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5 Tips for the successful Porsche sale

23.08.2019 By Markus Klimesch
5 Tips for the successful Porsche sale

What‘s the fastest way to sell my Porsche? How do I get the best price? Questions, every potential Porsche seller asks himself. Is there a single answer? Of course not, as you don‘t sell a Porsche. That‘d be rude… But let‘s be honest: The are numerous good reasons to sell your beloved Porsche. And there are even more factors to put into consideration that affect sale‘s success.

Big Data

There may not be the single answer for those questions, but a few things could make a huge difference in price and selling time. Every single day, we see thousands of Porsche ads. The beautiful thing about our digitalized world, at least for us enthusiasts, is the ability to gather and interpret information in literally no time at all. Which are the most viewed ads? Which car is hot, which isn‘t? What Porsche models arouse most attention? All these bits of information help us for getting a solid market overview. Hence we‘ve extracted five tips for a successful sale of your Porsche from that potpourri of information.

Tip 1: Take good photos!

Sounds pretty obvious, right? But many sellers don‘t seem to be aware of that. The first impression counts and you don‘t have much time for that. In times of decreasing attention spans due to digital overstimulation, the immediate impact an ad has, is key to success. The main picture needs to build up emotions and a positive mood. It‘s not just about good total views of your Porsche either. Take your time and dig deep into the details that earn attention. What features make your Porsche special? You should take your pictures in the early morning or evening, as the lighting at that time helps to get better results. In direct sunlight, paint tends not to look right and the color itself won‘t be correct in the picture. The right angle is just as important. The classic way would be the three quarter profile, showing one side and still both headlamps of your Porsche. From that angle, Porsche‘s signature exterior lines stand out, as they should do. When selling very rare and/or valuable cars, you should think about hiring a professional photographer. That‘s money well spent as it shpuld help getting higher prices.

Tipps Porsche verkaufen

© Vince Perraud

Tip 2: Start filming!

In the world of social media advertising, videos are one of the hottest topics. Why? The sheer number of devices! Back in the day, televisions and cinemas had the monopole of moving images. Now, everybody has his or her own tv in the pocket. Smartphones, tablets and even watches are able to view videos! And there‘s more: Everybody can record videos on the go as well. Without much effort, even with your smartphone‘s camera you can take razor sharp videos. So, why not film your Porsche? Walking around your car with the right gap, showing all its panels. Taking a seat and starting the engine. Take the potential buyer on a tour of your very own Porsche! By the way: Elferspot ads support videos as well. We would love to help you integrating some.

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Tip 3: Describe your Porsche good and honest!

Every Porsche has its story. You don‘t need to write a novel, but it‘s easy to make costly mistakes. Some texts even deter potential buyers. Between the lines, you can get a feeling for the car and the owner, so a bit of effort pays off, when describing your car. It helps, if you ask yourself what you want to read about the Porsche. Text and images tell a lot about the owner. Avoid spelling mistakes and always be honest. A lie has no feet! Insert important documents and service records. Carefully documented cars are always more valuable and the state of the paper work often tells a lot about how the car was treated.

5 Tipps Porsche verkaufen

Tip 4: Choose the right price!

For most sellers, the pricing is the hardest bit of the whole sale process. What is the „right“ price? It‘s always the one, that someone else is willig to pay for your Porsche. That‘s not surprising, but it‘s the truth. You don‘t need many buyers. Selling is about finding one buyer, who is willing to pay the price. Let‘s not get philosophical on this one. If you really want to sell your car, the price should be realistic. There are many ads with completely insane price tags, which seem to be chosen by the credo: „There will be an idiot with enough money, I just need to find him.“

Used to rising prices

Porsche owners got used to rising prices and often think, these recent tendencies will go on forever. In the end, it‘s like in the stock market  What goes up, must come down at some point. Prices won‘t rise up to the sky and everything, which skyrocketed has to land. That‘s the law of supply and demand. To get a feeling for the right price, have a look at the market. How are similar cars priced? Do they actually sell or sit for months? We wouldn‘t recommend putting „up on request“ at the price tag. Except when the price shouldn‘t deter potential buyers. Very rare Porsches or heavily modified ones like backdates could be an example for ads with prices upon request.

Tipps Porsche verkaufen

Tip 5: Use social media!

In case you followed the first four tips, you‘ve created a well rounded, eye-catching Porsche ad. With great photos and maybe a video. It should be seen by as many people as possible. Social media with huge ranges like Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn  are perfect for the job. Share your ad on every platform, you‘re registered to. Our Elferspot team will support you and will push your ad on our social media platforms. We share photos and videos with our huge community with a professional creative approach. For selling your car, drawing much attention is key to reaching the aforementioned buyer!

Tipps Porsche verkaufen

Feel free to ask our team, helping you out through the whole selling process. This >> Link will lead you to our selling page. There you will find all the details of your (to be) offered cars on Elferspot.

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