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Strosek is back – Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster launched!

September 27, 2023 By Richard Lindhorst
Strosek is back – Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster launched!

Vittorio Strosek is one of the best-known names in the Porsche scene. After all, his company was once the largest Porsche tuner in the world. After an unfortunate accident caused by a forklift, things went quiet around Strosek. But now the design forge from Ammersee near Munich is back. With the Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster and Coupé, genuine originals from the pen of the likeable designer can be ordered again. We were allowed to take an exclusive look at the new Speedster before its presentation.

Nephew Julian motivated Vittorio Strosek to relaunch the Strosek MEGA

At the end of 2011, a large part of Strosek Design’s molds for car body parts fell victim to a fire at supplier Polytech. “A battery fire on a forklift was the trigger”, Vittorio Strosek explains to me wistfully. “That was around Christmas 2011, if not Christmas Day”, says the designer. Due to the total loss, new vehicles were out of the question for a long time.

But Vittorio’s nephew Julian Strosek got the ball rolling. Starting in 2020, he worked with Vittorio to put the old molds back together. The first MEGA 30 was presented in August 2021. Actually, the car was to remain in Julian’s possession. But a long-time Strosek fan from France bought the car without even inspecting it. Due to the great response, orders for further MEGA 30s were received immediately.

The passion in 75-year-old Vittorio, who would easily pass for a man in his mid-fifties, was rekindled. In addition to the new Strosek MEGA Coupé for the 30th anniversary, he also developed a new open roof car – the Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster. It is now available as the second new Strosek car.

The new edition Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster enchants with “erotic design”

Strosek, whose designs and influences have graced millions of vehicles all over the world, did not simply produce a new edition of his old design. Instead, he carefully reworked certain shapes. For example, he created a new front end. While the original had very small projection headlights, Strosek opted for classic round headlights with modern LED technology for the MEGA 30 Speedster. Its turn signal were taken straight from the Porsche 991 GT3 RS.

What has remained, however, are the soft curves without sharp edges. These have always been a trademark of Vittorio Strosek’s creations. The Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster is therefore adorned with large surfaces without interrupting lines. Vittorio speaks of “almost erotic design”. Painted in light Sport Grey, the Porsche 911 Sport Classic stripe color, the ultra-low Strosek Speedster’s contours of the ultra-slim Strosek Speedster do indeed appear particularly soft and feminine.

Five-hole rims, especially small mirrors and the legendary hardtop are the Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster’s trademarks

Its distinctive five-hole rims have also been redesigned. They go back to an idea from Strosek’s student days. His diploma thesis from 1970, a city family car called the Vistro 70, already rolled on five-hole rims. The 19-inch wheels blend in perfectly with the the Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster’s flowing design. And they wear a very nice little detail: Their creator’s name Vittorio Strosek is milled in large letters.

The small exterior mirrors and the round air intake for brake cooling in front of the rear wheel remain unchanged. Another very interesting reinterpretation can be found on the rear apron. A gap running horizontally between the exhaust pipes gives the impression of a floating body part.

The Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster radiates tremendous presence. Depending on the angle of view, it appears wider than it actually is. And the rear end is simply cool!

But the highlight and Strosek’s trademark par excellence is the MEGA 30 Speedster’s hardtop. The roof is even flatter than the fabric one on the Porsche 964 Speedster. And its small, vertical window in the rear is immediately associated with Strosek. After all, this stylistic element can also be found on Strosek conversions of the Porsche 944 and 928.

Engines with 3.6 or 3.8 liters displacement, 300 to 360 hp, a sound to die for

Strosek’s MEGA 30 Speedster is a completely new build. The base vehicle, a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet, was first completely disassembled and stripped of paint. The subsequent rebuild with breathtakingly beautiful paintwork was carried out using the latest technology. Strosek relies on a KW suspension, a titanium exhaust system with 200-cell catalytic converter and 964 Turbo brakes for the MEGA 30 Speedster.

On the engine side, buyers have the choice between an overhauled 3.6 liter standard unit or the RSR specification including a higher displacement. “Even the overhauled production engine has 300 hp thanks to the exhaust system, adapted camshafts and the right tuning”, explains Strosek. That’s already 50 hp more than the standard output of the Porsche 964 Carrera.

The driving experience in the Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster is unique. It is raw, powerful-voiced and incredibly rev-happy.

This particular Speedster has the aforementioned RSR specification. Engine specialists from Paintmayer increased the displacement to 3.8 liters and built a road-legal racing engine. All its components have been extensively reworked. Camshafts, pistons, connecting rods, as well as clutch and flywheel have been enlightened. The engine therefore needs some revs to really wake up. But the experience from 4,000 rpm onwards is just mesmerizing. The sound and response of the 360 hp Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster are absolutely unique!

Interior and chassis of the Strosek Speedster convince all along the line

The interior of the new Strosek edition has been prescribed an equally strict diet. Its door panels lost their armrests and got door opening straps. If you swing past the very flat hardtop, Recaro Pole Position seats hug you. These are significantly lower than the standard seats, so that even tall drivers over 1.90 meters have more than enough headroom. To make your driving position even more comfortable, Strosek mounted the dish-shaped Momo Prototipo steering wheel on a hub extension. This moves the wheel even further towards the driver.

Otherwise, the interior impresses with its simplicity. The gear lever is made of stainless steel, the dashboard and center tunnel are clad in leather and carbon fiber. Everything looks extremely clean and high-quality. The workmanship is just as excellent – nothing rattles here. Automobile Boz from Otterfing near Munich did a great job, putting the car together. However, the highly emotional sound experience of the 3.8-liter engine admittedly limits its capabilities as a daily driver somewhat due to the lack of carpets and insulation.

But Strosek has achieved an exceptionally good chassis compromise with the Speedster. A KW V3 coilover suspension, new support bearings, anti-roll-bars and strut braces are used. As a result, the handling is very agile and precise. Feedback is also exemplary. Nevertheless, there is still enough suspension comfort. The Speedster absorbs even short impacts with ease and does not allow itself any weaknesses.

The new Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster is a source of joy

Admittedly, Strosek’s creations already polarized back in the 80s. Their design is a clear case of “love it or hate it.” But hardly any other car generates so much attention. During the photo shoot, countless people stopped to take pictures and talk to us about the car. The feedback was almost exclusively positive. It brought a smile to the lips of almost every passerby.

And that’s exactly what the Strosek MEGA 30 Speedster does to its driver. Of course, getting in and out isn’t the easiest task, thanks to the very low roof and high side bolsters. Yes, the sports clutch needs some effort and earplugs certainly don’t hurt for longer full-throttle stages on the Autobahn. But the emotions conveyed are hard to match. The uniqueness of its design, the soundscape, the reaction of passers-by… This car is a real source of joy – for occupants and outsiders alike.

What does a new Strosek MEGA 30 cost? How many will be built?

A Strosek Porsche has always been an exclusive pleasure. A Strosek MEGA 30 Coupé costs from 300,000 euros excluding VAT, including the base vehicle. The price rises depending on the level of customization and engine configuration – all-wheel drive and turbo models are also possible. However, there will only be 30 Coupés.

The beautiful Speedster is even more exclusive. Only ten Strosek MEGA 30 Speedsters will be manufactured by the former tuning forge. Prices for the Speedster start at 500,000 euros net. In addition to the hardtop, this also includes the Speedster-reminiscent bubble compartment for its soft-top.

© David Fierlinger, Elferspot

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