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The OTS founding team has been immersed in the specialty car world since we were quite literally children. That means we have decades of experience even if it may not look like it. Our mission is to leverage that experience to our clients’ benefit, whether that’s getting top dollar when selling their car or finding the car that makes every outing an experience in all the right ways.

We started this company to integrate all our years of specialty car experience to deliver on two key principles: 1) know what we’re talking about 2) do what we say we’re going to do.

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Derek Tam-Scott

Derek Tam-Scott from OTS & CO. LLC looks forward to your questions and is happy to help you.

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About us

Selling with OTS

We believe there’s an art to properly marketing a car and it’s something we genuinely enjoy. We pride ourselves on our detailed, analytic approach to both specific cars and the market at large and will be happy to discuss the current landscape with you. When you consign a car with OTS, you supply us the car and everything that comes with it, and we’ll handle the rest. Alternatively, we do buy cars under some circumstances

Buying with OTS

You may know exactly what car you want. In that case, we’ll get you the answers you need as transparently and completely as possible. We understand that this is how seasoned buyers make decisions. If you’re less sure about what you want, that’s also exciting. We are all car enthusiasts because they allow us to express ourselves and connect with both machines and other people. We want to ask, and maybe even answer questions like: Who do you want to feel like when you drive your car? Where will you go with it and who will go with you? What kind of roads do you like? What’s your tolerance level for weird smells and risk of fire? Do you want to feel like a wealthy Greenwich housewife? Gianni Agnelli on the Cote d’Azur? Your uncle Bob? If you don’t see what you’re looking for currently listed, drop us a line. We have a colorful network of enthusiasts and may know just the rock to look under.

Derek Tam-Scott

Derek Tam-Scott is a lifelong car enthusiast whose parents met when his mother responded to a classified ad for a 1971 911 his father was selling. At age 16, he began working at Fantasy Junction, initially detailing cars and later marketing and selling cars. He then spent four years at ISSIMI, where he held sales and marketing positions which included writing and presenting the BTS with DTS YouTube series. He co-hosts The Carmudgeon Show with Jason Cammisa on the Hagerty Podcast Network and holds a BA and an MS from Stanford University.

Robert Eppley

Robert’s professional background is in brand strategy, but his passion for cars has existed for as long as he can remember. He learned to drive stick at 13 on his family’s ’52 MG TD (which proved to be a fairly harrowing experience). That same MG became the namesake for the blog he began writing at 17, The Four Speed, where he published photojournalistic vehicle drive reviews and news articles throughout college. After graduating in 2019 from Swarthmore College with a dual BA in Biology and Political Science, Robert worked at Cunningham Collective, a boutique Brand Strategy Consulting firm run by the industry-renowned Andy Cunningham in the Bay Area, CA. In 2021 Robert co-founded VALT Auto Club, a Bay Area based premium automotive club and brand. Robert also works on commercial video and photo productions occasionally, predominantly in the automotive industry.

Tazio Ottis

Tazio has been surrounded by collectible and eclectic vehicles since he was a toddler. Son of Patrick Ottis, founder of the internationally renowned Ferrari restoration shop Patrick Ottis Co. in Berkeley, CA, Tazio has been working on vintage ferraris for his entire life. This experience has provided him an uncharacteristic depth of knowledge about historic, collectible vehicles and their owners. Tazio’s experience in the automotive industry extends far beyond restoration and sales. At 12 years old, Tazio began his racing career. He went on to win the West Coast Mazda Formula Car Challenge in 2015 before moving into the IMSA Prototype Challenge, where he took 3rd overall in 2017 and 2nd overall in 2018. Since then, Tazio founded his own racing team, Tazio Ottis Racing (TOR), which has raced internationally in everything from a Honda Civic Type R at the Thunderhill 25 to Tazio’s Ferrari 750 Monza at the Monaco Historic GP. Tazio continues to work alongside his father at Patrick Ottis Co., where he manages the business and restores client vehicles.




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