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Michael Schumacher drove this Porsche Carrera GT

21.06.2022 By Richard Lindhorst
Michael Schumacher drove this Porsche Carrera GT

A Porsche Carrera GT is in itself one of the most exclusive supercars in the world. But even among Porsche’s V10 supercars, there are vehicles that appear even more exclusive and interesting. For example cars with a very prominent previous ownership. Such a car is now offered exclusively at Elferspot. Roock Sportsystem from Leverkusen found such a car – a Porsche Carrera GT that was once driven by Formula 1 record world champion Michael Schumacher.


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As a Fiat employee, Michael Schumacher was not allowed to buy a Porsche

The fact that many Formula 1 drivers also like to drive fast cars in their private lives is not news. Nowadays, just about every driver also has a private car collection. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are probably the most prominent examples. Their collections span all brands. Lewis Hamilton, for example, poses unabashedly with his LaFerrari on Instagram. And that’s despite the fact that he’s under contract to Mercedes. That would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. At that time, F1 drivers had to drive their employers’ cars in public.

At the beginning of 2004, Michael Schumacher was at his absolute peak at Ferrari. A few months ago, he won his sixth world championship title after a tough battle against BMW-Williams and McLaren. It was the fourth title in a row for Schumacher and Ferrari. Schumacher’s seventh success in the drivers’ championship seemed to be only a formality. The Scuderia was too dominant in the late V10 era. At that time, Porsche launched the Carrera GT – a street-legal supercar with a V10 engine. And that’s exactly the kind of car the then freshly crowned, still 6-time record world champion wanted.

At the time, Michael Schumacher was contractually bound to drive only vehicles from the Fiat Group. Weber Management GmbH, owned by Schumacher’s manager Willi Weber, bought the car and made it available for the record world champion to use.

“Michael Schumacher was contractually bound at the time to drive only vehicles from the Fiat Group,” Michael Roock knows. That’s why the car had to be procured in a roundabout way. This is where Schumacher’s manager at the time, Willi Weber, came into play. Roock knows the details about this. “He bought the car through Weber Management GmbH and made it available to Michael Schumacher for his use. A written confirmation of this is attached to the vehicle history.” So Schumacher was able to enjoy the naturally aspirated V10 engine without breaking his contract. Official appearances in the car were taboo, however.

Michael Schumacher’s Porsche Carrera GT was delivered in Leipzig in 2004

On 29.04.2004 the Porsche Carrera GT was delivered by the Porsche Center Leipzig. Black on the outside as well as on the inside, it comes on equally black rims with a red ring. The special equipment is limited to the air conditioning (M472), the dark gray luggage set (M579), the sound system (M681) and the CD radio online (M690). In this respect, too, the Carrera GT perfectly embodies the aspirations of an analog supercar. Apart from ABS, there are no electronic driving aids on board.

Of the total 14,200 kilometers, just under half are attributable to Weber Management GmbH. How many of these Michael Schumacher drove in this Porsche Carrera GT is not known. Two small details, however, allow a conclusion to be drawn about the prominent previous ownership: The MS logo on the rear panel above the Carrera GT lettering and a small pin in the form of Schumacher’s Formula 1 helmet on the on-board folder.

In 2008, Schumacher’s Carrera GT was sold on

Michael Roock, who is very well connected in motorsport circles thanks to countless racing successes, has already had the car under his wing once. “I heard from a friend in Monte Carlo that there was a Porsche Carrera GT for sale that Michael Schumacher had driven for four years”. Roock Sportsystem bought the car. Now Schumacher’s ex-Carrera GT resurfaced and once again found its way into the showroom of the 1996 FIA GT2 World Champion team.

There, by the way, it is parked next to the last remaining Footwork Arrows FA12 with Porsche 3512 engine, chassis number 01. This is particularly interesting because the basic design of the Porsche Carrera GT’s engine goes back to an engine constructed for this chassis. The V10 engine developed for the 1992 season was never used at the time. It was later developed further as the power unit for the Le Mans prototype Porsche LMP 2000 9R3. This car did not find its way onto the race track either. It was not until the Carrera GT that the Porsche V10 became world famous.

Michael Schumacher’s former Carrera GT is up for sale

Those who want to follow in the footsteps of the most successful German Formula 1 driver now have the chance to buy his Porsche Carrera GT. Roock Sportsystem has not announced a price. In the recent past, prices for the exclusive supercar from Porsche have been in the region of one million euros upwards. At RM Sotheby’s, Carrera GTs recently went under the hammer for 1.5 million in the Phoenix auction and as much as 1.8 million US dollars in Fort Lauderdale. Where the ex-Michael Schumacher Porsche Carrera GT will go remains to be seen.

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