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The most exciting Porsches of the past with the quality of today – Turbogarage

October 21, 2023 By Richard Lindhorst Sponsored Content
The most exciting Porsches of the past with the quality of today – Turbogarage

It’s one of those things with sibling love. Things don’t always run harmoniously, especially between brothers. Often the brother is the first and biggest competitor. However, this relationship can also be the impetus for great things. Especially when they complement each other’s skills as well as Matthias and Stefan Nonn do. They created the Turbogarage out of their own passion for Porsche. Here they want to turn their very own visions of the perfect 911 into reality. After their debut project, the Porsche 930 Turbo Group B, the turbo brothers are back with a big bang!

The fast Nonn brothers discovered their love of racing at an early age

Matthias and Stefan Nonn had a good time in their parents’ business in Hesse, Germany, even as young boys. “Back then, we smeared the floor with oil so that we could drift better in the kettcar,” Matthias recalls with a mischievous grin on his face. Since then, their penchant for driving fast on four wheels has accompanied them wherever they go.

Since 1994, the Turbogarage’s founders have been competing in racing on the tracks of Europe – always on Porsches. And although they did everything on their own, supported only by a few friends and their wives, without a big team behind them, they were successful right from the start. For example, they won the championship title in class 5 of the 1997 GTP Endurance Championship. Many other successes followed in the Porsche 911 GT3 R and 993 GT2.

“As an amateur driver, it’s almost impossible to race on the big Le Mans circuit, in front of a full crowd, it’s actually unthinkable.”

Matthias Nonn on his start a 2021 Le Mans 24 Hours support race

Recently, Matthias Nonn even competed in a support race of the Le Mans 24-hour race. As one of 55 starters, he was able to realize his lifelong dream and drive around the 13.6-kilometer track on the Sarthe River in a Porsche 997 GT3 R. He achieved an outstanding 15th place overall in the Porsche-only-race.

Grow up, but never grow old – New projects from the Turbogarage are around the corner!

Fueled by their racing passion, the Nonn brothers presented their first project in 2020 – a Porsche 930 Turbo Group B. Even then, their approach was deliberately not to build a backdate. Rather, it was a car that largely matched the original in terms of basic design and specification. Instead, the improvements were in the details: suspension, build quality, paint, tolerances, engine management and, of course, engine performance.

The Turbogarage’s Porsche 930 Turbo Group B represents the reinterpretation of a classic concept with state-of-the-art quality standards. Here during the shooting of the Turbogarage image film.© Supertoyfilms

Their almost 400-hp Porsche 930 was created to fulfill a childhood dream and was not originally a business idea. “But we have received so much encouragement that we now want to offer our build philosophy to our customers”, Matthias Nonn lets the cat out of the bag. “Yes, we will be tackling more projects like this in the future.”

For this purpose, the brother duo from Hesse, Germany has also created a fitting image film with Supertoyfilms und Kaeptn. The video, penned by the team of Reinhard Crasemann, Marcus Löber and Laurentius Emmelmann, tells the story of the Nonn brothers drifting through the workshop in a kettcar, who today live out their passion in a Porsche 930 Turbo Group B. “We want to show where we come from and how our passion came about, but also at what level we work.”


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Porsche 930 Turbo Group B is followed by a tribute to the 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR IROC from the Turbogarage

A second conversion as a showcase for the know-how from the Turbogarage is already in the making. True to their motto “Grow up, but never grow old!”, the Turbo brothers are once again building one of the dream cars of their youth. The crazy fast Porsche 930 Turbo Group B, christened “Anton”, is now followed by their own interpretation of a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR IROC.

IROC stands for International Race of Champions. At the special request of Roger Penske, Porsche built 15 equal cars for the first season of this mini-race series. In four races, champions from Formula 1, Nascar, Champ Car and Can-Am competed for a total of 175,000 US dollars in prize money. The title winner was Mark Donohue. Technically, the cars were 1973 Carrera 2.8 RSR-based with mechanical fuel injection and 3 liter engines. The 315 hp cars were developed and built directly by the Weissach racing department.

In this photo from Rainer Schlegelmilch’s latest book, “Porsche Racing Moments“, Emerson Fittipaldi’s Sahara Beige Porsche can be seen at the back of the International Race of Champions field. He was the inspiration for the Nonns. © Rainer Schlegelmilch / Motorsport Images

The Turbogarage will combine original IROC looks with up to date technology in a road legal package

A Porsche 911 SC is used as the basis for the Turbogarage Porsche 911 IROC. Its Sahara Beige body has already been extensively reworked, widened and painted. “A street-legal, nearly congruent replica of the original IROC Porsche”, Matthias Nonn states as his goal. But while the production of these race cars focused exclusively on function, with looks playing a subordinate role, the Turbogarage IROC will take a different approach. 

“Our IROC will not only be fast, but also look really good down to the last detail,” Matthias emphasizes. Just looking at the bodyshell, you wonder if this SC chassis is going to make it into a Porsche 911 backdate of the very highest level. Every detail, no matter how small, is cleanly sanded and immaculately painted. Something like this was not even remotely conceivable on new cars, let alone race cars of this era. 

And you’ll find exquisite technical ingredients on the IROC as well. The high-compression 911 SC-based engine, which has been enlarged to 3.2 liters, is equipped with everything that makes it light and fast. It impresses with titanium connecting rods, high-voltage capacitor dual ignition, individual throttle bodies and injection pump. “We can say, that It will have at least 300 hp in any case”, Matthias assures. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 915 transmission with auxiliary oil cooling. To guarantee good traction, the Nonn’s opted for a 40% limited slip differential.

Like the original, the Turbogarage’s IROC Porsche gets parts from the 917 and Carrera RSR

As with the Group B Turbo, Matthias and Stefan Nonn spare neither expense nor effort to bring the IROC Porsche as close as possible to the factory specification. That’s why, in addition to anti-roll bars and strut braces from the 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR, their IRCO gets Porsche 917 brakes. On top, you’ll get a 100-liter gas tank as well as reinforced Bilstein struts and shock absorbers.

Of course, the RSR’s large rear spoiler is just as essential as matching lollipop seats. However, customers can choose when it comes to the rear spoiler. “Instead of the RSR spoiler, we also offer the option of the RS duck tail,” says the passionate racer Matthias, completing the equipment list.

“Our dream is to inspire people in such a way that together we can set up a car exactly to their desires.”

With such a special project, it is hardly possible to give precise details about costs and duration. “Just getting the right parts is a challenge in itself,” emphasizes Matthias Nonn. Especially since prices for such exclusive things as a Porsche 917 brake system can also fluctuate greatly. That makes it difficult to calculate, but it will probably end up being below 400,000 euros.

Anyone who decides to buy a Porsche 911 IROC from the Turbogarage will have to wait about one and a half years. Of course, this also depends on the equipment and color preferences. But one thing is certain: Measured against the driving experience of the Nonn brothers’ Group B Turbo, this is a very worthwhile sacrifice. After all, Matthias and Stefan Nonn know exactly what makes a car fast and makes it fun to drive. 

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