The Nürburgring Dream coming true – 4367 Tribute

The Nürburgring Dream coming true – 4367 Tribute

Owners of classic Porsche racing cars, Cup cars and track focused road cars know the problem: It’s not the most pleasant experience to share a race track with modern hot hatches and supercars. Jonas Nilsson has therefore founded the 4367 Tribute event. Here, you can thoroughly enjoy your 964, 993 or 996 or 997 GT model or the 911 Cup cars and other race models. There won’t be any over-ambitious participants not knowing the worth of your classic 911. And the best thing about it? You’ll have the whole Nürburgring Nordschleife to share. It will be just you and likeminded Porsche enthusiasts. And the format, the organizers created, will guarantee a warm, friendly atmosphere on and off the track.

4367 Tribute isn’t your regular trackday, it’s a multiple-day event to grow a community and explore the Nordschleife together!

4367 Tribute’s name comes from 964, 993, 996 and 997-generation Porsche 911s. Because those are the only model series allowed to take part in the event. No matter if you’re in an RS, a Cup car of the first three generations or other race versions. This already hints at one of the event’s unique approaches. Jonas Nilsson identified that on a regular trackday, where everything is much about speed and laptimes, there’s often a lack of respect for the older and (mostly) way more valuable cars. Especially on the already extremely demanding Nürburgring, this would cause stress and generally an uneasy feeling.

Hence, the 4367 Tribute’s team pays tribute to perhaps the most engaging drivers 911s of all time. They offer two days on track with great respectful driving, together with likeminded people, sharing experiences on track while staying safe. This is the event to join if you haven’t found the right NBR event yet. At the core of the 4367 Tribute is their passion and dedication for track driving. They are excited to uniquely invite both the trackday and the racing community, to fuel our mutual love and enthusiasm for our 911s.

At the 4367 Tribute, many participants are owners that drive their 911s at many different trackdays. But our event also welcomes owners that don’t feel like driving their special 911s at any mixed trackdays and have high expectations on a very safe and orderly code of conduct on track and limited number of cars.

Jonas Nilsson, 4367 Tribute

© 4367 Tribute

To guarantee this friendly atmosphere, 4367 Tribute will use a proven approach of a 1+2 day event at the Nordschleife. They bring together all participants a day in advance. So no one will join the event as a stranger. At the event itself, the program is dedicated to making it easy to join. It doesn’t matter, if you are there for the first time, with friends or if you’re already a part of the community. Spending time together, both on and off the track, enjoying the atmosphere and getting inspired is what it is all about!

4367 Tribute’s program starts with a dinner and a bus tour around the Nordschleife

Everything starts with the (optional) arrival day on Monday. After a casual dinner, you’ll get a tour around the Nordschleife by bus. That way, you can already soak in the Nordschleife’s layout with all its massive ascents and descents around the 20.8 kilometer track. At the following “beer after work” you’ll be able to get in the mood and discuss the impressions with your fellow companions.

© 4367 Tribute

On Tuesday at 9 am, the registration opens. After dealing with the paperwork and enjoying a coffee as an icebreaker, at 11 am the drivers briefing starts. When you’ve got all your questions answered, a joint lunch awaits you, before the track actions begins at 1 pm. This day, you’ll have the whole Nürburgring Grand Prix track, including the Mercedes arena, for yourself until 6 pm. That way, everybody can get into a rhythm and maybe do some setup work on the car to prepare for the big challenge ahead on Wednesday – the Nordschleife! Directly after driving is finished, you can relax and enjoy after drive beers and the barbecue.

4367 Tribute’s third day on Wednesday, September 4th, will be Nordschleife non-stop! Starting from 8 am, the track will be yours exclusively until 5 pm. During this nine hours, every participant will get plenty of track time. At the Devil’s Diner next to the track you’ll find hospitality and a lunch throughout the day. After driving, there will be an optional closing dinner.

Day 1 – Monday 2nd Sept.

  • Arrival day – getting settled in
  • Casual dinner for those who like
  • 19.30-ish – Nordschleife track tour by bus
  • 21.00-ish – A beer to get in the mood and catch-up

Day 2 – Tuesday 3rd Sept.  

  • 09.00 – Registration & morning coffee
  • 11.00 – Mandatory drivers meeting
  • 12.00 – Lunch all together
  • 13.00 – 18.00 – Driving at the Grand Prix track (incl. Mercedes arena)
  • 18.00 – After drive beers followed by our very our own “Grill Abend” during the evening

Day 3 – Wednesday 4th Sept.

  • 08.00 – 17.00 – Full driving day at the Nordschleife 
  • Lunch and hospitality at Devil’s Diner throughout the day
  • Closing dinner for those who like to stay in the evening

To enjoy a cool mix of 911s and owners, there will be two groups within 4367 Tribute’s Nordschleife event

At the event’s core is a passion for 911s truly driven on track. Secondly, there’s the ambition to enjoy a cool mix of 911s and owners. That is not an easy task though, as tickets are very limited. To tackle this, 4367 Tribute splits its participants into two main categories, called Core and Special. The Core category is for the more serious cars, like trackday & race cars on Ultra-High-Performance (UHP) or slick tires. If you drive a sporty customized/modified Porsche 964 or 993, or a special model like a Singer, Gunter Werks, RUF, etc. then you’ll find the perfect spot in the Special group.

© 4367 Tribute


Trackday & race cars

  • All 996 and 997 GT models
  • Any modified 964 and 993
  • RS cars from 964 to 997 GT3 RS 4.0

Cup & race cars

  • Cup, N/GT, RSR, R & race cars on slicks (except 997)


Road cars

  • Sporty customized, enhanced or modified 964 and 993s (Carrera 2, Carrera 4 and Turbo models)
  • Special models like Singer, Gunter Werks, Ninemeister, RUF etc.
  • Limited edition models – 40 Jahre, Speedster etc.

Porsche 911 Cup car owners, who don’t race, can experience their cars on slicks in safe and private setting together with likeminded as well. And of course, the racing drivers, who actually drive their race cars are welcome to join and inspire us all on how our cars could be driven!

Jonas Nilsson, 4367 Tribute founder

These two car categories will be divided into two different driving groups. Driving Group 1 is aimed to inspired and committed drivers with a good degree of experience on track. They are able to handle overtaking maneuvers at speed at any section of the track. This also includes experience in being overtaken without delay in the very best way. The second Driving Group is labeled “cruising & touring”. Its main intention is to focus on the driving experience with a patience that makes everyone feel relaxed at the track. Overtaking is done the best way, but not in a hurry here. As the day progresses the the track will be open in a open pitlane format.  

Everything will be taken care of – even on the mechanical side of things

Once you arrive you don’t have to think about anything other than to enjoy yourself. 4367 Tribute has it all arranged and our friends of Manthey-Racing have the care for all participating 911s covered. Jonas Nilsson and his crew also made a number of reservations at Tiergarten, Dorint and Lindner Congress Hotel. So if needed, you can grab a room as you buy your tickets.

Pre-registration for tickets is now open. The price for 4367 Tribute’s 1+2 day event starts at 1.964€  (incl. VAT). Those tickets include not only the track driving but also drinks, food and some cool merch and of course stickers! You will find all informations in the 4367 Tribute web shop. 

You don’t need a reason to join – but here’s a few

The Experience

  • You look forward to an event, not just a trackday, where you don’t have to think about anything else than enjoying yourself with likeminded people.
  • You would love to hang out and drive with other owners and drivers that share your passion for the same cars.
  • You like to meet others with special 911´s that are upgraded, modified or otherwise enhanced to fuel your passion.
  • You like to go to an event that is private and where everyone really has time to connect and hang out.
  • You believe that the social side of things is just as important as the driving.

The Driving

  • You are tired of going to trackdays and being overtaken on the straights by modern cars only to catch them in the twisty sections.
  • You have a Cup car but you don’t do racing so basically no really good trackdays to choose from.
  • You have been to enough trackdays with rental cars and tourists drivers.
  • You have a fantastic or special 911 that you like to enjoy on track but only with likeminded.
  • You have a very valuable 911 and don’t want to take any risks on track.
  • You like to stay safe on track and like a strict code of conduct with a focus on high quality driving experiences rather than laptimes.
  • You like to be able to choose at what pace you like to drive at.
  • You want to test to drive your 911 on slick tires.


Mollehem AB, Strandskategränd 6, 239 42 Falsterbo, Sweden


Jonas Nilsson – 4367 Tribute’s founder & Porsche Club Sweden Driving Instructor as well as Coach & Instructor at the Scuderia Hanseat driver training at the Nürburgring.

Having worked within the official Ferrari & McLaren networks with customer racing and various high-level events in the Nordics and throughout Europe, Jonas Nilsson is an established name in the trackday world.

I’m just like all of us – A trackday enthusiast!

With the 4367 Tribute he basically mirrors his personal preferences on how and with whom he likes to spend time with his Porsches on track. They are all about fueling the Porsche passion and taking the ownership experience to the next level.


September 2nd – 4th, 2024


Starting from 1,964 Euro, incl. VAT


  • track time on Nürburgring Grand Prix course & Nordschleife
  • drinks & food during the whole event
  • driver coaching

Disclaimer & Miscellaneous

You should not be a beginner at track driving. The Nordschleife  is fantastic but also demanding so being familiar with driving on track is important. However, if this will be your first time on the Nürburgring, contact us and we sort it out together before your purchase your ticket to find a good solution.

Hotel accommodation

You are welcome to arrange your accommodation as you like. We have made some room reservations at Tiergarten, Dorint and Lindner Congress hotel, not for everyone but quite a few. Once you have purchased your ticket, you will get more information on how to book any of our reserved rooms. You pay yourself upon check-out. First come first serve basis.

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