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The coolest automobilia from RM Sotheby’s White Collection

25.03.2024 By Richard Lindhorst
The coolest automobilia from RM Sotheby’s White Collection

Perhaps you remember. A couple of months ago, there were countless white Porsches up for grabs at the RM Sotheby’s White Collection auction. Many of them in museum-worthy condition. Books and lots of different automobilia were also part of the auction. But that was not all. An incredible 1,819 lots are now coming under the hammer in the final part of the White Collection. An incredible potpourri of automobilia will be on offer here until April 8/9, 2024. Wheels, engines, books, advertising signs… A never-ending stream of souvenirs, parts and promotional items are now going being auctioned online. We clicked through the lots and picked out a few really cool auctions from various categories!

Like an online flea market just for Porsche automobilia

The sheer number of lots already gives it away: This auction is like its own flea market, its own Porsche microcosm, so to speak. The fact that some of the lots even contain 20-30 individual parts gives an idea of the effort involved in cataloging everything. After all, we’re talking about very special engines, spare parts, books, posters, model cars, suitcases, bags, clothing, art… The list is unbelievably long.

Design sketches and drafts are just as much a part of the White Collection as car parts, suitcases, bags, wheels and much more.

Clicking through the almost 2,000 listings created something of a gold-rush atmosphere in our editorial team. “These old posters would be great as wall decorations”, echoes from one corner. “Wow, the white jackets are great”, can be heard from the other end of the office. You can get a little lost in the vastness of RM Sotheby’s final White Collection auction. How must it have felt to view and document the exhibits?

Suitcases, bags, picnic sets – the White Collection offers everything for the jet set!

What today is mostly reserved for very special vehicles such as the Porsche 918 Spyder used to be a common optional extra for sports cars – the matching luggage set! Starting with beautiful Seeger bags and suitcases, the RM auction has the right set for every taste and trunk space. From the classic early 20th century leather suitcase to exotic materials, the White Collection gets you covered.

From tennis bags and carbon fiber briefcases to tartan travel bags, there is a luggage set to suit every taste.

Even Porsche Carrera GT luggage or carbon fiber briefcases can be found under lot numbers 105 and 148. The Villeroy & Boch picnic set in the Rimowa suitcase is also exciting. The five-kilogram suitcase is ideally equipped with a picnic blanket, cutlery, mugs and thermos flask for a picnic in the countryside for two. You can find the exclusive set under lot 1760. The bag set in red tartan from the limited 40 Years 911 Edition is also worth a look.

Back to 1968 with a limited edition Porsche 911 model car set

One very cool part of the White Collection is a quartet of model cars limited to 911 units. This is a set issued by the Porsche Center Gelderland with all Porsche 911 variants from the 1968 model year: a Porsche 911 T in Ossi blue, a bush green 911 L, a 911 E in blood orange and a bahama yellow 911 S to be precise.

The Porsche Center Gelderland, which incidentally is now home to a Porsche Classic Center, sold the 1:43 models in original, classic-looking packaging and a certificate of authenticity. This makes not only the cars but also the box a beautiful eye-catcher for the display case. You can find these pretty model cars under lot 1773.

An extensive collection of Porsche books is also up for auction

Die White Collection bietet in ihrer Onlineauktion bis zum 8./9. April noch die Möglichkeit, die eigene Bibliothek zu erweitern. In insgesamt 58 Lots stehen teilweise jeweils über 20 Bücher zum Verkauf. Viele davon sind sogar noch im originalen Cellophan eingeschweißt. Es gibt reichlich Klassiker, wie das Carrera RS Buch von Konradsheim und Gruber und zahlreiche modellspezifische Nachschlagewerke wie die Bücher zum 918 Spyder oder Carrera GT. Neben Klassikern, die in keiner gut sortierten Privat-Bücherei fehlen sollten (zum Beispiel das Carrera RS Buch von Konradsheim und Gruber),

The White Collection is still offering the opportunity to expand your own library in its online auction until April 8/9. A total of 58 lots, some of which contain over 20 books each, are for sale. Many of them are even still shrink-wrapped in their original cellophane. There are plenty of classics, such as the Carrera RS book by Konradsheim and Gruber and numerous model-specific reference works such as the books on the 918 Spyder or Carrera GT.

But the topic of literature does not end with your typical private library content. Instead, the White Collection offers exciting lots even for workshops or experienced hobby mechanics. The selection of workshop manuals is probably not far from a specialized workshop. The technical documentation includes all classic 911 models, transaxles and even workshop manuals for the 959 in German and English.

Porsche sculptures by Daniel Arsham – Eroded icons

Lots 200 and 201 are real treats for fans and owners of the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 or 930 Turbo. These sculptures created by US artist Daniel Arsham represent these two icons. In the Porsche scene, Arsham is known for precisely these eroded car sculptures. As the name suggests, they look as if parts of the car have been washed out by wind and water erosion and you can see inside them.

The sculptures are made from a mixture of resin, plaster and aluminum oxide and are sold with a neat storage box. Both are a good 30 centimeters long and limited to 500 pieces each. Arsham’s models will therefore certainly not be auctioned off at a dumping price on May 8 at 15:00 CET. If you want to buy a new sculpture like this from the Arsham Studio, you will have to spend more than 3,000 euros.

Porsche Design humidor and smoking accessories

There is nothing that does not exist. Take the lockable cigar humidor from Porsche Design, for example. With the model name P’3681, the table humidor bears the lot number 1770. It is designed to hold up to 50 large Corona cigars and has an integrated humidifier. This allows the precious cigars to be stored at an ideal 70% humidity.

Of course, the humidor is not just made of wood. After all, we are talking about a Porsche Design product here! The 32 x 23 cm cigar humidor is covered on the outside with wonderfully even woven carbon fibres. This turns the plain storage box into a real design statement. It’s hard to say what price this piece of jewelry – which is no longer available new – will fetch. Its original sticker price was over 1,500 euros…

Naturally, Porsche has also thought of the appropriate lighters and accessories. Cigar connoisseurs of the world can light their Cohibas with the Porsche-branded Rowenta petrol lighter from lot 1792. Those who prefer something a little more rustic can also purchase the pottery Porsche Diesel ashtray with the matching Porsche Diesel lighter in lot 1791.

The RM Sotheby’s White Collection auction offers Porsche advertising posters from all eras

Of course, with such a large collection, the appropriate decoration should not be missing. The White Collection has countless posters of classic Porsche advertisements to offer. There is something from almost every decade of Porsche’s 75-year history to be shown on your walls.

Starting with brochures and advertising posters for the Porsche 356, the collection spans all decades. In addition to pure product posters, there are advertisements for endurance races, design studies, extremely zeitgeisty, pithy advertising slogans from the 70s and 80s and so on. Honestly, we could spend hours clicking through the historical posters and brochures.

The spectrum ranges from wheel sets and tires to spare parts and entire engines

The online auction of the Porsche collection is rounded off with endless spare parts ranging from air filters, pistons, cylinders and exhaust systems to entire engines. There are also some wheel sets in classic designs. 964 Cup wheels, classic phone dial rims from the 944, Fuchs wheels, BBS cross-spoke and 356 steel rims are up for auction. And if a wheel loses air, there are literally more than a hundred emergency compressors for the trunk up for grabs. Anyone looking to complete their on-board tool kit is also sure to find what they are looking for at the White Collection.

There are also countless model cars, Lego and Playmobil kits and even original Porsche Tequipment Detail Kits to make your own Porsche shine again. In short: the White Collection auction at Sotheby’s ends with a bang. As you scroll through, you feel like you’re in the automobilia section of a major classic car show. It’s hard to believe that these thousands and thousands of exhibits have all been amassed in one collection. Have fun browsing. Plan plenty of time!

© Bilder: RM Sotheby’s

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