Germany and take care of the German registration including all papers and certificates that are necessary for this. For imports from certain countries, small modifications are necessary in order to obtain approval for driving in Germany. We are happy to take on these conversions. Lean back and relax after the purchase – we will take care of everything else.

Feuerstein Cars is also your contact if you want to sell your car abroad. We organize the transport to the port and make sure that your car is safely loaded onto the ship.


After mediation, we handle the sale for you. If you would like to take over the sale personally, that is of course also possible. We support you in both cases with all formalities that you have to deal with. We register, change or register your car, coordinate delivery and handover dates and are happy to take care of the "paperwork". Just give us a call and we will discuss how we can help you.


Your car perfectly staged – that's no problem with our service. Lena Salcito is passionate about photography and has an eye for the aesthetic presentation of your automobile. Using the latest technology, she creates aesthetically impressive images and videos that inspire.

She pays special attention to it

  • that cars are depicted cleanly and aesthetically.
  • that your car is presented in the best possible but authentic way. Nothing is embellished, but the individual advantages are emphasized.
  • that your vehicle is presented in front of an appealing background that matches the vehicle
  • that the images are designed in a varied way – e.g. due to varying weather conditions, lighting conditions, surroundings and image formats.
  • that an appealing presentation of the vehicles also appeals to the public who are generally interested in cars.

Do you want your car to be perfectly staged? Contact us to arrange a photo session.


Regardless of whether you are currently looking for a car or just want to find out what the used car market has to offer: we warmly welcome you to Feuerstein Cars. Contact us and let yourself be infected by our enthusiasm.




Buchholzstrasse 14
49377 Vechta


VAT Nr: DE342296976



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