Spa 12h – Michelin 992 Endurance Cup by Creventic

Spa 12h – Michelin 992 Endurance Cup by Creventic

World-famous endurance race organizer Creventic has created yet another highlight for the motorsport calendars. With the Michelin 992 Endurance Cup, the dutch team offers the first endurance race which is exclusively for Porsche 992 GT3 Cup cars. In cooperation with Porsche Motorsport, they will organize essentially a long distance Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race with 50 equal cars. Expect one of the closest endurance races in the world, taking place at the Ardennes-rollercoaster of Spa Francorchamps on September 7, 2024!

A 12 hour sprint race between 50 Porsche 992 GT3 Cup cars

Creventic asked their endurance racing teams, who participate in their 24H SERIES, if they liked the idea of a long-distance race exclusively with Porsche 992 GT3 Cup cars. After an overwhelmingly positive feedback, the dutch race organizers teamed up with Michelin and Porsche Motorsport to create the first Porsche-only endurance race in the world.

With the Michelin 992 Endurance Cup you can expect a 12 hour sprint race!

The grid will feature ambitious amateurs and real professionals alike. For example, the multiple Porsche Carrera Cup and Super Cup title-winners of GP Elite will take part in the Spa 12h. Considering, there will be 50 equal cars on the grid, it will probably be a sprint race over the whole twelve hours. It could even be the closest endurance race in the world!

Creventic’s 12h of Spa Francorchamps – The Program

The driving starts on Friday, September 6 at precisely 10:00 in the morning. Two track day sessions until 15:35 will set the tone for the first official Free Practice at 16:35. Between 19:05 and 20:04 you’ll see the three Qualifying sessions to determine the first ever Porsche-only endurance race starting grid. Between 21:05 and 21:50 there’s an additional night practice to prepare the drivers for the conditions on race day.

Saturday will be the main day. From 9 am every ticket-holder is allowed to enter the grid. There you can soak in the tension right before the start. Maybe you can even meet some of your motorsport idols? As in Creventic’s endurance races, there’s always prominent drivers on the grid you can expect some racing prominence in the 992 Endurance Cup as well.

The 992 Endurance Cup will almost certainly be a one-of-a-kind, action-packed endurance race

At 09:45, the inaugural Porsche-only endurance race will start. From then, you can watch on-track action from every single grand-stand. No matter the ticket, you can enter all of them and walk around the track as you desire. That enables you to see the cars from different angles and in varying lighting as well. How about doing a walk around the track with stops at every single corner? Or even trying to do as many laps as you can?

We expect one of the closest endurance races ever. 50 equal cars, built for hard wheel-to-wheel racing promise a huge amount of on-track battles. An the best thing about it? There might be numerous restarts. As the safety will bring the pack together when a full-course-yellow phase is needed, it’s very hard to build a gap to the cars behind. So, on paper, everything is set for an unforgettable race on the Ardennes-rollercoaster, that Circuit Spa-Francorchamps is. And to top it off: Spa isn’t really known for stable weather conditions.

Porsche fans have much to see in the paddock as well!

Every 992 Endurance Cup visitor’s ticket will allow you not only to enter the grid and all grandstands, but also the paddock. There you can not only have a virtual go around the Ardennes-rollercoaster in the simulator, but also enjoy a view with probably more than 500 Porsche road cars present! Together with the Porsche Club Francorchamps, Creventic will not only host a Cars & Coffee but also an exhibition. Exclusively for Porsche cars, of course…

Expect to find a couple of different caterers and suiting hospitality for all different needs and interests. Another thing that shouldn’t be missing at any race event is your commercial village and Grand Marquee. You can get yourself everything from scale model cars to memorabilia and of course motorsports merchandise.

Tickets & Pricing

Friday entry ticket (€12)

  • This ticket provides access to the circuit on the 6th of September.
  • Friday track activities:
    • Track Day sessions 1 & 2 (10:00-15:35)
    • Free Practice (16:35-18:05)
    • Qualifying sessions 1, 2 & 3 (19:05-20:04)
    • Night practice (21:05-21:50)

Saturday entry + start grid ticket (€20)

  • This ticket provides access to the circuit and start grid on the 7th of September.
  • Saturday track activities:
    • Start grid (9:00-9:45)
    • Race – Michelin 992 Endurance Cup powered by Porsche Motorsport (9:45-21:45)

2 day entry + start grid ticket (€25)

  • This ticket provides access to the circuit and start grid on the 6th and 7th of September.
  • Saturday track activities:
    • Start grid (9:00-9:45)
    • Race –  Michelin 992 Endurance Cup powered by Porsche Motorsport (9:45-21:45)

Parking info

  • Parking ticket: €12,50 per vehicle to be purchased at the circuit
  • Spectators can park at P1 & P2
  • The circuit can be accessed via entrance STER

Cars & Coffee – Exclusively for Porsche cars (€32.50)

  • This ticket gives Porsche owners the exclusive opportunity to park their vehicles in dedicated areas on the paddock and participate in the Cars & Coffee which will take place during the Michelin 992 Endurance Cup. 
  • Ticket includes free coffee for all occupants of the car.
  • Ticket includes Saturday access for one person, additional passengers are required to buy a separate ticket.
  • Ticket includes parking ticket for the car.

You want to take part in the race? Then get yourself a cockpit!

In GT-racing you’ve got more than just different car-categories. There is also a differentiation between the drivers. Depending on their personal successes and experience, they are in a certain tier. It ranges from Bronze for Amateurs and goes through Silver, Gold & Platinum. In the top Platinum category for example, there are drivers eligible to drive F1 cars. So, at the 992 Endurance Cup – in theory – ambitious amateurs could face Formula-1-drivers.

And you know what? If you’ve got the budget and a national racing license you could still get yourself a grid spot! You read that right. Some teams are still looking for drivers and will post their ads in the 992 Endurance Cup Driver Market very soon. Expect to pay around 25,000 euros per driver to take part in the world’s first Porsche 911 GT3 Cup endurance race! If you want to be on the safe side and secure a drive, get in touch with David Vink directly.

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