Porsche 911 T

Porsche 911 T

Coupé, 1972


  • Unrestored condition!
  • Matching Numbers
  • Original documentation present

They’ve outlasted hippies, disco and yuppies. Is it any wonder they hold their value so well? And, did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Nissan? After all, we know how many decades you’ve waited. Time is now. An unrestored, totally documented, matching numbers 911 T/E.

Exactly as she should be. Totally un-restored, matching, fully documented and in very clean condition. Delivered to Morris Roberts in Culver City, USA. Her original booklets, keys and maintenance bills are with the car. These also show that her engine, gearbox and beautiful colour scheme are original. Sepia Braun, beige interior, totally original and unrestored. Do we need to say more? Ready for many smiles a litre, looking for her new ‚keeper‘. See you soon!

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Das Fahrzeug im Detail

In 1964, the Porsche ‚901‘ was born in Stuttgart. After Armand Peugeot and Ferdinand Porsche had argued over the 0 in the middle, Ferdinand decided to give up. Something to do with the motto; Choose your battles. The ‚911‘ was an instant hit; Today, Porsche is equivalent to the 911 in name recognition.

In 1972, the ‚Ur-911’er‘ was slightly modified before becoming the G model. This modification proved perfect on paper. After the battery was split in two in the nose for weight distribution, the fluids distribution could not be left behind. From there, an oil system was chosen which could be refilled with an ‚oil valve‘ at the rear. Everything was better in the old days, filling stations were manned and they even filled up for you! You guessed it; most 72’ers ran on mixed fuel… However, this one was born on 2/1/1972, so one of only a few non-Olklappes!

Other than that, of course, ours is as you’ve come to expect.


Baujahr: 1972
Erstzulassung: Januar 1971
Modell: 911 T (US)
Karosserie: Coupé
Baureihe: 911 F-Modell
Laufleistung: 20794 km
Leistung: 140 PS
Hubraum: 2,4 Liter
Lenkung: links
Getriebe: Manuell
Antrieb: Heckantrieb
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Innenfarbe: Beige
Innenmaterial: Leder
Außenfarbe: Beige/Braun
Hersteller Farbbezeichnung (außen): Sepiabraun 415
Matching Numbers: ja
HU gültig bis: January 2024
Zustand: Unfallfrei
Neu / gebraucht: Gebrauchtwagen
Fahrbereit: ja
Zugelassen: ja
Land der Erstauslieferung: Vereinigte Staaten
Anzahl Fahrzeughalter: 3

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Porsche 911 T

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