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The official Elferspot 2023 review

29.12.2023 By Richard Lindhorst

2023 was exciting. Artificial intelligence was omnipresent. We celebrated 75 years of Porsche at the Hockenheimring. In addition, our favorite of all, the 911, turned 60 years old. Fittingly, Porsche launched the 911 S/T, a new, limited edition 911. Well-known names such as STROSEK returned to the scene. Thomas Preining won the DTM and so on and so forth… We used the time between Christmas and New Year to recap the highlights on Elferspot. In our little 2023 review, you’ll find some of the highlights from the Porsche world on and around Elferspot.

Elferspots most liked social media post 2023

We start with the social media category. Time and again, you impress us with your engagement on the various platforms. We clicked through the statistics and filtered out the post with the most likes across all social networks. In a close race, however, Nick Heidfeld had to admit defeat in his Carrera GT against an incredibly cool Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 WTL.

The cooperation post by Steffen (@911.wtl.outlaw) and Marc (@marcshallah) literally went through the roof just before Christmas. The reel of the triple-black Carrera with M491 package was viewed over two million times. One week after its release, more than 200,000 of your virtual hearts flew to the video clip on our Instagram channel. That makes it the most-liked Elferspot social media post of 2023.

Which Porsche listings attracted the most attention on Elferspot in 2023?

Every day, new sports cars from Zuffenhausen are looking for a new garage on our platform. In some cases, the advertisements themselves are works of art. But what applies to Orwell’s animal world also applies to Porsches. All are equal, but some are more equal. Since Elferspot was founded on November 9, 2017, the 911 G-Model has always been the primus inter pares, i.e. the 911 generation with the most views. In 2023, however, the Porsche 993 took the top spot. It was closely followed by the aforementioned G-Model, the Porsche 964, and the water-cooled 911s of the 997, 991 and 992 generations.

However, the two advertisements that stood out most do not fit into any of these categories. This year, two vehicles that are not necessarily common attracted the most attention on our platform. A Singer DLS offered by DK Engineering in the UK and a Porsche 911 RWB (based on a 993) from 9Classics in the Netherlands were the most interesting advertisements for you users in 2023.

Singer and RWB were in a class of their own, both in terms of clicks and inquiries from prospective buyers. This is understandable, as both are icons and rarely found on the market. That is why the title of the most attention-grabbing advertisements on Elferspot deservedly goes to the two exotics.

Our best Porsche investment tip for 2023 – not a 911, but a 356 C/SC and 912 E

In each of the last two years, we have picked out five Porsche sports cars for which we have issued a positive value forecast. Although the Porsche market cooled down for some models in 2023, our previous tips would have given you stable assets in your garage in any case. Not to mention the most important return: driving pleasure!

In the associated survey, you ranked the Porsche 996 GT2 just ahead of the 911 Carrera 3.0 and the 981 Cayman GT4 as the best investment tip for 2023. However, the 356 C/SC and 912 E showed the best performance of the quintet. The asking prices of both models increased by 10-15,000 euros each in the past year.

Blicken wir noch ein weiteres Jahr zurück auf unsere 2022er Prognosen, erkennen wir ein Muster. Den größten Wertzuwachs erlebten auch hier keine Elfer. Stattdessen gewannen die beiden Transaxle Porsche 928 S4 und 968 Club Sport am meisten Wert dazu. Allerdings handelt es sich dabei vermutlich nicht um eine Trendumkehr, sondern eher um eine aus unserer Sicht überfällige Korrektur.

If we look back another year to our 2022 forecasts, we recognize a pattern. Once again, no 911s experienced the greatest increase in value. Instead, the two transaxle Porsche 928 S4 and 968 Club Sport gained the most value. However, this is probably not a reversal of the trend, but rather a correction that we believe is overdue.

The most expensive cars on Elferspot – A former race car wins at last

Speaking of prices and value: 2023 was also a year of records. For example, Gooding auctioned off a RUF Turbo R for the world record sum of 1.55 million US dollars. At the same auction, a Porsche 996 GT3 RS was also sold for an impressive 368,000 dollars. A sign of a rosy future for water-cooled GT Porsches?

It almost seems that way. Because nine months later, RM Sotheby’s White Collection auction also broke records. Never before had a Porsche 997 GT2 RS sold to a new owner for a seven-figure sum at an auction. With 14 miles on the clock, the virtually brand-new Uber-911 achieved a price of no less than 1,006,000 US dollars!

The top spot, however, was taken by a historic race car. At the RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey, a Porsche 550A prototype achieved a bid of five million dollars. Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips once drove the car in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Although it was not enough for overall victory, its fifth place was the best overall result for the later posthumous Formula 1 runner-up. In 2023 the Spyder-based prototype with its riveted roof finally took the win it deserved.

Cool Porsche People in the Elferspot Magazine

Last but not least, let’s take a look at our popular “Porsche People” category in Elferspot Magazine. This year, we were able to talk to so many exciting personalities about our mutual passion. Starting with bb Auto visionary Rainer Buchmann, we met the father-son team Colomina, who bought a 993 Carrera RS unseen via Elferspot, or BMX champion Tibor Simai, who used to smuggle art across the Iron Curtain border with his father in a 911.

Although there is always a lot of money involved with Porsches, these conversations show that we are ultimately united by one thing: passion.

Richard Lindhorst, Elferspot

Even Porsche’s first DTM winner and current title holder Thomas Preining and MotoGP race winner Aleix Espargaro found time in their busy schedules for a chat about their passion! But the moving story of freestyle mountain biker Andi Wittmann and the talks with artists Marco Giuliano and Romana Hirschvogl, ski doctor Dr. Manuel Köhne, fixie ace Anthony Richelot and, of course, roof tent pioneer Brock Keen were also real highlights.

We are all united by the same passion…

Although there is always a lot of money involved with Porsches, these conversations show that we are ultimately united by one thing: passion. Because we share a mutual passion for sports cars from Zuffenhausen. Of course, a good deal also creates positive memories. But first and foremost, we share our experiences with them – our journeys or our lap times, even a breakdown can ultimately lead to a great encounter. And that’s what makes our lives as Porsche enthusiasts so exciting and worth living. With this in mind – thank you for your support and here’s to a good year 2024!

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