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The Porsche 911 SC – Allegedly the last 911

11.09.2018 By Markus Klimesch
The Porsche 911 SC – Allegedly the last 911

Should the Porsche 911 SC become the last 911 to be built?

We wrote this in 1977, and in the meanwhile the 911 had started to compete in-house with the 924 and the 928 Sportwagen. For this reason one needed to narrow down the range of models, and there now remained only the 911 SC and the upgraded 911 Turbo. Porsche played with the idea of gradually phasing out the Porsche 911. His obituary was already written, and the succession was settled. The Gran Turismo 928 with its V8 engine and transaxle design was to become its official successor. Yet, despite the title “Car of the Year 1978”, the 928 simply could not compete with the sales figures of the Porsche 911 SC.

Porsche 911 SC

The 911 was still the driving force in the Porsche model range. Porsche derived the model designation “SC”, i.e. Super Carrera, from the designation “Super” of the predecessor 911 S and the 3.0 Carrera. Many car lovers remember that the last Porsche 356 also bore the model designation “SC” and people had all kinds of suspicions. But this changed, and the 911 marched on, driven by great sales figures, on its way to become an icon. Compared to other car models, the 911 design actually long exceeded its life cycle.

Porsche derived the model designation “SC”, i.e. Super Carrera, from the designation “Super” of the predecessor 911 S and the 3.0 Carrera.

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The Porsche 911 SC engine, like its predecessor, the 911 Carrera, still had a displacement of three liters, moderately reduced by 10 percent, but this was compensated for by slightly increasing the torque. The SC delivered 180 hp at 5500 rpm and the top speed was 225 km/h. The SC therefore accelerated from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds.

Mechanical K-Jetronic injection

Like its predecessor, the 911 S, the engine was equipped with the tried-and-tested mechanical K-Jetronic injection system from Bosch. The seventies were characterized by the oil crisis, and this led to widely differing exhaust emission laws in the countries to which the car was exported. For this reason, Porsche had to build six different SC engines. However, they all achieved 180 hp. The SC said farewell to the four-speed gearbox and returned to the then contemporary five gears. One could also pay a little more and get the three-gear Sportomatic gearbox.

Porsche 911 SC

The body from the Carrera 3.0

The body shape was taken over by the Carrera 3.0, but with the wider fender format. For an extra charge there was room for 205/55 or d 225/50 tires on Fuchs rims. The early SC models from the year 1978 were still available with chrome-plated window frames and door handles. After that year, these parts were anodized black and the outer headlight rings painted the same color as the car. A first light performance upgrade to 188 hp took place in 1980 and then again in 1981 to 204 hp.

Engine boss Hans Mezger and his team generated the additional power by a changed compression and by nine ignition time points. Porsche continued to develop and new insights led to adjustments to the engines. It should be noted that in the case of the Porsche 911 SC models, the performance remained unchanged over the entire model cycle and the engines were equipped with a 2-way catalytic converter as early as 1978, due to the strict emission regulations.

The Convertible makes a Comeback

The 911 SC sold splendidly and the “pariah” suddenly awoke from the marketing coma. In 1982 Porsche surprised everybody with a great comeback. After almost 20 years of abstinence, Porsche again produced a genuine convertible. The specialist press was enthusiastic and Porsche recognized what great potential there still was in the 911s. “Why should Porsche leave it to others to saw off roofs and install a convertible top?”, asked chronicler Reinhard Seiffert at the in-house Porsche magazine Christophorus. Developed under the project name “Roadster”, the new 911 SC Cabrio now complemented the Coupé and Targa model range. Porsche not only achieved great sales success with the open-top Nineeleven, but also sent a signal: the convertible was the promise to the enthusiast that the 911 would not die.

Why should Porsche leave it to others to saw off roofs and install a convertible top?

Christophorus Chronicler Reinhard Seiffert
Porsche 911 SC

As from the 82/83 model year, there was a special option for the prestige-conscious 911 driver. The turbo spoiler. According to the motto “Pimp my Ride” there was this prestigious thing in a slightly modified version and at extra cost. Like many other 911s the “Super Carrera” can tell a special story too. Originally designed as a model that would be discontinued, the 911 SC turned out to be the trend-setter for the future of a still-young icon. To this day, “Myth 911” has been preserved and the SC has made an important contribution.

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To buy a Porsche 911 SC?

From today’s point of view, the SC is an interesting classic and leaves a very balanced impression compared to other G-models. The powerful 3-liter engine and the durability combined with the improved driving behavior due to the wider tires guarantee an 911-feeling in its purest form.

Porsche 911 SC
Porsche 911 SC

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