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Porsche 993 Carrera 4S

Porsche 993 Carrera 4S

Coupé, 1998


  • Delivered new in France
  • Midnight Blue interior
  • Sunroof

Porsche (911) 993 Carrera 4S for sale!

Our car is one of the 6948 Carrera 4S produced between 1996 and 1998, more precisely one of the 937 produced in 1997. This WP0ZZZ99ZVS311408 chassis was delivered new to Porsche dealer  Strasbourg K67 on January 16, 1998 – country code C05. Finished in Oceanblaumetallic (code 3AZ94) with a perfectly matched Midnight Blue (US code) interior, it was equipped with the following options: 602 – Third brake light “High Mount” – 650 – Sunroof – 686 – Radio Porsche CDR-21 – 939 – Pleated leather rear seats – 982 – Soft leather



45 rue des Vinaigriers
75010 Paris
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The vehicle in detail

Our car only had two owners in Strasbourg before being quickly acquired by a Parisian. The latter kept it for a year before selling it, on 07/26/2006, to its current owner. Having known only four rigorous owners, this car still has its complete documentation, its tool kit, original cove and a stamped and up-to-date maintenance book since maintenance will be carried out for the sale . The maintenance of this superb 4S with its discreet and original configuration has always been exemplary.

Supporting documents stamped in the notebook:

12/16/1998 – 21,674 km – Porsche Center Strasbourg K67

01/11/2000 – 41,786 km – Center Porsche Strasbourg K67

02/07/2001 – 61,498 km – Center Porsche Strasbourg K67

09/14/2001 – 76,825 km – Porsche Center Strasbourg K67

06/26/2002 – 97,069 km – Porsche Center Strasbourg K67

03/15/2005 – 110,602 km – Independent Porsche specialist (EC Selection)

06/12/2007 – 127,970 km – Porsche Center  IMSA Rouen

05/22/2009 – 138,049 km – Independent Porsche specialist (RSO)

06/29/2012 – 143,377 km – Porsche Center  IMSA Rouen

06/15/2016 – 145,574 km – Independent Porsche specialist (RS Services)

03/06/2019 – 145,924 km – Independent Porsche specialist (CG Motorsport)

Supporting documents for replacing the brake fluids:

09/14/2001 – 76,825 km – Porsche Center Strasbourg K67

03/15/2005 – 110,602 km – Independent Porsche specialist (EC Selection)

06/12/2007 – 127,970 km – Porsche Center  IMSA Rouen

06/29/2012 – 143,377 km – Porsche Center  IMSA Rouen

06/15/2016 – 145,574 km – Independent Porsche specialist (RS Services)

03/06/2019 – 145,924 km – Independent Porsche specialist (CG Motorsport)


This French 993 4S is today in a very good state of conservation. Although the front is marked by gravel, it has a very beautiful paint and an interior in very good condition. Completely original, it also has an additional fiber spoiler that can be sold with the car. Some aesthetic costs due to the age of the car and its use will be made for the sale (repair of the rims as well as a complete detailing).

It is therefore a rare opportunity to acquire one of the most beautiful and one of the most desirable modern Porsches in air cooling in an elegant and original configuration, which moreover is French of origin to the maintenance copy.

History of the Porsche 993 Carrera 4S

Would it be essential to recall the history of the 911 myth? In short, the 911 has been the cornerstone, the spearhead, the figurehead of the Stuttgart manufacturer for almost half a century. With the signature of its so particular architecture so much criticized, the “901” – which will become 911 – will take with it a monstrous wave of aficionados, granting itself over the years a major place in the history of the automobile. More than a simple car, the 993 will become the symbol of a philosophy, a lifestyle, a state of mind. From California to Japan, via Europe, the 911 is still a worldwide success today. If  Ferrari  has become inseparable from the color red,  Porsche is and will forever be linked to the 911. As generations continue to succeed and evolve, older versions share an important notoriety, each with their own “tricks”. The 911 type 993, fourth of the name, is one of the most popular today. Why ? Considered by many fans of the brand as certainly the best 911, it has even captured the attention of the most reluctant. Produced from 1994 to 1998, the 993 will remain the last  Porsche air-cooled. In other words? It will remain like the last real 911. Its engine, the 3.6 M64 flat-six, is undoubtedly one of the best engines ever produced. So, of course, “air cooling” pollutes more and consumes a little more, but the important thing is not there. The important thing is the sound, and it is certainly not you – dear readers, buyers and collectors – who will dare to contradict us. On the design side, it is certainly complicated to innovate and really differentiate the 911. The shape remains the same. It is in the subtlety of the details that the difference is made. In this game, the 993 decided on its release with the previous versions. Cleaner, simpler, finer, the 993 is for some the most beautiful of the 911. How can we not agree with them? Ultimately, the 993 remains the perfect compromise between modernity and classicism, a modern 911, and yet already a classic. The 993 is a fantastic car, cool by definition, simple, with murderous elegance. In addition to a sound that will no longer be found, the 993 is still affordable. It can also boast of being exquisite in its different variations. Targa, Cabriolet, Turbo and so on, to each their own 993.

Surprisingly, the success of 993 was – when it was released – only mixed. Fans are not all in a hurry to snatch the Carrera. But history reminds us that a timid exit does not mean failure. Far from there. When the 993 Turbo appears, the machine starts up. And in the same way, Porsche having a very good memory of good recipes, the German manufacturer will have the good taste to take again a concept which had all seduced before: to associate the “small” atmospheric engine (the M64 Variocam of 284hp) with the Turbo Look . Thus was born the Carrera 4S. But Porschedid even better. The Carrera 4S would boast of inheriting the very noble chassis of the Turbo, also taking over the running gear, the brakes and the “Wide Body” bodywork of the latter. In short, the 4S was really just a Turbo without a Turbo with – what’s more – performance below the standard Carrera 4. To hell with that detail. The important thing was not there. The Carrera 4S will outperform the Carrera and other Carrera 4. She’s the one that stood out, and let’s face it, she’s the one we all want.

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Year of construction: 1998
Model: 993 Carrera 4S
Body: Coupé
Series: 993
Mileage: 146650 km
Power: 285 HP
Cylinder capacity: 3,6 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Four-wheel drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Blue
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Blue
Manufacturer color code (exterior): Midnight Blue
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: France

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