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Porsche 993 Turbo WLS 2

Porsche 993 Turbo WLS 2

Coupé, 1998


  • The Last Waltz - Last 911 Aircooled delivered
  • 10.997 km - 100% Original condition
  • Porsche Exclusive

This 911 turbo model was ordered in 1997 as a custom model, with chassis number WP0ZZZ99ZWS370750  and engine number 61W01228. This is the real last example to leave the Porsche factory. It was delivered new to the customer in the German Porsche Zentrum Altötting dealership (near Salzburg on the border with Austria) on 30/09/1998.

This car rolled off the production line at the Porsche factory on March 27, 1998 at 2:53 p.m., a few hours before Ferry Porsche died in Zell am See, Austria around 6:00 p.m. Rolling off the production lines, the car was far from finished. As a special order, it was sent to the Porsche Exclusive personalization department to be finished by hand.

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Das Fahrzeug im Detail

German car – Delivery new at the Porsche Zentrum Altötting – First registration 30/09/1998 – M64/60 3.6L – Flat six Twin-turbo – 450 hp – Ocean Blue (3AZ) with « nacht blue » leather interior – 100% Original condition – The very last 993 delivered !

This model is a Porsche 911 turbo WLS 2 (Werksleistungssteigerung – increase in engine power at the factory) Type 993 4-wheel drive, with the 3.6 l M64/60 engine developing 450 hp via two turbos and mated to a gearbox. 6-speed manual gear. The car adopted the Ocean Blue color (Ocean Blau) that appeared on the Porsche Boxster with rims also painted in the same blue color as well as Brembo brake calipers still in the same color.

The interior is also in blue, as are the dials of the instrument cluster and the air vents. The leather has the color Nacht Blau (midnight blue). The car was fitted with electronic cut-off which was only available on the RS, GT2 and Speedster models. This model had a large number of bespoke equipment and Porsche never communicated its existence.

This Porsche was equipped with an aluminum plaque on the dashboard (above the glove compartment) which pays homage to Prof. Ferry Porsche via the inscription: “Im memoriam Prof. Ferry Porsche – Wahr sind nur die Erinnerungen, die wir mit uns tragen, die Traume, die wir spinnen, und die Sehnsuchte, die uns treiben. Damit wollen wir uns bescheiden. 03.27.1998”

(In memory of Professor Ferry Porsche – Only the memories we carry with us are real, the dreams we carry and the desires that drive us. We can be satisfied with them. 03.27.1998 (date of his death) ). This is a quote from a 1944 German film called „Die Feuerzangenbowle“.

A letter dated 25/09/1998 from Porsche AG has been sent to the first owner, the famous German writer and friend of Ferry Porsche – Clauss Vanderborg – to certify that this is indeed the very last Porsche Type 993 delivered.

Moreover, the Porsche Altötting Center had a specific plate made and attached to the edge of the driver’s door which bears the following inscription: „Clauss Vanderborg erhält heute den letzten klassischen Porsche 911 (993 turbo) mit luftgekühltem Boxermotor. THE BEAT IS YOURS FOREVER! Porsche Zentrum Altötting 25.09.1998” (Clauss Vanderborg today received the last classic Porsche 911 (993 turbo) with an air-cooled Boxer engine. The pace is yours forever! Porsche Center Altötting 25.09.1998).

The brushed aluminum door sills also have a specific inscription: “The Last Waltz”.

A specific sticker is stuck on the rear window, bearing the inscription “The Last Waltz – 993 turbo”, the drawing of a couple dancing on a waltz and the Porsche logo with the reference to the year 1998.

A yellow sticker with 2 silhouettes of Porsche 356 and 911 with the inscription „50 Jahre Porsche“ (50 years of Porsche) is present on the two rear windows.

With all the options, this unique model cost 327,671.67 DM (167 ,535.86 Euros)

This incredible Porsche 993 turbo only has 10,997 km from new. After being delivered new to Clauss Vanderborg, the latter kept it for a short time. In 1999, it was then sold and delivered to a collector in Japan.

In 2015, it was discovered in Japan and bought by Belgian company which brought it back to Belgium. She then exhibited it at Techno Classica 2016 and 2017 to finally sell it to a new owner.


XD7     Strut brace
XD9     Wheel spokes painted in body color
XE7     Additional oil cooler in front (only for cars with manual gearbox)
XF5     Leather covered instrument rings
XLB     Twin pipe exhaust ends
XLC     Turbo Powerkit 331 kW
XMA     Leather rooflining
XN1     Leather covered window switches
XN2     Leather covered door openers
XP9     Leather covered speaker covers
XV3     Leather covered AC/heater control cover
XW6     Leather covered door lock rosettes
XW8     Leather covered caps
XW9     Leather covered entrance panel covers
XZ7     Leather covered mirror adjustment switch and surround
X45     Instrument dials in interior color
139     Seat heating, left
330     Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46 or Cassette-radio Becker Porsche CR-31
340     Seat heating, right
373     Sports seat, left, height electrically adjustable
374     Sports seat, right, height electrically adjustable
426     Without rear window wiper
454     Automatic speed control
545     92-litre fuel tank
602     Araised stop lamp
616     Without telephone
650     Sun-moon-roof


1998 was an important year for Porsche AG and in particular for the 911. The production of the air-cooled Porsche 911 Type 993 was due to end in March 1998, to make way for the new production lines of the new air-cooled Porsche 911 Type 996 by water. The Porsche 993s had proven to be very popular, with more than 68,000 produced.

The last official Porsche 993 to leave the Zuffenhausen assembly lines on March 31, 1998 was the one ordered and purchased by American comedian and Porsche collector Jerry Seinfeld: a Porsche 993 4S in Mexico Blue. But in reality, it was not the last Porsche 993 delivered…

The Type 993 is the last Porsche model to be air-cooled, marking a major turning point in the history of Porsche.

The Porsche 911 Type 996 has become one of the most popular Porsche to date with a very large number of models produced until 2005: 175,262 copies.

1998 was a very difficult year according to certain testimonies from the teams of the Marketing department.

In addition, Porsche celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 10, 1998 and preparations for events all over the world were underway to celebrate this event.

Preparations for these celebrations were turned upside down 74 days before the anniversary by the death of Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche (Ferry) on March 27, 1998. He had taken over the reins of Porsche on the death of his father in 1951 and had been chairman until when he retired in 1989. He was still considered a “Father” by many Porsche employees.



Baujahr: 1998
Modell: 993 Turbo WLS 2
Karosserie: Coupé
Baureihe: 993
Laufleistung: 10997 km
Leistung: 450 PS
Hubraum: 3,6 Liter
Lenkung: links
Getriebe: Manuell
Antrieb: Heckantrieb
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Ausstattung: Schiebedach
Innenfarbe: Blau
Innenmaterial: Leder
Außenfarbe: Blau
Hersteller Farbbezeichnung (außen): Ozeanblau Metallic 3AZ
Matching Numbers: ja
Zustand: Unfallfrei
Neu / gebraucht: Gebrauchtwagen
Fahrbereit: ja
Zugelassen: ja
Land der Erstauslieferung: Deutschland
Anzahl Fahrzeughalter: 3

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Porsche 993 Turbo WLS 2

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