Porsche 993 Carrera S

Porsche 993 Carrera S

Coupé, 1997


  • Manual Transmission
  • Delivered new in Germany!
  • Classic color combination!

The car on offer is a Porsche 993 Carrera S delivered new in Germany in April 1997. It comes in Arctic Grey with black leather interior.

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Das Fahrzeug im Detail

When the 993 was launched, only the 911 coupé was available. From the outset, the Carrera was born of Porsche’s cost-cutting strategy, and continued its career without any notable aesthetic evolution until the model was discontinued in 1998.

However, a year after its launch, the 993 Carrera 2-wheel drive was offered as a convertible.

But the real surprise came in 1995, when the 911 revived the Targa tradition. It even innovated with a panoramic sliding glass sunroof. This practical concept brought exceptional light into the cabin.

In the same year, the 993 Carrera 2 was upgraded to 285 hp at 6100 rpm and 340 Nm of torque at 5250 rpm (engine type M64 21/22/23/24). These versions are recognizable from the outside by their more rectangular tailpipes. The 13 horsepower gains are essentially due to the Varioram, a Porsche-patented system that adjusts intake manifold length according to engine speed. At 4,850 and above 5,840 rpm, the electronic management system adapts the intake by selecting the ideal pipe for the current rpm and controlling a valve that modifies resonance. The aim is to generate near-optimal tuning of the waves generated by the air flows, and to optimize the fill rate over a wider range. A new hydraulically-operated clutch also makes its appearance, for easier gear shifting.

The Carrera S completes the 911 coupé range with the turbo look of the 993 Carrera 4S. These include a sportier spoiler and rocker panels, a specific engine hood, lowered ride height and the 18″ 5-spoke hollow wheels of the 993 turbo. It’s important to point out here that, unlike the Carrera 4S, which took over the entire chassis of the Turbo, including its wide tracks and big brakes, the Carrera „2S“ retained that of the normal Carrera. Consequently, the 18″ wheels required 30 mm spacers to compensate for the narrower track width than the Turbo. Lacking additional power and weighing in at an extra 30 kilos, all this was actually bad for performance, which struggled to exceed that of a 993 272 bhp… But when it comes to seduction, it’s a no-brainer!


Baujahr: 1997
Erstzulassung: März 1997
Modell: 993 Carrera S
Karosserie: Coupé
Baureihe: 993
Laufleistung: 111500 km
Leistung: 285 PS
Hubraum: 3,6 Liter
Lenkung: links
Getriebe: Manuell
Antrieb: Heckantrieb
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Innenfarbe: Schwarz
Innenmaterial: Leder
Außenfarbe: Silber
Hersteller Farbbezeichnung (außen): Arctic Silver
Neu / gebraucht: Gebrauchtwagen
Fahrbereit: ja
Land der Erstauslieferung: Deutschland
Fahrzeugstandort: FRFrankreich

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Porsche 993 Carrera S

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