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“Tiffany” Porsche by Vehicle Experts

07.09.2023 By Richard Lindhorst
“Tiffany” Porsche by Vehicle Experts

Vehicle Experts, an Austrian-based company near the Vienna Airport led by Florian Scheuer, has been a set name in the Porsche restoration scene for almost two decades. After an inspiring visit to a Californian company, Scheuer had the idea of building custom Porsche 911 Backdates, based on 911 Carrera 3.2 G-models and the later 964s. However, in his very own way. Made of steel. The child was quickly given a name: Vehicle Experts Outlaw, or for their new showcase “Tiffany” Porsche.

Quickly the idea became a product. Its quality standard is at the same high level as Vehicle Experts’ already internationally renowned restorations. After more than 300 full restorations and a stated added value of about 70 million euros, Scheuer and his team of more than 30 are now able to offer 30 to 40 slots per year.

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Accurately restored mechanics in an individual dress – The “Tiffany” Porsche shows backdating, the Vehicle Experts way

Florian Scheuer is a self-confessed aesthete. Perfectly executed bodywork and paint jobs are a trademark of his Vehicle Experts team. And he is a traditionalist. That’s why he Vehicle Experts offers no fiberglass-reinforced plastic parts, nor carbon. “We make all the body parts out of steel, including the wider fenders”, Scheuer, who was born in Germany, emphasizes. In this regard, the current “Tiffany” Porsche is designed in the medium-sized 911 ST width. At the customer’s request, the narrower Carrera body and the wider Turbolook are also possible.

Technically, too, nothing is left to chance in the VE Outlaw. The entire drivetrain undergoes an overhaul. Engine and transmission are completely restored to new condition. Where possible and sensible, Vehicle Experts uses proven upgrades. For the suspension, for example, a KW coilover suspension in Variant 3 is used. Vehicle Experts elicits more power and voice from the engine with a stainless steel flap exhaust system including 200-cell catalytic converter and heat exchanger. By refraining from too far-reaching modifications, Scheuer guarantees that any Porsche workshop can carry out maintenance work on the Outlaw. He thus offers a Porsche 911 Backdate that is absolutely suitable for everyday use.

Vehicle Experts Outlaw Tiffany Porsche birds eye view
This particular Vehicle Experts Outlaw is made as a Targa in the mid-width, ST look.

To guarantee consistently high quality, Scheuer specifies the exact procedure for each conversion project. All base vehicles – whether procured by the customer or from the VE inventory – are completely dismantled down to the bodyshell. This is then water-blasted and manually stripped of paint. Only then is the body carefully rebuilt. VE’s master bodybuilders remove every last bit of damage from the original body and widen them with appropriate sheet metal parts. As Porsche once did with the F-model, Vehicle Experts uses Glasurit’s materials for the paint structure.

On request with advice from the design service – There are few limits to creativity

Florian Scheuer is particularly proud of the VE Outlaws’ customization options and the Vehicle Experts configurator available for iOS and Windows. “Through the configurator, we can immediately visualize almost every single color and material choice for our customers. This gives you a direct feel for how a color combination will look”. Vehicle Experts also offers sound help to those who are not sure about the composition. “We work with an external color specialist and together we can offer a design service. After in-depth discussions, she creates color combinations that immediately excite our customers and that they might never have thought of”.

This also applies to the “Tiffany” Porsche from Vehicle Experts. The Targa shines from the outside in Robin’s Egg Blue – better known as Tiffany Blue. Combined with the custom chrome windshield frames, trim, door handles and rear bumper horns, it’s eye-catching but not overbearing. Instead, the classic shape with retractable ducktail-style rear spoiler and 17-inch Fuchs wheels is very pleasing to look at.

Florian Scheuer’s courage to go for a bi-color interior is also rewarded. Cognac brown and black leather inside harmonize excellently with the turquoise outer skin. The seating, called the Outlaw seat, drew its inspiration from the Recaro S sport seat of the 1970s. Further flair from the cast-iron era is conveyed by the Momo Prototipo steering wheel. The extra dose of sportiness is brought to the Vehicle Experts “Tiffany” Porsche interior by the Rennline pedals and running boards. We can’t help but think, that this stylish color and material selection with fine motorsport accents is a great fit!

On of the Vehicle Experts Outlaw’s and the “Tiffany” Porsche’s real highlights is its speaker setup

“Our Vehicle Experts 911 Backdates should cut a good figure not only during sporty driving but also in everyday life. That’s why amenities like good speakers are an absolute must”, emphasizes Florian Scheuer. His team therefore put a lot of development work into a powerful and well-tuned music system in the VE Outlaw.

The sound system, which was specially designed for the Parndorf Porsche 911 Backdates, features six speakers and a subwoofer. It was specifically developed for the Outlaw and later even individually tuned for the Targa and thus the “Tiffany” Porsche. Even in the morning rush hour, good sound or a hands-free phone call can be enjoyed in the air-cooled 911.

The Vehicle Experts Outlaw is designed to appeal to a wide audience

There is a good reason for this healthy mix of classic design with modern conveniences. With the Outlaw, Florian Scheuer wants to offer a vehicle that not only combines beautiful design and sportiness, but is also suitable for everyday use.

“A car like this is always also a reward for personal success. Whether as a gift to oneself for retirement, or as a bonus for the aspiring entrepreneur’s first big deal, our backdates are meant to cut just as good a figure as an escape vehicle from everyday life as they do as an embellishment of it.”

“We don’t just make any outlaw, we make your personal outlaw.”

Florian Scheuer, Vehicle Experts

How much does a Vehicle Experts Tiffany Porsche cost? What performance do their Backdates offer?

The main focus of a Vehicle Experts Backdate is “that the vehicle fulfills a daily-driver character”, Scheuer underlines. Many customers would use the car to get to work. But depending on the engine, 230 to 270 hp is possible in the 1,200-kilogram Outlaw based on the Porsche 911 G-model.

Should customers opt for the successor Porsche 964 as a basis, 250 to 320 hp is possible with a weight of around 1,400 kilograms. Enough reserves, in other words, not only to swim calmly along in traffic, but also to have plenty of fun in the mountains. Always in the knowledge that you are on the road in a unique, very personal composition on four wheels. The price for the elegant “Tiffany” Porsche in beautiful Robin’s Egg Blue: 269,000 euros.

© Alex Lang & Vehicle Experts

Florian Scheuer about himself and his company Vehicle Experts:

Born and raised in Germany as a child of the 1970s, there were three car brands that interested us at the time. Porsche, Ford (Mustang) and pretty much all Italians. Some of my friends stayed “loyal” to the Italians in the beginning, but in most cases sooner or later the realization came that “Zuffenhausen” had the best price-performance ratio to offer if you were interested in sports cars. You can read more about me in the Elferspot partner portrait.

Over the past 20 years, vehicle restorations have reached a new level of quality. Where once only life-supporting measures were taken by overhauling vehicles, today a complete restoration is indispensable. But here the trend is currently clearly noticeable that individually designed cars are becoming more and more prevalent. And after more than 300 full restorations, a value added of about 70 million euros and with more than 30 employees, we are now in a position to complete 15 restorations and ten Backdates per year.

Inspiration came from the United States

One of my many trips ended with a visit to California in 2019 where I was able to experience the first Porsche 911 Backdates live. The design and finish made me want more. And when I was then able to drive a few laps with a couple of Petrolheads on the “Thermal Club” racetrack in these, you almost have to call them race cars, it was clear that I wanted to implement this idea in my business. In my own way.

A very important reason for our cars being made of steel without too much weight-saving in mindis that they can be serviced anywhere and by any workshop in any country. Even in the event of damage, repair is not a problem. Which laid the foundation for the fact that our cars are now driving in eight different countries.

And as we want to constantly evolve, we not only have updates to show in our vehicles every year, but we have also developed our own app. This allows customers to configure their vehicle from home and send us their wishes directly at the touch of a button. (The Vehicle Experts configurator is available in the Apple Store and for Windows).

These Vehicle Experts Backdates are available:

Porsche backdates have been en vogue for over 14 years – and will be available from us in three different variants from 2024. We build on the basis of both the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 and the Porsche 964.

The Outlaw:

Loud, patinated, cheeky, foiled or in rat-design, the Outlaw shows itself in its purist form.

The Masterpiece:

Classic, elegant, equipped with technical finesse, the Masterpiece presents itself at the highest technical level. A true statement.

Unser EVE:

Our first electrically powered Backdate, offering 300hp of pure electric drive. Thus, there are no limits left, even for the non-petrolheads, to drive an individualized Porsche 911 Backdate.

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