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Porsche 992 for sale

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You want to buy a pre-owned Porsche 992?

Here we present you some information about the 992 and some Porsche 992 for sale:

In 2018, the Porsche 992 was presented at the LA Auto Show as a coupé and on 9 January 2019 as a convertible. Basically the 992 differs from the 991 only in details. Nevertheless, one of the most visually striking features is the continuous light band at the rear. With the Porsche 992, Porsche is already starting the eighth generation of the Porsche 911. Compared to its predecessor, the Porsche 991, the 992 has been given a wider body. Nevertheless, the 992 is without doubt recognizable as the “Elfer” (911). As with the previous models, Porsche relies on the 6-cylinder boxer engine (water-cooled) located in the rear of the 992.

Porsche 992 for sale

Porsche 992 Carrera (4)S then 992 Carrera (4)

At the sales launch, the 992 was offered in the models Porsche 992 Carrera S and Porsche 992 Carrera 4S with a 3.0 litre and 450 PS engine. In June 2019, the somewhat weaker Porsche 992 Carrera and Porsche 992 Carrera 4 models with 385 PS were released for sale. With the 992 one has the choice between an 8-gear dual-clutch transmission or a manually operated manual transmission with seven gears.

Porsche 911 (992) – Manual transmission or PDK?

With the Porsche 992, you have the choice between an 8-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) or a 7-speed manual gearbox. Anyone who orders the 992 as a manual gearbox also receives the Sport-Chrono Package free of charge. Initially, the 992 will only be offered as a manual transmission for the American market.

The 8-speed PDK transmission of the 992 has a clear performance advantage over the manual transmission. During test drives regarding acceleration and top speed the PDK scored better. So, everyone who wants maximum performance from his Porsche 992 should order the PDK transmission.

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Technical specifications about the Porsche 992:

  • Model year: since 2019
  • Model name: Porsche 992
  • Engine type: 6-cylinder boxer engine (water-cooled)
  • Engine capacity (cm3): 3000
  • Body versions: Coupé & Cabriolet
  • Power output (kW/PS): (283-331 kW) / (385-450 PS)

© Picture: Porsche Centre Knokke