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Daniel Farahani’s life is all about Cars & Coffee, literally

03.05.2024 By Tim Kennedy & Richard Lindhorst
Daniel Farahani’s life is all about Cars & Coffee, literally

The term “cars and coffee” is known to many as a weekend gathering of like-minded enthusiasts who sip coffee and talk about all things automotive. But for Daniel Farahani (@danielf86) and his wife Valentine Thomas (@valentinethomas), cars and coffee takes on a bit of a different meaning. As Austin-based Daniel is not only a Porsche fanatic. He and his family own a non-profit coffee producing/exporting business in Nicaragua called Fara Coffee. All their profits go back to improve the local community.

Farahani has owned several notable Porsche cars and currently has a variety of different 911s in his collection. He loves to drive, maintain and modify his Porsches. Daniel is passionate about being part of his local Porsche community and has made life-long friends through mutual excitement for the brand.  

Welcome to Elferspot Porsche talk Daniel Farahani! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello! Thanks for having me. I was born and raised in Austin where I still live to this day. But I have also spent a considerable amount of time in Nicaragua where my mother is originally from. I am married to a wonderful woman who shares my passion for cars and other life adventures. We are expecting our first child soon. I feel very fortunate to have the life I do!

Porsche 993 Carrera S, Valentine Thomas, Daniel Farahani, Porsche 992 GT3 Touring
Daniel Farahani and his wife Valentine Thomas share a passion for Porsche.

How did you become interested in cars and Porsches in particular?   

I used to wash my father’s 1973 Ford Mustang that we used to take to car shows when I was a child. He also likes cars, buying and selling a variety throughout my youth. One of the cars that really stands out to me was a Guards Red 1986 Carrera coupe with black fuchs wheels and a whale tail spoiler. 

It was the first Porsche I remember him owning. I also have memories of my father driving the Porsche in a much more spirited manner than all the other cars before it. To me this was so cool and it really planted the seed with me as to how fun these cars are. I also recall the distinct smell of oil/gas while riding in the G-Model Carrera. A feature I still love in these air cooled cars.

I also recall the distinct smell of oil/gas while riding in the G-Model Carrera. A feature I still love in these air cooled cars.

Daniel Farahani

Several years later, my friend’s father took us for a ride in his – also Guards Red – Porsche 964 Convertible which further solidified my love for the 911. In fact, the first Porsche I bought when I finished college was a Guards Red 964 cabriolet. Although I have never really been a convertible guy, I had certainly had a childhood connection with that car.

Daniel, can you tell me a bit about your rich Porsche history?

In 2008, I bought a black Porsche 996 GT3 from my neighbor. I ended up trading him my daily driver, a Range Rover, plus some cash on my end. Back then, GT3s were not worth that much money and not yet collectible. I enjoyed the car on the track. But I love detailing and keeping my cars clean so it being black was not ideal for me. 

Around 2016, I purchased a 2010 Carrara White 997.2 GT3. This was a dream car for me and white was my first choice in colors. It’s just way easier to keep clean! A friend of mine owned the car and when he decided to sell, I jumped on it. My next purchase was a 1997 Ocean Blue 993 Carrera S which I purchased back in 2019. I still have the 997 GT3 and the 993 Carrera S.

But it didn’t end there… what was next?

More recently I purchased a gorgeous 2018 Paint to Sample (PTS) Auratium Green Porsche 991.2 GT3. It was a really unique and fun color. But when the 992 GT3 Touring was released, I just loved the understated look of the design. I began searching for one and found a PTS-car in Slate Grey. Porsche offered two different Slate Grey PTS colors, mine is paint code 7015. It has carbon bucket seats and a manual transmission. Both are options that I wanted. 

I just had to have the car and ended up trading my Black 996 GT3 along with the Auratium Green 991.2 GT3 to make the deal work financially. It is incredible how Porsche has engineered these new GT3 cars to be so aggressive but yet easy to drive. It has a light clutch and you could literally use it everyday, in all types of situations.

You obviously prefer to modify your cars. I think there is a recurring “Daniel-Farahani-Theme”, isn’t it?

I like what is known as “OEM+” modifications. That is essentially keeping the car fairly stock in appearance but improving the overall driving experience. I will usually change the wheels, suspension and exhaust. The 993 Carrera S already had gold BBS E88 wheels which was a bonus as I likely would have added them anyways. I added a Golden Rod shifter and the Fister “Stage 3” exhaust. I also installed KW coilovers to tighten up and add more adjustability to the suspension. 

As for the 992 GT3 Touring, I added a titanium exhaust from R1 Motorsport and also went for BBS wheels. These are called E89, to be precise. In order to make the wheels fit I had to change out the braking system to a lower profile caliper (AP Brakes). The wheels would not fit over the stock brakes.

What is the Porsche community like in Austin, Texas? 

To me, the Porsche community is one of the best parts of owning these cars. We have a very established community of air cooled owners. But the city has grown quickly in recent years and the opportunities that go with that have brought a lot of new people to the community. I have noticed a younger generation of Porsche enthusiasts who have the finances to purchase these cars, particularly the newer ones. It makes for a great mix of air/water cooled cars at events. 

To me, the Porsche community is one of the best parts of owning these cars.

Daniel Farahani

I have met some close friends through the Porsche community. Several years ago I sold a 1997 Porsche 993 Carrera 4S to a guy in Seattle. We became friends and have stayed in touch ever since. I was also very fortunate to become good friends with the late Rudy Mancinas, also known as “Mr. 993” among the community. He owned dozens of 993s and 964s, some in the rarest of PTS colors. Rudy really took me under his wing in the world of air-cooled cars. We spent a lot of time together and I was honored to be asked to be a pallbearer at his funeral. I really miss him.

If money was no object, what would be your dream Porsche?

I don’t really have a dream Porsche but would love to configure and spec out a new build for myself someday. However, I really am happy with what I already have and feel the cars have come into my life for a reason. Every acquisition has been different and that is what keeps it interesting.

It was a pleasure talking with you Daniel. Thanks so much for sharing your Porsche story with our readers!

Thanks! It was great fun.

Meet our contributor 

Tim Kennedy is a writer that lives in Western Canada. He loves all things Porsche and has owned several models. 

Photo credit: @tonymedia

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