Porsche 911 Backdate

Porsche 911 Backdate

Coupé, 2024


  • Consistent focus on lightweight construction and driving dynamics
  • Purist luxury reduced to the essentials!
  • 990 kilograms when fueled

Consistent focus on lightweight construction and driving dynamics: SUB1000
The approach – the puristic lightweight
With SUB1000 we have created our own series for backdate restomod conversions. Puristic, pure, honest, uncompromising and developed for emotional moments on the road. The entire vehicle – every single part – is rebuilt from the ground up. SUB1000 offers the ultimate opportunity for real racing feeling on the asphalt. The Sportec genes are clearly noticeable in this sports car. The concentrated knowledge from motorsport, tuning and engineering finds its place in this ultimate driving machine.
You can also find more details in this article in our Elferspot magazine: Driving pleasure made in Switzerland – SPORTEC SUB1000 >>
Important: The vehicle shown and described here is a reference vehicle that has already been sold. The vehicle serves as a reference and sample for vehicles manufactured individually according to customer requirements.

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The vehicle in detail

Completely new
We start uncompromisingly with a body shell and, thanks to improved components, ensure a new car feeling.
Various body elements made of lightweight materials ensure a sporty and unmistakable look. This is a SUB1000. Designed, built, tested and tuned in Switzerland. We rely on the highest quality and noticeable driving dynamics in all areas. The Sportec performance approach has been consistently implemented and is evident in the driving characteristics and design language.

  • Consistently designed for lightweight construction and performance
  • complete restoration
  • Approved on Swiss roads
  • Ultimate fun machine

270 hp / 5960 rpm
340 Nm / 4860 rpm
990 kilograms in running order
5 gear
3.4 liters
Multi-disc locking differential
landing gear
MCS 3-way suspension "driven by Marcel Fässler"
Sportec upgrade brake system

Everyday was yesterday!

The difference
SUB1000 is a street legal race car.
At around 990 kilograms when full, the SUB1000 is light as a feather and weighs over 500 kilograms less than the current spearhead from Porsche – the 992 GT3 RS. More than half a ton weight difference to the most modern super sports car. In comparison, the vehicles of the SUB1000 series are and will remain absolute one-offs. Unique pieces made on request. Delivered with mileage 0.
SUB1000 is the perfect concentrate of our experience from Porsche Classic and motorsport. Fast, light as a feather, direct and structurally extravagant. This sports car combines everything that is lost in today's mass production. Switches from Porsche CUP racing vehicles, the consistent replacement of plastic with aluminum in the interior, fine leather and high-quality fabrics characterize the interior. Over 100 components were drawn, prototyped, 3D printed and milled from solid for use in the SUB1000.
The interior is puristic, clear and pure
Purist luxury reduced to the essentials.
In a time full of stimuli, influences and interruptions, luxury means for us: being able to focus on one activity for a certain period of time and without being disturbed. Without distractions and with full concentration.
The interior of the SUB1000 was designed precisely for this type of luxury. The sporty carbon leather seats, the tidy and cleanly finished cockpit and the aluminum controls give the interior a puristic elegance. The cockpit is precisely tailored to the essential needs of the driver. The controls are clearly arranged and located where they are intuitively expected. The battery disconnect switch is placed conspicuously and deliberately emphasizes the motorsport genes. This interior offers an unforgettable experience. Here is a place for undisturbed concentration and focus on the essentials.
Interior details
Numerous components for the interior were redesigned and designed in the Sportec manner. Plastic has no place in the interior and every control element is made of aluminum.

  • Individual choice of material
  • All functional elements can be operated centrally with a battery disconnect switch
  • Carbon sports seats
  • roll bar
  • CNC milled shift lever
  • Steering column switch in Sportec design made of aluminium

The side cut with probably the highest recognition value – side profile
Lighter, wider with a classic look
We build performance. A shapely rebirth of an absolute classic.
The body of the SUB1000 grows several centimeters per side compared to a standard body. So we refine the well-known appearance with a functional, high-quality and sporty extension. For your ride on passes or country roads.
Our DNA is in performance and motorsport. The gain in track width is skilfully translated into better road holding and precise controllability. With a form-fitting wheel and tire combination, we achieve more grip and higher speeds.
lightweight materials
We have a material certificate for a specific material pairing. We use this well-established material pairing for body construction, which is well known and has arrived in various series vehicles in recent years. The significantly tougher and stiffer components complement the SUB1000 optimally. Mechanical strength, impact resistance, resistance to fire, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance are significantly increased.
The heart of SUB1000. Rough, real, strong! – Rear
Developed in Switzerland for the ultimate driving pleasure.
Propulsion with adhesion implemented in a straight line. The extra power pushes you along the road with a sound that makes your heart beat faster. Purebred engine sound from two tailpipes ensures a puristic motorsport feeling.
Sportec's performance approach was implemented particularly intelligently in the heart. By modernizing key components and technologies in the intake area, the entire engine control works much more precisely. All around and in all speed ranges you have enough power for the next overtaking manoeuvre.
The high-revving naturally aspirated engine
Freshly built and equipped with an increase in displacement, the new heart beats in the SUB1000. The new engine now turns faster in the limiter, because here too we reduce flywheel mass at decisive points. The valves are effectively actuated by built-in sports camshafts and the pistons audibly beat freely in the SUB1000 heart. It calls for more revs and constant power delivery. Our SUB1000 wants to be mastered!
The air mass is measured more precisely in the intake area and transmitted to the optimized engine control unit without delay. The burnt mixture is converted into a thoroughbred boxer GT3 sound via a high-performance exhaust system.
Safety through modern technology – front
Foresight thanks to self-construction – Sportec competence expressed in components.
Thanks to the latest headlights with daytime running lights, you always have an eye on the next curve, even at night. The air intakes on the bumper are custom-made and generously ventilate the additional oil cooler even under high loads.
SUB1000's thirst is quenched via a medium fill tank. The system is operated at the gas station with a Sportec fuel filler cap.
Technical subtlety
With modern lighting technology, we ensure foresight and safety in all types of weather. Many detailed solutions remain hidden behind the bumper and impress with their technical sophistication. In any condition, the additional oil cooler is flown through specially designed and flow-optimized air baffles. The wind is let in by milled parts with a horn mesh look under the headlights.
curve after curve. You don't want to get off! – Suspension & braking technology
The Sportec setup
This isn't about a balancing act. SUB1000 makes no compromises and mercilessly stands for pure performance. Fast, sharp, direct and breathtakingly fascinating!
Material and knowledge are direct imports from motorsport. The setup is unique and tailored to the driving characteristics of the SUB1000. The dampers absorb every bump and every curb accurately. Permanent ground contact of the sports tires is guaranteed. Delayed with Sportec technology and a snappy material pairing. Shortest deceleration distances due to the vehicle weight, sports tires and brake system.
Sports suspension with Sportec deceleration technology
The complete chassis is a one-off production and is structurally adapted to the requirements of the driving performance. Precise and multi-adjustable shock absorbers let you feel the road. Combined with optimized bearings on all handlebars, we achieve direct, predictable handling that can be controlled in all situations. Upturned corners of the mouth and sweaty hands guaranteed. Finalized by the multiple 24h Le Mans winner Marcel Fässler!

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Year of construction: 2024
Model: 911 Backdate
Body: Coupé
Series: 911 Backdate/Modified
Cylinder capacity: - Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Rear drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Brown
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Beige/Brown
Condition: Fully restored
New / used: New car
Ready to drive: yes
Registered: yes
Car location: CHSwitzerland

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Porsche 911 Backdate

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