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Ever since I was a child, enthusiastic about automobiles and later supported by the car and motorsport passion of my father, Josef J. Schmitz – we always watched Formula 1 and sports car races together in the early 70s – I have been involved with sports cars: After my first "great love" for the Alfa Romeo brand and a few wonderful years in the Bertone GT and Spider Fastback models, I quickly found my way to Porsche and of course only the 911: A 911 SC 2.7 was 21 years old my first Porsche and thus also the first real contact with this cult car. This was followed by various 911 3.2 Cabrio, Turbolook and Turbo 1 – 3.3 before I in 1996; already in the car business, bought the first 964 RS.

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Since then, the enthusiasm for this type of vehicle and its direct offshoots has not waned, in fact it has grown steadily: On the road as well as on the racetrack, these vehicles are the ultimate driving pleasure for me; pure – pure and unadulterated, still real Porsche, just as it should be for me. As a logical consequence of this, it was also clear that I should specialize in this small segment of the market, this niche of the rare lightweight Porsche. Because only what is done with passion has a real chance of success and so I was able to infect many other car enthusiasts with this RS virus.

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Since 1996, more than 450 or 500 vehicles of the 964 RS series and certainly more than 250 of the even rarer 993 RS and more than 25 of the only 172 993 GT 2s that have been inspected have passed through my hands. There are also various 964 Turbo 3.6 and some Turbo "S" lightweight: as well as a number of Cup cars. I think only the factory sold more and I'm a little proud of that. Many of these vehicles went to customers and Porsche Club members in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, England, Ireland as well as Japan, the USA and even South Africa. What makes me very happy is that some very lasting and close friendships have developed that go far beyond the business area. For me, it's nice to see that a passion for Porsche can create a connection that transcends national borders and language barriers. Even since the years of the water-cooled sports Porsches of the type 996 GT3 and GT 2 as well as 997 GT 3 and GT 3 RS, I have always seen my main field of activity in the "air howlers" 964 and 993, even if I have of course already owned a few 996 GT 3 and GT 2 as well 997 GT 3 traded and will continue to trade. For me, owning and trading sports cars also means driving a sports car, just as the Porsche engineers intended it to be “sporty”. What could be more obvious than occasional visits to the racetrack for driver training courses, track days and motorsport events – of course always with the vehicle: appropriate and with the necessary technical preparation and care.

I can only recommend everyone to look for their own field of activity with their Porsche: collecting for the collector, sporty driving for the sports driver and racing for the racer. The best thing is to do a little of everything and enjoy it !!! I'm trying too. There may be many other sporty vehicles on the market, both older and newer, but the purity of a Porsche RS or another lightweight Porsche and the driving pleasure that goes with it, paired with unsurpassed reliability, constant growth in value and good marketability at all times is absolutely unique . It cannot be denied that Porsche is far ahead of many of its competitors in the sum of all its characteristics.

Thus, a Porsche is not only the passion that is in the foreground, but often also a highly economical decision.


Thomas J Schmitz

German Sports Cars GmbH


German Sports Cars GmbH

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