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The digital auction platform and classic car community Kickdown auctions are the best way to buy and sell classic, collector and enthusiast vehicles. We curate vehicles submitted by our users and create transparent auctions and listings that showcase the vehicles as they are. We have set ourselves the goal of presenting vehicles with the necessary quality to enable the best possible buyer and seller experience and to create a uniform standard. Car auctions as they should be. Kickdown enables maximum transparency through curated auctions, meaningful documentation in the form of photos and certificates and favorable conditions compared to conventional platforms or auction houses. Kickdown curates all vehicles and does not specialize in any particular make or model. We want to show as many collector's vehicles as possible and provide the community with special and unique offers. Porsche auction kickdown

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Kickdown GmbH

About us

All about kickdown

Classic car auctions

Offer your young or oldtimer in an auction now. Whether Porsche, Mercedes, Lancia or VW – we are completely open to brands!

Low cost

You only pay 2.5% plus VAT as a buyer and seller, but never more than €2,500. The recruitment fee is completely free of charge for you.

additional Information

We write the description for your vehicle and also offer professional photos for a better sales result.

Easiest use

Thanks to our clean website and new features that help buy and sell, Kickdown is a true experience.

Key facts at a glance

Although there are many marketplaces where one can buy and sell a specific car, Kickdown offers significant advantages over other providers such as:

  • We focus on collector's cars: It doesn't matter whether they are 20 or 65 years old. We show all vehicles that fall into the young and oldtimer range and occasionally other collector's vehicles.
  • Our fees are low. Fees for the buyer and seller are both 2.5% plus VAT of the highest bid, with a minimum of €250 and a maximum of €2,500 – far less than other auction houses and classic car and vehicle auction sites. Request a free listing for an auction quickly and easily. The creation of the advertisement is completely taken over by us and is professionally written for you by our editors.
  • While at other car auctions it takes weeks or even months for your car to be listed and available for buyers, ours gets your car listed quickly – and we even take your preferences for scheduling the date of your car's auction, so that a customized time poses no problem.
  • Kickdown makes it easy to list your car for sale. We value your time by only asking you for a few important details before telling you whether or not we will accept your vehicle. This means you don't have to waste your time providing initial information and your vehicle will be rejected if in doubt. So the request is very fast and efficient, leaving you with almost no effort.
  • Kickdown is the most user-friendly online automotive marketplace, with easy sorting and overview – and simplified auctions that tell you exactly what you need to know about each vehicle. This is what sets Kickdown apart

We present every car honestly with transparently written auctions and advertisements, as well as meaningful photo documentation and other evidence. The open comment function offers the possibility to request expertise from the community and the seller to find out as much as possible about the vehicle. A personal contact is available around the clock if you want to sell your vehicle or have any questions. No last second bidding. The time for the auctions is always extended to 2 minutes if this has fallen below, so that everyone has an equal chance to place their bid. After an auction has been successfully completed, we will contact the seller and buyer to complete the sale.

Here's how it works

Buy car

When you bid on a car you are agreeing to buy it if you end up as the winning bidder – so be aware of this before you bid. That means asking the seller questions, looking at photos, or even planning a trip to see the car in person. If you don't plan on completing the purchase of the car, don't bid – you could end up being the highest bidder. All winning bidders will pay Kickdown a buyer's fee of 2.5% plus VAT on top of the winning bid amount. The buyer fee is a minimum of €250 but is capped at €2,500 to keep the fees from becoming prohibitive for buyers. In order to ensure that the commission is paid, you must create a bidder account where all relevant information must be filled in before you can place a bid. If you are the highest bidder, the commission will be charged. Bids on cars are binding and there are no refunds if you change your mind. After an auction, you will receive the seller's contact information and vice versa so that you and the seller can complete the details and logistics of the transaction.

sell a car

Essentially, we ask that you first give us some brief information about the car you wish to sell, some photos and a brief description of the vehicle. As a seller, you have no fees for requesting or creating an advertisement, this is completely free. The sales commission is the same as that of the buyer. This is also 2.5% plus VAT, a minimum of €250 and a maximum of €2,500 plus VAT. Not every car is eligible for Kickdown, and we do not accept every car submitted. However, if we are interested in listing your vehicle, we will contact you and ask for more information such as: B. detailed photos, service and ownership information and various other important information that prospects need to know before buying a vehicle. When we have finished writing the advertisement, you will proofread it and approve it. You can also choose to set a reserve price or have your vehicle sold with no reserve price. If you decide to hold an auction with a reserve price, we will ask you to suggest a reserve price – we can of course also help you with the pricing. We are also happy to offer a car with no reserve price. If you sell a car through Kickdown, it may not be offered for sale elsewhere. This means you must remove any other advertising for your car on any other website or publication before we list it for you. We want our auctions to end with the highest bidder buying the car and not with the sellers removing their cars because they may have sold them elsewhere. Nevertheless, you can of course share the auction on Kickdown in any network or social media to generate attention for your vehicle. During the auction you may be asked questions by commentators and bidders. We've found that auctions where sellers actively participate tend to be more successful – both in terms of selling the car and the final sale price. Your auction will likely go more smoothly if you answer questions thoroughly, provide photos when requested, and do your best to be honest and open about your car and its condition. At the end of an auction, you will receive the buyer's contact information and vice versa so that you and the buyer can complete the logistics of the transaction.

Kickdown GmbH


Kickdown GmbH

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