Porsche 911 E

Porsche 911 E

Coupé, 1971


  • Original paint / patina!
  • Fuchs rims 15 inches!
  • Ready for immediate use!

We are pleased to offer you an exquisite 1971 Porsche 911E that impresses in both aesthetics and performance. The car has been faithfully restored and now shines in its original paint with a beautiful patina that gives the car character. Original matching numbers and original 15 inch Fuchs rims in top condition! The 911E has been carefully maintained and is technically in excellent condition. Shock absorbers, brakes and tires are also in perfect condition, so you can always enjoy a safe and smooth driving experience.
The interior of the vehicle is immaculate.

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The vehicle in detail

Matching numbers – Porsche Certificate of Authenticity on-board folder, with maintenance pass and operating instructions available
accident free
TÜV/ AU new, historic registration
Vehicle is ready for immediate use!
If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal and look forward to your call or email.
Your master maker team
Report on work carried out on the Porsche 911 2.2 E / VIN 9111200329 / October 2021:
Body doors right and left
# Left door completely dismantled including removal of window operation and door handles
# Door on the right completely dismantled including removal of the window operation and the door handles
# Door frames cleaned on the right and left
# Recording of the door window right + left. renewed

# Windows cleaned, repaired and greased
# all seals and the guides of the door windows renewed
# Door panels cleaned, door pockets cleaned and leather re-glued
# Upper door panel covers cleaned and leather re-glued
# Consoles for the door opening cleaned and leather re-glued
# New side mirror attached to the right door, position determined and holes drilled
# Doors provided with cavity protection on the inside
# Door lock repaired on the right and left
# Doors fully assembled
# Door window frames set
Seats right and left:
# both seats removed and installed
# Seat consoles disassembled and assembled, actuator for folding mechanism repaired, console painted,
# Left seat leather on seat surface removed and installed, seat cushion outside renewed
# Seats cleaned
 Inner space:
# Interior completely disassembled, old carpet completely removed
# All windows removed, windscreen renewed
# new sky adapted and renewed
# Repaired and installed interior lights on the right and left
# new parcel shelf made and covered with new leather (not available)
# Rear right and left side panels cleaned
# Cover strips of the side panels covered with new leather
# B-pillars covered with new leather
# A-pillars covered with new leather
# Interior carpet completely renewed and glued
# Rear seat cushion cleaned and re-glued
# Dashboard removed and exchanged for one delivered by the customer
# All instruments removed and installed, instrument panel repainted
# Clock repaired (was without function)
# Transmission tunnel cover repaired, aligned and repainted
# Steering wheel removed, steering column cover removed and installed and cleaned
# Steering column switch for indicators renewed and wiring relocated
# Removed the switch that was installed later to cut off the ignition, removed the wiring up to the ignition lock and reconnected it
# Gear lever with console completely removed, gear lever renewed and adjusted
# Holder for the shift rod bearing on the shift block renewed
# Bearing of the gearshift block removed and renewed
# Shift cross of the shift rod in the interior renewed and adjusted
# Seat belts mounted at the rear for emergency seats
# Front right and left belts including belt winders mounted
# Adjusted and cut out rear side panels for belt winders
# old radio removed
# Built-in retro radio includes: new speaker cables laid in doors on the right and left,
Loudspeaker cable for center speaker renewed and laid, door panels cut out on the right and left and speakers mounted, adapter plate for center speaker made, two speakers built into the dashboard to achieve stereo sound in the middle, radio installed and connected, cable laid and fastened, micro for hands-free system mounted, radio checked and set,
# All valve covers removed and installed and cleaned, seals renewed
# Spark plugs removed and renewed
# Valves set (valve clearance much too large)
# Oil change with filter (abrasion on the magnets was found when unscrewing the drain plugs – see photos)
# Distributor cap removed and installed, contacts cleaned
# Control and position of the throttle valves checked, throttle valves and control adjusted
# V-belts for fan wheel and alternator renewed
# Air filter renewed
# Injectors sent to check and renewed (were defective)
# Lines for activated charcoal extraction removed and connections sealed (America only)
# Fuses in the engine compartment checked and replaced (corroded)
# Air collector for air filter cleaned, blasted and powder coated
# Idle and CO adjusted (throttle flaps slightly knocked out, adjustment only possible to a limited extent)
# Changed throttle cable to achieve full throttle position
# Gear oil change (when unscrewing the drain plug there were metal parts on the magnet, see photos)
# Drive shafts removed and installed, drive shafts completely disassembled and cleaned, drive shaft boots and grease renewed
# Rubber sleeve of the shift rod bushing renewed (torn)
# Redirection of the gas cable on the gearbox repaired (knocked out)
# Bearing block for suspension transmission renewed (rubber torn)
# Clutch adjusted (had too much play)

rear axle:
# Rear wheels removed, tires renewed and balanced
# Brake calipers removed and installed and cleaned
# Brake pads removed and installed and cleaned
# Brake discs removed and installed, brake discs cleaned, machined and painted
# Handbrake pads removed and installed and renewed
# Anchor plates installed, sandblasted and powder-coated
# Stabilizer removed and installed, cleaned and blasted and powder-coated, bearing repaired and rubber bearings renewed
# Outer bearing of torsion bars removed and installed, cleaned and greased
front axle:
# Wheels removed and installed, new tires fitted and balanced
# Brake pads removed and installed and cleaned
# Brake discs removed and installed, machined and painted
# Wheel hubs removed and installed, wheel bearings removed and installed and renewed, wheel hubs glass bead blasted
# Anchor plates removed and installed, cleaned, blasted and powder-coated
# Wishbones removed and installed, rubber bearings of the wishbones renewed, wishbones blasted and powder-coated
# Ball joints removed and installed and renewed
# Shock absorbers removed and installed and cleaned
# Top mount removed and installed and renewed
# Center axle carrier removed and installed, cleaned, blasted and powder-coated
# Steering cuffs checked – OK
# Steering checked – OK
# Measure vehicle completely, set vehicle height, measure vehicle

Body front:
# Front bumper removed and installed
# Front bumper disassembled and assembled, derusted, primed on the inside, sprayed with stone chip protection
# Turn signal housing removed and installed and renewed, rewired, new housing fitted
# Recordings of the indicator housing derusted, primed and painted
# Sealing rubber over bumper renewed
# Lock plate straightened, front plate straightened, derusted, primed and painted
# Trunk floor straightened, derusted, primed and painted
# Battery box directed to the right and left, sheet metal welded in, primed and painted, plus fuse box removed and installed
# Fuses in the fuse box checked and renewed
# Wiring in the trunk re-laid and insulated
# Battery attachment renewed, ground cable removed and installed and replaced
# Windshield washer reservoir removed and installed, cleaned, windshield washer pump replaced
# Windshield washer nozzles renewed, windshield wipers renewed
# Activated charcoal canister removed and activated charcoal suction shut down (nobody needs it)
# Right fender removed and installed, fender derusted, straightened, primed and sprayed with stone chip protection on the inside
# Cowl on the right and left derusted, sheet metal welded in, primed and painted
# Wiper arms including shafts removed and installed for painting
# Piping on the right fender renewed
# Blower box with mixing flaps removed and installed, operation repaired
# Cable pull for fresh air flap removed and installed and replaced
# Windshield washer hoses relocated, check valves renewed
# Cover flaps for tank nozzles removed and installed and renewed
# Carpet renewed in the trunk, fixing points repaired
# Windscreen frame derusted, sheets welded in, primed and painted
Body center:
# Decorative strips on the right and left side removed and installed
# Moldings cleaned, straightened and reattached, end rails cleaned, straightened and installed
# Sheet metal in the area of the rear side windows derusted, primed and painted
# Chrome strips under the rear side windows cleaned, straightened and installed
# Door frame seals removed and installed, folds cleaned, seals re-glued
# Seals for side windows renewed, side windows installed
Rear body:
# Rear window frame derusted, sheet metal welded in, primed and painted
# Rear window with new chrome strips and new window rubber installed
# Tailgate adjusted and lock carrier aligned
# Rear bumper removed and installed, bumper disassembled and assembled
# Central part of the bumper renewed, adjusted, sanded, primed and painted
# Side parts of the bumper derusted, primed and painted
# Bumpers renewed with rubber on the right and left, adjusted and installed
# Rubber strips under the bumper renewed and installed
# Piping under the bumper renewed and installed

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Year of construction: 1971
Initial registration date: July 1971
Model: 911 E
Body: Coupé
Series: 911 F-Model
Mileage: 4135 km
Power: 155 HP
Cylinder capacity: 2,2 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Rear drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Black
Interior material: Fabric/Leather combination
Exterior color: Green
Condition: Partially restored
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: United States
Number of vehicle owners: 2
Car location: DEGermany

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