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Colors and optional extras make all the difference – The most exclusive Porsche 996 Turbo?

07.12.2023 By Richard Lindhorst

Over the past couple of years Porsche has made us lusting after more and more customized cars. They invited us to their wonderful world of Paint to Sample and Porsche Exclusive. It seems, there are no limits for exceptionally wild color combinations and trim levels. But a few decades ago, not every customer was aware of those countless customizing options. Especially during the late 90s and early 2000s it seemed like Porsche buyers very rarely opted for bright colors or excentric trim. Hence, cars with certain colors are often sold at a premium. Danny Beekvelt from 9Classics welcomed us in their beautiful showroom near Rotterdam. There, we’ve had the chance look at a Porsche 996 Turbo that pretty much highlights, what a difference a car’s optional extras and color choices can make.

A masterpiece of performance with unmatched specifications

Of course, the Porsche 996 Turbo has always been nothing short of blisteringly quick. At the time, it was the fastest road-going Porsche 911 ever produced with its 420 hp water cooled, twin-turbo flat-six. 4.2 seconds from 0-62 mph and almost 190 mph top speed were a real statement in 1999 and still remain impressive today. It manifested the Turbo’s reputation of being sort of a gentlemen’s express. Its effortless performance could outshine even the most outrageous supercars, while maintaining your typical discreet 911-looks.

In combination with its all-wheel-drive system, that made the Porsche 996 Turbo extremely useable as a daily driver. But here’s the thing: As it was often used for everyday duties, most customers opted for subtle colors and trim levels. It therefore has become increasingly difficult to find yourself an early 2000’s 911 Turbo that’s neither silver, nor black or gray. Not to mention a colorful example with certain extroverted interior specs. And if you desire specific exclusive options, like a factory roll cage, you are faced with an almost impossible task.

This is, where 9Classics shines. The dutch company, based near Rotterdam, is known for sourcing special 996 generation Porsche 911s on a regular basis. With this very special 2000 Porsche 996 Turbo, they’ve done it again. This car isn’t just in fantastic, low mileage condition. It offers some of the most exclusive optional extras, you could have ordered for your 911 Turbo at the start of the new Millennium. It really is a masterpiece of performance with unmatched specifications!

“This Porsche 996 Turbo is probably one of a kind”

Starting on the outside, we’re greeted with shiny Guards Red and the wonderful, original 996 Turbo wheels. From its front, the Turbo was immediately recognizable by the updated headlamp shape and the huge air intakes in the front bumper. Its side profile featured air intakes in the rear quarter panel, which have since become one of the 911 Turbo’s design trademarks. Does this look to you like a 25 year old design? Blimey, these cars have aged well…

This Porsche 996 Turbo features immaculate paint and wheels. No surprise, as it’s one of the real low-miler. It has just 45,423 kilometers on the odometer. But it’s not just its time-capsule-alike exterior condition and the fantastic Guards Red paint, which makes this particular 996 Turbo so special. “This Porsche 996 Turbo is probably one of a kind”, emphasizes Danny Beekvelt and points at the interior.

We’ve had quite a few of these Porsche 996 Turbo on Elferspot over the years. But honestly, I’ve never seen one in this spec before.

Richard Lindhorst, Elferspot

Inside this 996, you’ll find seats, which you’d rather expect in a GT2. It’s equipped with fire-proof black Porsche Recaro Clubsport seats (option codes XSE and XSF). Thanks to options XSX (red seatbelts) and XME (center console in body color) our 996 Turbo’s interior looks simply gorgeous with its black and red contrasts! Behind these bucket seats, there’s another couple of options, rarely seen on a 996 Turbo. With the rear seat delete (XSN) and a factory installed six-point roll cage (XSL) this car means business!

This Porsche 996 Turbo was the fulfillment of a boyhood dream

Danny Beekvelt did a lot of research on this newest 996 Turbo. “The first owner, a man by the name of Michael Hagens, was so proud of his car. He gave an interview to the Dutch Porsche Emotions magazine. There he stated, that this Porsche 996 Turbo was the fulfillment of a boyhood dream”, reports 9Classics’ salesperson. The Guards Red paint and the red accents all around the interior were exactly, as Michael Hagens wanted it to be. He stated that the car is exactly the way he always wanted it himself. To his knowledge, by the end of 2000 it was one of only two Guards Red Porsche 996 Turbo in the Netherlands.

In that article, Hagens also told a funny story about a mishap on its maiden journey to Denmark. On the Autobahn, he got a flat tire. With the help of a road assistant, he installed the space saving spare tire. As it turned out, the original wheel didn’t fit into the trunk. “And because I had a roll cage fitted, it couldn’t fit behind the seats either. There was nothing left but to put the wheel on the passenger seat. My girlfriend had to sit in the back, where there was no seat”, this special Porsche’s first owner recalled.

Perfectly serviced and equipped with everything you could want from an early 2000’s car, this is a real keeper!

This 600 Nm torque monster has all the equipment, you could have asked for in 2000. Electric sunroof, stainless steel door sills, aluminium handbrake and gear lever, parking sensors, and the contemporary PCM sat-nav make for a very complete package. Although one has to say, opting for a sunroof, while ordering a roll cage, Alcantara steering wheel and bucket seats seems a bit strange. But honestly, this car was probably not equipped with a lot of trackday action in mind. Michael Hagens had driven this car on a daily basis.

As these cars have come of age, not many have been left with low mileage. To get yourself a model worth collecting can therefore be challenging. With this Guards Red example you could get not only that, but exceptional specs as well. This thing is just special from every angle. It has a lot of rare features and is – above all – a sought-after manual. Porsche 996 Turbo prices climbed quite a bit in recent years. Your typical manual coupe comfortably sits north of 70 grand. Of course, we’re not talking about a discount offer here. High five-figure sums are still a big chunk of money for a 996 Turbo. But for such an interestingly specced car, it almost seems like a bit of bargain.

This Porsche 996 Turbo is quite an opportunity. It has the right color, the right options, low mileage, is in perfect condition and even reasonably priced. Cars like this aren’t listed for sale very often.

Richard Lindhorst, Elferspot

Preserve this, enjoy it from time to time and you’ll probably have fun without dropping a penny

Historically, the early water-cooled Porsche 911 Turbos have been great cars to own. They’re easy to live with, robust, and – since their initial drops below 50,000 euros – hold their value pretty well. If you intent to own and use it for a couple of years, you probably won’t lose money. And the greatest thing about this generation 911 is, that you can properly enjoy them, without any fears. Parts are reasonably priced, the cars are easy to work on and they offer a pretty modern driving feel.

Thanks to all-wheel-drive, the LSA-rear axle and delightful steering, they are friendly to drive. You even got cruise control and automatic air-conditioning to make your occasional commute more pleasant. And in case something goes a bit wrong on a spirited drive, there’s still ABS and traction control. The Porsche 996 Turbo makes for a fantastic everyday companion and still gives you all the thrills, you could possibly want. All this in a pleasantly small package, weighing slightly over 1,5 tons, despite its all-wheel-drive.

The Porsche 996 Turbo has always been a secret hero. Its qualities make it probably one of the best packages of the modern classic era.

Richard Lindhorst, Elferspot

© images: Frank van der Burg (@frankdefotograaf)

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