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000 Magazin -018


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000 Magazine – Issue 018 Wasser Kult

Each issue of Triple Zero 000 comes with 260 pages and is filled with exceptional photos in lavish layouts, inspiring stories, unseen archival images, photos of original documents and insider information. Exclusive content is produced 4 times a year. A must-have for Porsche enthusiasts.

Contents Issue 018:
Zero Input: Missing the people, not the planes…
Archival: Rally computers
Blink: Sascha Maassen at Mid-Ohio
Dlo: The black tape
Anorak: Air-cooled 911 toolkits
Scene: Le Mans 1969
Then and now: 911 GT3 RS 4.0
Interview: Andreas Preuninger
911S 2.7 CIS Prototyp
Cayman GTS 4.0 & Cayman T
A Via Rápida: Joaquim Nogueira
Surface: Elephant hide
Apart: GT1 decal set
Outsmart: GM’s digital rearview mirror
Outprint: Some oldies really are goodies
Showstopper: Boxter Studie
Spec v spec: 959 Sport
Overlooked: 996 Carrera 4S
Language: English
Format: 9 x 12 in (approx. 228 x 304 mm)
Features: Softcover

For aesthetes and enthusiasts: The 000 Magazine.

Remember when car magazines were captivating? When they arrived at your doorstep and you knew you were in for hours of quiet pleasure? In a world of ever-thinning magazines that are 50-70% filled with advertising, 000 founders Pete Stout and Alex Palevsky decided to buck the trend with 95% editorial content and long immersions to create an alternative to a nice evening out – and an elixir for today’s endless dropdown notifications and hyperlinks that pull you out of a good read. The result is “Triple Zero,” a quarterly art magazine that also happens to be about Porsche. The name is a nod to the brand’s three-digit model number and a promise to explore Porsche from its origins without skimping on pages or possibilities….


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In 9×12 format and beautifully printed on high-quality 80-pound paper, each issue weighs three pounds (!) and features 260 pages covering all facets of Porsche. These pages are packed with exceptional photos in lush layouts, thought-provoking stories, unseen archival images, photos of original documents, and insider information. In a world where media is becoming cheaper and easier, 000 is a haven where timelessness is valued more highly than topicality.

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