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Porsche 928 GTS

Porsche 928 GTS

Coupé, 1992


  • GTS
  • Rare
  • very well-kept condition

This Porsche 928 GTS is very well-kept in beautifull condition and shows up technical with no problems.

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10405 Berlin
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Das Fahrzeug im Detail

Porsche 928 GTS

The so called Business jet for the highway.
First, it was to replace the 911, then it mutated into a professional frequent flyer as a business jet for highways of its own kind. The Porsche 928 crowned the Zuffenhausen company’s program in 1977 with the first all-aluminum V8.
A Vmax engine that successfully took on Ferrari, Mercedes and Jaguar.

This 1992 928 GTS is in very good condition. Watching the original Interieur and body you see how well it has been taken care off.

Enjoy the walkaround Video:

The accident free chassis got repainted 5 years ago in its original factory colour black metallic on a high level and did not show any signs of rusting through.
This matching numbers 928 GTS had been well serviced and always been to workshops for repairs, proven by bills. This Porsche 928 GTS was always well serviced as you can see in the service records.

The timing belt, incl. water pump and tension rollers had been replaced in December 2018 with a mileage delta from about 2000km to today. The automatic shifts soft and direct as they should and the brakes work fine and appear like new.

In August 2021 the GTS received a small service, and a new service will be done before the handover to the new owner.

The suspension is powerful and the body makes no more noise than the state of the series.

Convince yourself with the pictures and take your chance to get this highway business jet and place your bid.



Baujahr: 1992
Modell: 928 GTS
Karosserie: Coupé
Baureihe: 928
Laufleistung: 178000 km
Leistung: 350 PS
Hubraum: 5,4 Liter
Lenkung: links
Getriebe: Automatik
Antrieb: Heckantrieb
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Ausstattung: Schiebedach
Innenfarbe: Grau
Innenmaterial: Leder
Außenfarbe: Schwarz
Hersteller Farbbezeichnung (außen): Schwarz Metallic 728
Matching Numbers: ja
Zustand: Unfallfrei
Neu / gebraucht: Gebrauchtwagen
Fahrbereit: ja
Zugelassen: ja
Land der Erstauslieferung: Vereinigte Staaten
Anzahl Fahrzeughalter: 5

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