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Porsche 964 Turbo for sale

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Porsche 964 Turbo for sale

The third generation of the Porsche 911 Turbo was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1990. In its first version, the new model retained the mechanical basis of its predecessor, the 930 3.3L. In addition, Porsche quickly increased the engine capacity and power. Until finally the highest performance level is reached with the 385 hp lightweight Turbo S.

964 Turbo

Although the first Porsche 964 Turbo retains the 3.3-litre engine of the 930 as its mechanical basis, it makes several technical modifications that increase the maximum power to 320 hp and 5,750 rpm. With the new turbo engine (factory designation M30/69) the maximum torque is now 450 Nm at 4500 rpm. In addition, this is delivered over a wider range thanks to the use of a new KKK turbocharger with 0.7 bar, a new air/heat exchanger and a new K-Jetronic injection system. In addition, a dual-mass flywheel reduces vibrations and the sound insulation is significantly increased.

The 964 Turbo was produced in 3660 units between 1990 and 1992 before being replaced by the 964 Turbo 3.6, unofficially known as the 965 Turbo, which is equipped with a completely new engine.

964 Turbo 3.6

In the Carrera Cup, the 3.6-litre Carrera engines proved their durability. This is why Porsche engineers are charging the 3.6-litre power unit with turbo technology. In addition, the turbocharger, catalytic converters and intercooling are taken over unchanged from the 3.3-litre engine. In addition, the revised chassis has been lowered by 20 mm. Red brake calipers of the 911 Turbo S can be found behind the three-piece 18-inch wheels. A chrome-plated “Turbo 3.6” lettering has been applied to the bonnet. In addition, the extended scale of the speedometer shows 320 km/h. Quantity built: 1.437

If you are looking for used Porsche 964 Turbo for sale and would like more information, you can find more about the Porsche 964 here:  Elferspot Magazine – Porsche 964

Porsche 964 Turbo – Technical Data:

  • Model Year: 1990 – 1992
  • Series: 964
  • Model name: 964 Turbo (3,6)
  • Engine type: 6-cylinder boxer engine (with turbocharger)
  • Engine capacity (cm3): 3300 – 3600
  • Body version: Coupé
  • Power output (kW/PS): 235 kW (320 PS) – 265 kW (360 PS)

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