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CHANEL Nr. Super 98

August 3, 2020 / By Richard Lindhorst
CHANEL Nr. Super 98

In the Elferspot magazine editorial, we’re always curious about stories from you, our readers. Of course, we can’t publish all of them, but as some are more equal than the others, there are some stories, we can’t keep back. One of those was sent from Jules Kosorić and covers the special relationship between Jules and her Porsche 993. In this episode of the Elferspot Magazine, you’ll learn, what ignited Jules’ passion for Porsche and what kind of prejudices female petrolheads have to conquer.

Text: Jules Kosorić

There seem to be three different types of women, when it comes to cars…

In my opinion, you can find three different types of women, when it comes to cars. Type 1 follows a pretty pragmatic approach. Their cars are primarily used for the school run. Number of cylinders, power and aesthetics aren’t all that important. Practicality and safety come first. When deciding between potential cars, type 1 usually plays the safe bet and orders Swedish SUVs with 20 airbags.

Type 2 prefers much more prestigeous cars. Power and design play an important role, but not for the reasons you might think. Showing off is one the main goals for type 2 women. These ladies like to show themselves lolling about on the bonnet, barely dressed. And they tend to prefer being a passenger than driving on their own.

When hearing a car, roaring in the distance, we don’t care who is driving them. We’re only wondering, if we can correctly guess the car just by its noise. And we’re right in 9 out of 10 cases.

Jules Kosorić

Last but not least, there’s type 3. I don’t want to say, that this type is unicornesque, but we are a pretty rare species nowadays. We wouldn’t ever loll about on a bonnet, as we don’t want to scrath the paint. Washing our car in the driveway on a sunday is what we like. Washing it with nothing else than an ultra soft sponge, shaped like a pineapple, using shampoo which smells like peaches. The sensitive skin of our babies won’t get touched by anything more harmful than that.

At the petrol station, there is only one choice for us: “Super 98”. If we’re dripping some of it onto our freshly manicured finger nails, we’ll smell it just like a very expensive perfume. When hearing a car, roaring in the distance, we don’t care who is driving them. We’re only wondering, if we can correctly guess the car just by its noise. And we’re right in 9 out of 10 cases.

I’m not entirely sure, what is the decisive factor, leading us to a certain carmaker. The only thing a know for sure: There are many of them. Where did I grow up? What car did my dad drive? Was there a key moment in my childhood? In the end, some of us love Bavarian or Swabian tradition, while others love japanese technology.

The first Bad Boys movie made me fall in love with the Porsche 964 Turbo.

For me, it’s pretty obvious, where everything started: It was a childhood memory. Everybody who had seen the 1995 blockbuster Bad Boys, should exactly know what I’m talking about – The Porsche 964 Turbo. Just reading that number gives me goosebumps. I may not know the exact time, I’ve seen the movie for the first time, but what I know is, that I fell in love with Porsche that year!

In terms of design, there is no manufacturer which can match Porsche, if you ask me.

Jules Kosorić

As I am writing down this lines, I ask myself, what Porsche triggers inside me and especially: Why? Firstly, my star sign is Libra and a characterizing trait for Libras is a soft spot for beautiful things. Many people tend to think about Italian cars, when it comes to aesthetic cars. But the Zuffenhausen manufacturer’s design is in no way inferior. I would go even further: In terms of design, there is no manufacturer which can match Porsche, if you ask me. Which other brand can state, that they are so good in what they are doing, that nobody even tries to to copy them? And let’s be honest: Over the past few decades, car designs got more and more similar, even interchangeable. But that’s no wonder, considering the countless new models and the laws getting stricter and stricter. It’s easy to run out of ideas in this environment.

But why would you want to change an already perfect recipe in the first place? Rather than trying to set new trends, as they are transcient anyway, Porsche’s style, their panache is growing constantly. And as we all know, style is timeless.

The Porsche 993 really reached my heart

As we’re talking about timeless designs: I’m almost certain, that you’ve already identified the exact Porsche 911 model on the photos. You’re right, it’s a Porsche 993. Why I chose it? Where to start then… there are cars, which are beautiful and then there’s art on four wheels. For me, the 993 perfectly fits into that category, it’s a design icon. I’m struggling to find words, which won’t sound cheesy, but just look at that sports seats for instance. With that wonderful silhouette, they are hugging you, just like the man of your dreams would.

Looking at modern cars, with their dashboards covered in buttons, I’m almost getting sick. Did anybody think about a symmetric design in the first place? In the Porsche on the other hand, all dials melt together like Olympic rings. It’s a very elegant, minimalistic design approach. The only downside? The aftermarket radio in my car… Where once was a pretty Becker head unit, a Japanese mass product can be found today. But nobody is perfect. That can an will be sorted.

A beautiful rear can also endear!

Okay, I have to admit, that my Porsche 993 is a real gem. From its frog mouth to its exhaust tip, it’s in exceptional condition. Despite its age of 26, it has only covered 104,000 kilometres. And everybody who followed this beauty in the past, had the pleasure of admiring that masterpiece of a widebodied rear end. This particular Porsche 993 has wider arches on both ends, as it has the body of its big brother: the Porsche 993 Turbo. It’s just missing the rear wing. As you can see, gentlemen, ladies can be delighted by a pretty rear end as well!

One thing, that’s for sure, when two men discuss the question, whoever paid for my car, is that they think I didn’t. Nothing is further from my intentions than being a women’s libber here. But why for god’s sake is it the first thought, that comes to a man’s mind, when seeing a presentable woman with an expensive car, that it can’t be her own pride and joy? Is it really that uncommon, that a female petrolhead can pay for her Porsche herself, rather than letting Mr. Sugar Daddy or her husband pay the bill?

As I am a woman with a spleen for fast cars, I know, that it’s not always beneficial to appear in an aircooled Porsche. A lot of people tend to judge without having any clue at all. But if that’s the only disadvantage of driving a sports car, I don’t mind.

The last aircooled Porsche symphony is absolutely unparalelled.

But let’s talk about more important things now. What really seperates a Porsche 993 from its competition is its heritage of being the last aircooled Porsche. But I wasn’t so sure, what that means, until I drove on a backroad at the Danube river. In case there are some officers out there: please skip the next paragraph. Thanks.

Anyway, with its 299 horses (a recent engine rebuild freed up som ponies…) my Porsche 993 still isn’t one of the fastest of its breed. But one thing is certain: It’s distinctive noise is unparalelled. But just like every internal combustion engine, it sings best in the high rpms. And it sounds even more exciting, when driving at this higher revs through a tunnel. These noises are raw and so different to any sound, a modern Porsche sports car with its exhaust valves can produce. Of course, both noises sound like music to a Porsche lover, but they are completely differend and uncomparable.

As I drove through the tunnel, of course not doing much more than the speed limit of 70 kph, it was one of those key moments in life, where you can’t help yourself but giggle. It’s one of those moments, where the screaming 3.6 litre engine makes you forget everything around you. Especially when cornering at freightening speeds, thanks to the chewing-gum-like grip, without having to worry about losing traction. That is pure perfection!

It is like every drop of blood in your body miraculously transforms into adrenaline. But isn’t that what counts at then end of the day? It has nothing to do with prestige or showing off. In this case, it’s all about emotions and as with all the best things in life, they are priceless…

text: Jules Kosorić
photos: Johann Kopf –

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