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The Porsche 911 SC engine, like its predecessor, the 911 Carrera, still had a displacement of three liters, moderately reduced by 10 percent, but this was compensated for by slightly increasing the torque. The Porsche 911 SC delivered 180 hp at 5500 rpm and the top speed was 225 km/h. The Porsche 911 SC therefore accelerated from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds. Like its predecessor, the 911 S, the engine was equipped with the tried-and-tested mechanical K-Jetronic injection system from Bosch. The seventies were characterized by the oil crisis, and this led to widely differing exhaust emission laws in the countries to which the car was exported. For this reason, Porsche had to build six different SC engines. However, they all achieved 180 hp. The Porsche 911 SC said farewell to the four-speed gearbox and returned to the then contemporary five gears. One could also pay a little more and get the three-gear Sportomatic gearbox.