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Driving pleasure made in Switzerland – SPORTEC SUB1000

23.08.2023 By Richard Lindhorst
Driving pleasure made in Switzerland – SPORTEC SUB1000

This Porsche 911 G-Model is probably the last word in lightweight and unfiltered driving pleasure. After the Ferdinand, Swiss company SPORTEC puts a new showpiece on the wheels with the SUB1000. Reduced to a minimum, the SPORTEC SUB1000 offers maximum dynamics, driving pleasure and emotion.

Nothing remains untouched on the base Porsche G-Model. The entire body is changed, technology modified and optimized. In addition, the interior is designed to be sleek, classic and sporty – and all this with a ready-to-drive weight of 990 kilograms.

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Classic, sleek and sporty – lightweight construction and driving dynamics are paramount

In the small Swiss village of Höri, near Zurich, SPORTEC CLASSIC creates individual restorations and conversions of Porsche sports cars to dream about. These specialists can transform a regular Porsche 911 G-Model into a SPORTEC SUB1000. Every car exactly the way the customer wants it – a real one-of-a-kind. The overriding credo of the Swiss master technicians: consistent lightweight engineering and outstanding driving dynamics.

One development goal – as the name SUB1000 suggests – was to achieve a total weight of less than 1,000 kilograms. To make this vision come true, SPORTEC used new body parts made of kevlar and carbon. Doors, bumpers, hood, trunk lid and fenders are made of the race-proven composite material. The rear and side windows made of ultra-light Makrolon provide an even more motorsport feel.

This strict diet not only ensures less weight, but also more stiffness. As a result, the SPORTEC SUB1000 responds even more sensitively and directly to the driver’s inputs. With the discreet body widening and the modern Bi-LED headlights, SPORTEC also lifts the SUB1000 visually into new spheres.

Speed, sound, emotion – The SPORTEC SUB1000’s engine is new from A to Z

Even with the engines, no stone is left unturned. The units are first disassembled and inspected in-house at SPORTEC. Then the specialists overhaul the engine with Swiss precision according to all the rules of the art. New seals and bearings are, of course, a matter of honor. Thanks to new cylinder liners in combination with particularly light forged pistons and modified connecting rods, the SPORTEC SUB1000 now has a displacement of 3.4 liters.

Only parts with significantly improved material properties are used. This results in greater durability and lower weight. The noble forge thus also has more power reserves for its new flagship project. For the SUB1000, SPORTEC uses sports camshafts to rev up the valve train. In addition, there is an optimized intake system and, of course, a sports exhaust system. With this “vitamin treatment,” CEO Gregor Burkard’s team coaxes 270 hp and 350 Nm out of the air-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine – with a breathtaking sound!

Fit for drives on mountain roads and race tracks alike

“I want to feel what the car is doing underneath me. I want to be able to interact with these impressions in a targeted way” says SPORTEC boss Burkard. That’s why the connection between road and driver enjoys top priority. To this end, a motorsport suspension system specially developed for the SUB1000 is used. Rebound and compression damping are individually adjustable for each application in the high- and low-speed ranges. The technology is comparable to a modern GT3 racing car.

For me, SUB1000 is the definition of driving come true.

Gregor Burkard, SPORTEC CEO

SPORTEC proudly displays the read dampers’ reservoirs in the interior, which incidentally even allow the gas pressure to be individually adjusted. Sport anti-roll-bars minimize body roll. Incidentally, the setup, including all relevant values such as steering geometry, spring rates and damper characteristics, was the responsibility of none other than multiple Le Mans winner Marcel Fässler. He drove out the setup and made the SPORTEC SUB1000 equally fit for mountain roads and racetracks.

Beautiful living in the SPORTEC SUB1000 – Sporty and luxurious even inside

Of course, the SUB1000’s individualization measures do not stop at the interior. Here, the lightweight construction is particularly visible in the special door panels and reduced noise insulation. Even the radio and air conditioning system are not spared. After all, there’s plenty of music coming from the rear of the car…

The interior is dominated by the finest materials and living minimalism. All in favor of a purist driving experience that is second to none.

Inside, the SPORTEC SUB1000 also impresses with buttons and switches built in-house from aluminum and carbon fiber sports seats. Wrapped in the finest leather, they lend the interior a luxurious touch despite all its sportiness. The combination of shortened shift travel and simultaneously raised shift lever also allows hands to return more quickly to the Momo steering wheel, which is exclusively upholstered to customer specifications.

The interior is rounded off with perforated kick plates, SPORTEC pedals, milled aluminum steering column switches and, in addition, two stopwatches in the dashboard. As a bonus, there is an aluminum switch panel, also manufactured in-house. This features switches and the prominent battery kill switch, both from the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. This deliberately emphasizes the motorsport genes of the SPORTEC SUB1000. The kill switch cover is once again a special production from SPORTEC.

The perfect concentrate of SPORTEC’s experience in Porsche Classic and motorsport

Just looking at the large number of milled aluminum parts in the interior tells the connoisseur that SPORTEC is pursuing the very highest quality standards with the SUB1000. The Swiss carmakers speak of the perfect concentrate of their experience from Porsche Classic and motorsport. SPORTEC’s definition of luxury is to be able to focus on an activity for a certain amount of time, undisturbed. Without distractions and with full concentration.

“The SUB1000 has been consistently reduced to the essentials – for maximum emotion, driving pleasure and dynamics. Customers get an absolutely unique machine that combines road capability with maximum racing feeling. A precision machine manufactured 100% in Switzerland.”

Despite the clear orientation as a race car for the road, SPORTEC did not go down the rabbit hole of making SUB1000 a peaky, unusable car, that is set up too sharp to be actually driven. Instead, the design follows the goal of achieving a balancing act between a sporty, direct set-up and predictable good-naturedness. In addition, the customer has a wide range of customization options. Of course, the appearance can be changed freely according to the customer’s wishes. They also determines the materials and colors on the inside. But not only optics and interior can be individually selected. The chassis is also preset according to the desired purpose.

SPORTEC SUB1000 at Hotel Belvedere

Of course, the SUB1000 complies with all European approval regulations, including the strict Swiss regulations

Almost a novelty: All SUB1000 models receive road approval throughout Europe, including Switzerland. All technical modifications to the engine, body, chassis and rims have been tested and registered accordingly. In addition, all models have a valid noise and exhaust emission certificate.


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