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The Porsche Book


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An impressive illustrated book for Porsche lovers. Experience the exciting history of the design and motorsport legend from Zuffenhausen. This turbo among sports car books will delight all Porsche lovers. A richly illustrated journey through seven decades of fascination begins full of intensity and creativity. Now with 64 pages of bonus material.

Author: Published by Frank M. Orel
Item number: 71167-deu
ISBN: 978-3-96171-167-3
EAN: 9783961711673
execution: 29 x 37 cm
368 pages, 195 color and 11 black and white photographs
Text: Chinese, German, English, French and Russian
Weight: 4,2 kg

The Porsche Book

An absolute bestseller in the extended edition: this more than 4-kilo turbo among sports car books with 368 pages will delight Porsche lovers. Full of power and creativity, it takes you on a nostalgic, richly illustrated journey into the annals of the design and engineering art of the Porsche cosmos. The dynamic layout captures the most important components of the ultimate driving pleasure: power, freedom, speed. Captivated by the impressive visual language, you will hardly be able to put the PS bible down; the volume becomes your personal road movie, in which pictures come alive and driving sounds become present. Let yourself be carried away by these innovative photographs of the most famous Porsche models, taken against the most glamorous backdrops in the world.

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