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Porsche 928 GTS

Porsche 928 GTS

Coupé, 1993


  • Swiss first delivery - PZ full service history
  • Orig. 65,500 km - mostly still first paint
  • In first hand until 2007 - since then in collection


Captain Future.

Porsche 928 GTS – Swiss vehicle – 65,500 km – 2nd hand – perfect collector's condition.

The Transaxle series is enjoying increasing popularity due to its futuristic look, but also because of its suitability for everyday use and high potential for appreciation. A total of around 62,000 Porsche 928s were manufactured from 1977 to 1995, of which only 2,831 were GTS in the last expansion stage between 1991 and 1995.

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The vehicle in detail

It is particularly impressive when the history and key data come from this exceptional vehicle: This Porsche 928 GTS in black metallic was handed over to the first owner on July 13, 1991 by the Porsche Center Zurich. He had the vehicle in his possession until mid-2008 and had the car serviced regularly and exclusively at the Porsche Center in Zurich. Until then, the vehicle still had its first license plate and the first vehicle registration document. Then the car changed to its current owner. He kept the car in a collection of interesting Porsche special models. There are very few vehicles left in this state of emergency. The car was stored dry and dark and so it survived the long time like in a time machine. Most of the car is still in the factory paint scheme and has no visible damage or almost no wear and tear. Since this vehicle was only moved in summer and in good weather, neither water nor salt harmed it. Swiss vehicles are particularly well maintained and have to undergo a strict annual inspection in order not to lose their registration. Therefore, one can assume that this vehicle is also a particularly well-preserved jewel. The underbody shows no damage or loss of oil, and the interior is practically without any signs of wear. Paint, rubbers and the body largely look like that of a year-old car. The historical documents, the complete logbook and the tool set are also available. The vehicle is still in the delivery condition without any changes and has been extensively serviced several times in the Porsche Center Zurich. The last major maintenance was carried out in 2020. With this copy, the cost-intensive maintenance has therefore already been carried out or provision has been made accordingly.

Due to the meticulous care, the car is in perfect collection condition. The measured paint thicknesses are still largely at the factory level. The vehicle has also been serviced there since delivery by the Porsche Center in Zurich. In addition to the already very generous standard equipment, the special equipment is extensive: Those who want to enjoy the sun's rays and fresh air will appreciate the electric roof and, in hotter temperatures, the air conditioning. The noble ruffled leather seats with the seat heating ensure pleasant travel comfort.

The black metallic finish is particularly noticeable, as it reflects a different color spectrum from carbon to dark brown depending on the incidence of light. Together with the elegant white interior, this results in a fascinating overall picture.

The rear view of the 928 GTS with the continuous light band is characteristic of the final edition of the 928 series.

The interior is also completely in its original condition and has almost no signs of wear. The aggregates and technical equipment are in perfect condition.

The original documents and records, as well as the complete logbook including the original checkbook and the complete set of keys are available.
In April 2020, extensive maintenance was carried out by the Swiss Porsche specialist Regiocar Oberwill.

Conclusion: A 928 GTS from a Swiss delivery and collector's possession with very low mileage, consistent history and maintenance is very rare, as this model was originally purchased by many customers as a driving machine for everyday use and not as a collector's vehicle. This car shows almost no visible optical and technical signs of wear and tear and can therefore be described as an ideally preserved specimen. The package of this 928 GTS offered by us is completed by the extensive history and thus fulfills the highest demands on a collector's vehicle in a state of emergency.

If you want to call a piece of Porsche history your own, this Porsche 928 GTS gives you the opportunity to purchase this model in a rare and collectable condition in a particularly exciting color combination.

Vehicle history:

The first delivery to the first owner took place on July 13, 1993 by the Porsche Center Zurich. According to the available documents, the vehicle remained in the possession of the first owner until 2008 and was then stored and preserved in a Porsche collection near Zurich until 2020. During this time, exercise drives were carried out regularly. In May 2020, the vehicle was briefly registered to the second owner after the latter had the car serviced extensively in May 2020.

The current vehicle registration document and the original checkbook with delivery stamp as well as on-board folder and operating instructions with extensive service and maintenance documentation, as well as the original exhaust gas maintenance document are available. This means that the history is comprehensible and comprehensively documented.

Service history documented by checkbook entries:

07/13/1993 – at km 46 – first delivery to the first owner by the Porsche Center Zurich
02.12.1993 at km 3.400 – major maintenance including oil change in the Porsche Center Schinznach Bad
April 20th, 1995 at km 7.164 – minor maintenance in the Porsche Center Schinznach Bad
March 24th, 1997 at km 10,659 – major maintenance including oil and filter change in the Porsche Center Zurich
16.10.2000 at km 20.213 – small + large maintenance in the Porsche Center Zurich
May 2nd, 2002 at km 29,665 – minor maintenance at the Porsche Center in Zurich
04/29/2003 at km 40.249 – small + large maintenance in the Porsche Center Zurich
04/20/2004 at km 50,980 – minor maintenance at the Porsche Center in Zurich
11/01/2004 at km 59,565 – small + large maintenance in the Porsche Center Zurich
May 2nd, 2008 minor maintenance in the Porsche Center Zurich
04/17/2020 at km 65,339 – small + large maintenance including timing belt and water pump renewed by Porsche specialist Regioauto GmbH in Oberwill

Vehicle condition and evaluation (to our knowledge, according to the last vehicle owner's statement and an apparent assessment):

The body is largely at the level of a year-old car. The closing behavior and the accuracy of fit of the doors and hoods is impeccable. All gap dimensions of doors, hoods and all add-on parts such as rocker panels, bumper panels and decorative grilles correspond to the delivery status as far as they can be recognized and assessed.

Exterior paintwork
Based on the paint film thickness measurement carried out and the resulting values, this vehicle is painted predominantly at the factory level.

attachment parts
All add-on parts of the vehicle are complete. They are in pristine condition all around.

The glazing of the vehicle is almost free of stone chips and scratches. All seals on the vehicle are original and precisely fitting.

Seats and panels
The entire seating system, the side panels and the center console are almost as good as new. There is no damage.

The vehicle has the standard instruments, all of which are in a technically and optically perfect condition. All instruments are working properly at this point in time. There is no damage to the entire interior of the vehicle.

Motor units
Due to the completely traceable history, we assume that the engine and transmission are the original units of the vehicle. Revisions have not yet been necessary, but maintenance measures have been carried out regularly so that the engine works perfectly in all temperature, speed and load ranges. There are no suspicious noises or smoke development. The entire engine compartment, including the engine and its attachments, are in very good condition. The cold start behavior and the engine running over the entire temperature range up to the constant operating temperature are flawless.

Additional units
All additional units such as the ignition system, starter, alternator etc. are technically in perfect condition at this point in time.

The automatic transmission of the vehicle shifts perfectly in all load conditions at the time of the check, there are no suspicious noises.

The function and precision of the steering are the same as in the delivery condition.

Chassis and braking system
The brake discs and brake pads are in very good condition. All prescribed maintenance work was carried out regularly on the brake system and on the chassis.

wheel and tires
The wear is even over the entire width of the tire, which is an unmistakable indication that the chassis is correctly adjusted and is working accordingly. The original rims are in very good condition and show no signs of damage.

Electrics and lighting
The entire electrical system is almost in the delivery condition. No changes have been made here, but all care and maintenance measures have been carried out so that the entire electrical system is working properly in all areas at this point in time.

M418 lockable side boxes
M567 windscreen with green wedge
M650 electric sunroof
M935 seat cover, rear, ruffled leather
M980 seat cover – Raffleder

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Year of construction: 1993
Model: 928 GTS
Body: Coupé
Series: 928
Mileage: 65483 km
Power: 350 HP
Cylinder capacity: 5,4 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Rear drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Grey
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Black
Manufacturer color code (exterior): Schwarz L744
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: Switzerland

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