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Perfection starts with enthusiasm.

Eight car and bodywork specialists at Kaege Automobile GmbH turned the idea into a plan and a plan into a unique piece of automotive emotion. Eight times enthusiasm, eight times short distances, full of commitment, thinking along. Eight times love for a vehicle, as if it were soon to be your own.
In addition, of course, we would like to thank all the specialists in the trades who believed in us and supported us with their skills. Our saddler, our carbon builder, the engine builder, the painter and many others who motivated us all.

Kaege Retro Classic Silver

It all started in 1992 with Roger Kaege's master craftsman's certificate in body and vehicle construction, before the new building for the modern body shop was completed in Stetten, Palatinate, around the turn of the millennium.

In addition to his expertise in the other makes, it was especially Roger Kaege's passion for the Zuffenhausen cars that soon earned him the reputation of a careful and competent tuning expert. The immediate geographical proximity of his company to the Hockenheimring did the rest.

The team has grown over the years, the company has been expanded spatially and thus, in addition to the dedicated daily work in the service, body and tuning areas as well as special vehicle construction, there was finally room for the vision of honoring the classic F-model.

unique pieces.

We can say quite immodestly that the KAEGE RETRO naturally arouses enthusiasm among lovers of classic automobiles. And curiosity.

Who is behind this? Where is it produced and, above all, how many of them and when?
The KAEGE RETRO is built by our team exclusively in our halls in Stetten in der Pfalz. Each vehicle is unique, created entirely by hand with a great deal of bodywork experience and in conjunction with professionals from other trades. Where possible, of course, according to customer requirements: paintwork, interior design or accessories leave plenty of room for customizing according to individual taste.

We put enthusiasm, care and skill into every RETRO – and above all time. Therefore, as a guideline, there is a maximum of 6 vehicles per year that we can complete on behalf of the customer. The trend is proving to be slightly increasing, but we still primarily stand for exclusivity and quality.

"An unnecessary must have."


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Kaege Automobile GmbH

About us

Poetry. air cooled.

On the basis of a Porsche 993 – and thus the best air-cooled series technology – an authentic homage to one of the most beautiful models in automotive history has been created with masterly care and is coveted by enthusiasts as an exclusive small series of unique pieces.
As authentic as possible, as innovative as necessary, as durable as you want it to be: From the interior to the technology, nothing was left to chance with the KAEGE RETRO. Experience the fascinating history of this special sports car concept – and take a look at the new projects of our sports car manufacturer.

It all started with a vision.

Once upon a time there was a 993.

It all started with a vision. Even if it sounds like a fairy tale – it wasn't quite like that. Actually, it just started with a Porsche 993, which we acquired in 2010 and didn't attach too much importance to in our halls at first. Its design – a whim of the nineties, but its drive was the most modern air-cooled that was ever installed in Zuffenhausen.
And so it happened that at the time we not only surrounded this 993 more and more often – but also made friends with an idea that was as appealing as it was insane: Why not just give this technical substance the classic look it deserves?

Inspired by an idea.

That was the spirit out of the bottle, so to speak, and our ambition was awakened: we realized that we were going to combine genes from the air-cooled 993 with the looks of an F-model, one of the most beautiful sports cars ever built.

The perfect technique in a perfectly nostalgic look. We accepted the challenge and knew that we now had to be virtuoso on the entire keyboard of the car body trade. Measuring, converting, scaling and approaching the perfect, authentic look was correspondingly complex.

Front like back, now like before.

Interpreting, scaling, designing, producing: For the bumpers, the entire rear end or the bonnet, we reinvented the wheel, so to speak, so that everything looks the same as always.

Where possible and sensible, we have worked with carbon – with the pleasant side effect that the KAEGE RETRO not only looks better but is also a little lighter than the original 993.

paint in sight.

Disassembling what belongs together: from the fender to the side panel to the rocker panel – on its way to reality, a vision initially has a lot to do with perseverance.

Until a moment comes that is just as big as a question of taste: the color.
Although we tend towards classic tones – nothing can disfigure a KAEGE RETRO. Whether it's a powerful statement or a nostalgic reminiscence: the paintwork will be up to you.

The axis of beauty.

It had to be tinkered with: the axles of the 993 alone are considerably wider than those of the F model.
Needless to say, this in itself required a keen eye and a lot of foresight from our team to ultimately maintain overall proportions. for months.

Against this background, it was almost refreshing to take care of the tank or oil cap and similar nostalgic details in the perfect look.

The Freestyle.

When each component finally comes together to form a symphony, an idea becomes reality.
And there were many components. With all due respect to the good old days, we have resorted to the blessings of modernity for the chassis and wheels. Without you noticing, of course.


Cautiously modernizing the nostalgia: With the KAEGE RETRO, this applies above all to the headlights. An in-house development that is characterized by contemporary economy, durability and light intensity, but with an uncompromisingly authentic look.

Inner values.

In addition to the classic look, contemporary comfort is our elementary claim. The modern navigation system with an authentic look, Recaro seats for impeccably comfortable journeys through time and the air conditioning and much more pay tribute to automotive modernity without disturbing the feeling of being on the road in a true classic.

And in detail, of course, just the way you want it.

With the KAEGE RETRO, we pulled out all the stops of bodywork to do justice to the graceful design of the F-model down to the last detail. Here you can expect everything. Just no compromises.

Kaege Automobile GmbH


Kaege Automobile GmbH

Im Langgarten 2
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