Lammertink Specialized in Porsche

Lammertink Specialized in Porsche

From the very beginning, the roots of Edwin Lammertink lie with the Porsche brand, ranging from mechanic to founder and director/owner of Porsche Centre Twente, to then continue as an independent entrepreneur specialising in the Porsche brand. Edwin Lammertink and his team specialize in Repair & Maintenance, Racing & Engineering, Restoration and mediate in the purchase and sale of all types of Porsche ranging from the classic Porsche 356 to the new Porsche 992. We have all the equipment and tools to do our job properly. All according to the strict standards of this legendary brand. That\’s what we do, that\’s our strength. That is our essence.

Our Porsche occasions, announcements of events, our history and experiences of our customers; you will find it all here on the site of Edwin Lammertink. Take a look and get acquainted with our sobriety and Porsche expertise.


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Edwin Lammertink

Edwin Lammertink from Lammertink Specialized in Porsche looks forward to your questions and is happy to help you.

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Lammertink Specialized in Porsche

About us

Lammertink Specialized in Porsche

We dare say so. The Porsche brand is deeply rooted in the DNA of Lammertink Specialized Porsche Twente. From pure passion, empathy and love for the brand we at Lammertink Specialized in Porsche believe that driving a Porsche from the first mile should be a real experience. Whether it\’s the groundbreaking classics like the Porsche 356 or the latest models like the Porsche 911 992: we see it as our mission to cherish this experience and pass it on to our customers. Through expert knowledge and specialization in repair and maintenance, racing and engineering, restoration and mediation in the purchase and sale of all types of Porsches. We have all the equipment and tools to make our mission come true. Everything according to the strict standards of this legendary brand.

Our used Porsche

Where other dealers talk about a showroom, we at Lammertink Specialized in Porsche Twente have a real workshop. This is full of beautiful, exclusive Porsches of which we have all the knowledge in-house. We adhere to Porsche\’s strict quality standards and inspect our cars in detail from 80 to 111 points, so you will not be faced with unwanted surprises and can simply enjoy what your Porsche has to offer. The complete history of every Porsche is known to us and every Porsche occasion comes with a 6 month warranty! Take a look at our Porsches in Enter.

Lammertink Specialized in Porsche 991

Repair and maintenance

Good repair and maintenance ensures a well performing and reliable Porsche. In addition, proper Porsche maintenance determines the value. When \”the booklet\” is full with stamps from a specialist this gives a good and safe feeling. Our expert technicians are officially Porsche Classic Certified and are regularly retrained so that they always have the correct, relevant knowledge. Of course we follow the strict Porsche maintenance standards. At Lammertink the sobriety of Twente prevails and we keep our promises. We give service as it is meant to be and our coffee is delicious as it should be.

Specialization at Lammertink

The sound of roaring engines, screeching tires combined with the smell of smoldering rubber makes our hearts beat faster. Racing is in our blood. With our racing team we have achieved wonderful successes on circuits all over the world. Silverstone, Daytona, the 24 Hours of Spa, the 1000 km of Le Mans and Bahrain are well known to us. And we are very proud of this! Porsches that came our way directly from the factory, we took care of and modified and tuned. Within the existing rules, we touched the edges to get the most out of a Porsche sports car. Even science talked us out of this, but we proved that it was possible anyway. Just by doing it! The Lammertink racing team has besides knowledge of race engineering, modification and tuning also own equipment such as trailers and tools. We can also take care of the entire preliminary process for you, so you don\’t have to worry about it. We would like to meet you!


Rembrandt would not have had his Night Watch restored by someone who had no feeling for it and no knowledge of it. We believe that you would not do the same to your classic Porsche. We have the necessary Porsche Classic certificates, highly skilled personnel and the best tools, but even then every Porsche Classic restoration needs personal attention. Because did you know that the Porsches of the past were not all really alike? In that respect the Night Watch and a classic Porsche are similar: both are works of art that deserve a lot of attention and perfection. A Porsche restoration is therefore very difficult and has our focus at all times. We are therefore happy time and again that we succeeded and love it when the owner leaves our workshop with a good feeling. Check out the Porsche restoration possibilities for yourself!

Lammertink Specialized in Porsche


Lammertink Specialized in Porsche

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