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Porsche 911 T

Porsche 911 T

Coupé, 1969


  • Rebuilt motor
  • Finished in beautiful Bahama Yellow
  • Matching numbers

1969 Porsche 911 T Coupé for sale!

Over 400 photos and videos of this car can be found at the following link:

1969 Porsche 911 T coupe 2.0. Finished in Bahama Yellow over black interior. Odometer shows 3km but is not working so exact mileage is unknown. Chassis number 119120527, engine number 6191791.

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Das Fahrzeug im Detail

This charming little T first landed in Sweden in 1999. It appears to have passed through the hands of several owners here, and as can be seen from the photos in the folder it was finished in white rather than its factory Bahama Yellow finish. In 2010 it was purchased by an early 911 enthusiast who already owned a 911 E.

From the photos you can see that the car was aquired as project in the form of a rolling shell with parts. Over the next 3 years the car underwent an extensive bare shell restoration:

– Front fenders, doors, hoods, bumpers sand blasted
– Following parts replaced in the shell:
– Reinforcement plate (Kidney) – Left+right
– Inner threshold – Right
– Inner threshold – Left
– Jack bracket Left+right
– Support plate for jack bracket Left+right
– Luggage compartment floor – Front – Inner sheet
– Floor panel – Right half
– Floor panel – Left half
– Fixing plate for front fender – Right
– Fixing plate for front fender – Left
– Plate around torsion bracket right
– Plate around torsion bracket left
– Front edge bracket for front fender – Right
– Fastener at the front edge for the front fender – Left Sheet
– Metal strip on the front sheet

This resulted in a rust free, solid shell that was then received a fresh coat of Bahama Yellow paint so the shell now appeared as it left the factory. The interior was the painstaking re-assembled over the next year with original parts used where possible and new parts ordered from Pelican where not.

Next came the engine. It was decided that refurbishing the original engine was too big a project to undertake at the time and the owner had a 2.2 MFI engine spare that could be dropped straight in and had the added benefit of having 155hp over the original 110bhp produced by the 2.0 carburated T motor.

In 2012 the project is completed and the car is running. With responsibilities to his family and the financial burden of a house project the owner regretfully decides to pass the car onto a new owner in 2013, who is again an enthusiast of early 911’s and follow member of the Early 911 forum in Sweden.

The car moved on again after a year and between 2014-2018 the car was in the hands of another owner, who spent around €13000 Porsche specialist Vogel in 2016 (invoice in folder) having the following work carried out:

– Rebuild of original 2.0 motor
– Modication of engine wiring
– Replacement of fuel system
– Replacement of major hoses
– Assembly of alternator
– Repair of clutch
– Renovation of starter motor

The car has passed through one more owner in 2018 before being aquired by the current owner in 2019. He bought the car to Kaiser Classic where our team of highly experienced Porsche technicians have carried out the following work totalling over 14000 EUR:

– Made repairs to wiring that caused the car to cut out
– Secured the hood
– Assembly/modification of bumpers, moldings etc.
– Assembly of vent system
– Assembly of sunroof
– Engine out of and in the car
– Engine rebuilt
– Repair fan cover
– Change oil tank
– Cleaning fuel tank, lines and carburettor
– Change lower valve covers
– Carburetor adjustment
– Troubleshooting electrical problems

The car now runs and drives well, but our technicians feel that in order to be mechanically perfect a full re-wiring of the electrics is recommended to ensure the car is technically perfect, so this has been reflected in the price. Although not a 100% perfect shell and showing signs of repair that you would expect on a car of it’s age, the car presents very well in person especially now sitting on its widened grey 15” steel wheels finished that give it more of an outlaw look that has become popular in recent years.


Baujahr: 1969
Modell: 911 T
Karosserie: Coupé
Baureihe: 911 F-Modell
Leistung: 110 PS
Hubraum: 2,2 Liter
Lenkung: links
Getriebe: Manuell
Antrieb: Heckantrieb
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Innenfarbe: Schwarz
Innenmaterial: Stoff/Leder Kombination
Außenfarbe: Gelb/Gold
Neu / gebraucht: Gebrauchtwagen
Fahrbereit: ja
Fahrzeugstandort: SESchweden

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