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A Jungle Green Porsche 993

August 11, 2020 / By Richard Lindhorst
A Jungle Green Porsche 993

As you may know, we’ve already covered some areas of Porsche’s different color schemes. Including a shortlist of some of the coolest shades of green, you could’ve ordered from the Porsche factory. Our good friend and Elferspot customer from the very start, Dr. Georg Konradsheim has a pretty unique and exciting green Porsche in his showroom. What does the German term “Farbmusterfahrzeug” mean? And why is that rare or special? Let’s find out!

What exactly is a Farbmusterfahrzeug?

Porsche as a company is renowned for being pretty diligent and serious. They do their things in a very German manner. Despite that, when it comes to colors, Porsche has always been a bit bold. Within the Porsche family, green was the favourite color since the beginning of the brand. Even today’s chairman of the Porsche AG’s Supervisory Board, Wolfgang Porsche states, that he prefers green cars.

In its last year of production, a few Porsche 993 Carrera Coupés were painted in colors, which were intentionally designed for its watercooled successor, the Porsche 996. That way, Porsche wanted to double check the appearance of certain color schemes. It was a test besides color cards and simulations. Putting the exciting and, of course, rare colors aside, these 993s had an extensive list of options as well.

Green has always been a favorite among the Porsche family, including the actual chairman of the Porsche AG

This very 993 is no exception either. It was an internal test mule or “Farbmusterfahrzeug”, built in 1997. But this car isn’t just about the color itself, but its name! It’s called jungle green metallic, or dschungelgrün in German. Hence, Tobias Schwarz from fondly calls this car “jungle cattle”.

During its 16 month-long test, it seems like the jungle green 993 Carrera left a pretty lasting impression. Its very dark blue-green metallic with the color code 2A1 really reminds us of an overgrown vegetation in the Amazon rainforest. It is a very special, tasteful looking color, but it’s not flashy at all. Instead, it looks very subtle and discrete. Not many colors make such an impression. And in the end, jungle green metallic was available for 996s and Boxsters from MY 2000 onwards.

This Porsche 993 isn’t all about its jungle green exterior. With its natural brown leather it is unique on the inside as well.

Porsche went full on with this “jungle cattle”. They also equipped it with an extended leather package. That contains sun visors, roof lining, a- and b-pillars, gear lever, handbrake lever and even the airbag covered in natural brown leather. It was a first for Porsche, just as jungle green was. It was only available from MY 2000 onwards as well. If you can call this thing your own belonging, you can safely say, there’s no other Porsche 993 like this one…

We think, that the jungle green Porsche 993 Carrera is an extremely stylistically confident and tasteful machine. The car itself had been sold by Porsche after 16 months in October 1998. It embodies a very interesting note in the Zuffenhausen brands’ way into the new millennium.

Head this way to admire the jungle green Porsche 993 in all its glory at Dr. Georg Konradsheim!

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