Classic Cars Dornstetten GmbH

We only trade classic cars that we would buy ourselves!

Oldtimers and youngtimers to get in and drive off. Honest and intensively tested cars, mostly around the grade 2. These vehicles are a good 40 percent cheaper than a freshly restored one, but almost as beautiful and technically really good. Because honestly, which classic car lover can or wants to screw?

What do we do differently?

Classic Cars Dornstetten was not founded for the love of money, but for decades of enjoyment of vintage cars – we have turned our hobby into a profession. We don't sit in an expensive mileage factory and we don't place full-page ads. Because that doesn't make the cars any better. We prefer to make less show, but work with expertise and care when purchasing. This saves you and us trouble and preserves the joy of the old sheet metal.

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Alexander Köhnlechner

Alexander Köhnlechner from Classic Cars Dornstetten GmbH looks forward to your questions and is happy to help you.

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Classic Cars Dornstetten GmbH

About us

What don't you get from us?

We don't import from the USA or Japan: Because we want to see exactly what we're bringing into the house beforehand. If you don't do that as a retailer, you have to sell what you bought – even if it's a phony. We also rarely accept cars that have been restored in Poland or the Czech Republic: Because people often work there with a lot of improvisation – especially in places where you don't see it. You won't get a 12 cylinder Jaguar from us either. Our many years of experience have taught us that these engines all cause expensive trouble sooner or later. We save you something like that and prefer to sell one less car.

Cars for every budget!

Whether you have a budget of 9,900 or 250,000 euros: Classic Cars Dornstetten will give you an inexpensive car for it. Believe us.


Even Daimler AG bought a Mercedes from us.

Our cars have gone to Australia, England, France, Italy, Monaco, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, USA and Prague. When Daimler AG was looking for a historic S-Class in original museum-worthy condition, they struck gold with us. Many of our customers have not seen their car live before buying it. Sensible photos with meaningful details, an honest description and a few phone calls were enough. With a good car, you don't have to sugarcoat anything and the customer won't be disappointed. Each vehicle is thoroughly checked and repaired if necessary. A comprehensive inspection before delivery is a matter of course and the fresh TÜV is just one detail of it.

Horst Randecker

The Dipl. Wirtschafts-Ing. was managing director of the traditional Swabian company farbtex for 45 years.

He is the founder and managing director of Classic Cars Dornstetten GmbH. When he bought a Porsche 356 convertible back in the 1970s, he was smiled at because of the old box. But he was undeterred and continued to expand his own small collection.

Today it is a feared opponent at vintage car rallies, who has cracked many a light barrier with an accuracy of 1/100 of a second. Precisely because he drives his classic cars actively and regularly, he knows how much the joy and sorrow of a classic car owner depends on the technical quality – and accordingly attaches great importance to it. In 2006, out of joy and enthusiasm, he came up with the idea of founding a classic car company that trades, repairs and organizes.

Alexander Köhnlechner

His job is to look for good specimens from the abundance on the market and to offer them to you at reasonable prices. Whether you want to buy or sell a classic car, he is your contact.

He has been in the automotive profession for 44 years. The last 22 years of it exclusively in the oldtimer. Together with the owner, he managed the classic car department of a well-known car showroom on Lake Constance for seven years and was a freelance expert for historic automobiles for five years. He has been with Classic Cars Dornstetten for 11 years. As a co-author, he wrote the classic car chapters of the specialist book "Automotive Management", published by Springer Verlag. He is a member of the English Goodwood Road Racing Club and has privately owned numerous vintage and youngtimers from 1916 onwards.

Classic Cars Dornstetten GmbH


Classic Cars Dornstetten GmbH

Freudenstädter Straße 28–32
72280 Dornstetten


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