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Porsche 911 T

Porsche 911 T

Coupé, 1971


  • Deregistered for 38 years and stored by collector
  • Original letter and documentation available
  • Extensive and value-preserving maintenance measures by Porsche Center 02/2021

Buy 1971 Porsche 911 2.4 T Coupé in Viper Green!

The Evergreen Phoenix.

This is a particularly valuable 911 2.4 T F-Model Oil Flap Coupe from 1971 and a German delivery. Actually too good to be true, as all vehicles of this early model series available today have already had at least one restoration behind them or ahead of them before the galvanized body from 1976 due to rust, accident, etc. As a result, a lot of originality, patina and thus the original condition has been lost in almost all vehicles on the market. In addition, the history is often incomplete or no longer available. There are rare exceptions and this is one of them: a largely original vehicle in the legendary color combination of viper green with a black interior and cord center panels.

HIGHLIGHTS: De- registered for 38 years and stored by the collector – Original letter and documentation available – Complete owner history – Extensive and value-preserving maintenance measures by Porsche Center 02/2021

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The vehicle in detail

This vehicle stands out from the crowd not only because of the choice of color, but above all because of its complete history and originality: It comes from a fourth hand, the original of the first letter is available and confirms all previous owners. The vehicle was delivered to the owner of a watch shop on December 30, 1971 by today's Porsche Center in Kiel. On June 23, 1976 the owner changed to Dr. Mohammed Pxx, who owned the car until June 7th, 1977. The vehicle was then taken over by the third owner, Mr. Jürgen Lxxx, and was in one hand for 36 years and, according to the documents available, was deregistered and stored by the last owner on 07/30/1978 before the vehicle changed hands in 2015 due to a death and after Munich came to its current fourth owner. The original DIN number plate from that time is still there. Knowledgeable storage over a long period of time preserved the car. As a result, it is still in a very neat condition and mostly in the original delivery condition to this day. The outer skin was recently painted by a specialist company, but the interior parts of the body and the roof are at the factory level based on the paint thicknesses measured and suggest the original paintwork. Technically, the vehicle including the engine and transmission was continuously maintained. Due to the last de-registration in 1979 and the oil change completed in 1978 at 79,000 km, the odometer reading makes the currently displayed 96,200 km appear plausible and agrees with the statements of the owner. Thus, this example has a very low mileage.

For me, this vehicle offers a unique journey back to the early 1970s. The color scheme and the oil flap model make this vehicle a sought-after vintage classic: the exterior color viper green combined with the interior in black is striking and sporty at the same time. The happiness hormone production is guaranteed. The original forged Fuchs rims were supplied as special equipment as well as the rear wiper and the S options.

The combination of beguiling optics and the original condition results in a fascinating overall picture: The entire interior, including the seats and the headliner, has been untouched and unchanged since its delivery, as well as free of any visible damage. Neither welding nor bodywork nor accident damage could be ascertained. The underbody, like the glazing, many seals and rubbers, as well as the lights and other attachments, is still in the first original delivery condition. This exudes an irretrievable and authentic flair of the time.

However, to ensure that this is still a very valuable classic, the vehicle was completely inspected from 11/2021 to 2/2021 by the classic department of the Porsche Center Five Lakes and the manager there, and extensive and value-preserving measures were then carried out . The pictures only give an idea of the condition. The current status can be "experienced" in full and only in the original.

This package of superlatives and the associated key data makes collectors who appreciate the rarity of an original vehicle sit up and take notice: German vehicle, four documented previous owners, 96,000 km mileage, mostly in its original condition and sometimes even in the original paint. In addition, it is technically maintained throughout, currently very extensively serviced and can therefore only be described as being exceptionally well preserved.

The birth certificate and the data sheet confirm the delivery condition, as well as the identical numbers, ie the car not only has the confirmed chassis number and the original equipment, but also the engine and gearbox are "matching numbers".

Not only does the car look perfect, it drives too. The sub-floor shows no atypical oil deposits, but is – as far as possible – dry, clean and without any noticeable deformation.

The vehicle was registered again in 2015 and has received an H license plate. It was in a collection before that and was stored dry and dark. Due to the extensive work recently carried out, including a major service and the current general inspection, as well as classification as a classic car, this vehicle is immediately ready for use without any restrictions.

The original operating instructions for the vehicle are also part of this collector's package.

Conclusion: This 911 2.4 T Oil Flap Coupe is probably one of the best remaining vehicles and an absolute eye-catcher in terms of color. This combination of the much sought-after color scheme and an at the same time original and comprehensively maintained state of preservation is rarely found. In addition, the history from fourth hand and the low mileage in such an early model is an absolute rarity.

Dear reader, you can already see that we are in love. I am already looking forward to the next owner who can call this cultural asset his own. Because with this vehicle, all senses are stimulated: unadulterated sound, typical smell and the perfect degree of patina with the certainty of the extensively maintained technology promises long-lasting pleasure and value increase potential. A lot of emotion, but also a lot of reason, because a copy in this state of preservation is extremely rare and valuable. Although this specimen is in a museum-like condition, it is much too good for that, because in principle you can drive and show it on any fine day. Gentleman, start your engine!

Vehicle history:

The vehicle was first registered in Kiel on December 30, 1971.
Two changes of ownership are recorded in the first original "cardboard" vehicle registration document by 1979. The 4 changes of ownership are documented to this day.
An extensive maintenance and revision was currently carried out by the classic department of the Porsche Center 5 Lakes.
According to the delivery certificate from Porsche Deutschland GmbH checking the numbers on the vehicle, these are “matching numbers”, as well as the correct color combination and special equipment.

Vehicle condition and evaluation at the time of the inspection (according to the knowledge and statements of the vehicle owner, as well as a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle, as well as consideration of the documentation and history – these are not guaranteed properties):

The body is all around in unrestored series condition.
The body is well protected against rust in all respects.
The vehicle was stored dry.
The gaps are even all round. Doors and hoods close properly. Falling errors or protrusions are not recognizable differently.

According to the last owner, the vehicle is accident-free. To the best of our knowledge, body repairs had not yet taken place.

Exterior paintwork
The vehicle is partially (including the roof and interior areas) still at the factory level. It was painted once in the original viper green color.
The paintwork is very neat and has a consistently high level of gloss. No color deviations can be seen between the individual areas. There are also no air pockets or anything else to complain about.

attachment parts
All add-on parts of the vehicle are complete. They are all around in a largely – in accordance with the age – very well preserved condition.

The glazing of the vehicle is almost free of stone chips and scratches.

Seats and panels
The entire seating system and the side panels as well as the headliner and the center console are in their original condition with only minor wear.
There is no significant damage.

The vehicle has the standard instruments, all of which are in a technically and visually largely perfect condition.
All instruments are working properly.
The steering wheel is the original component of the vehicle, which is in very good condition with slight signs of wear.
There is no damage to the entire interior of the vehicle.

Motor units
According to the Porsche delivery certificate, the engine and the transmission are the original units of the vehicle.
A technical revision and all necessary maintenance measures were carried out so that the engine works perfectly in all temperature, speed and load ranges. There are no suspicious noises or smoke development.

Additional units
All additional units such as the injection system, ignition system, starter, alternator etc. were technically in perfect condition during the inspection and they all work perfectly.

The vehicle's transmission can be shifted perfectly in all load conditions, there are no suspicious noises.

Chassis and braking system
All maintenance work has currently been carried out on the brake system and the chassis so that the vehicle is working perfectly in all driving conditions at the time of the inspection.

wheel and tires
The wear is even across the entire width of the tire, which is an unmistakable indicator that the chassis is correctly adjusted and is working accordingly.
These tires are mounted on the original Porsche Fuchs rims. The rims are in a very high quality condition.

Electrics and lighting
The entire electrical system is almost in the delivery condition. No changes have been made here, but all care and maintenance measures have been carried out so that the entire electrical system works properly in all areas.

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Year of construction: 1971
Model: 911 T
Body: Coupé
Series: 911 F-Model
Mileage: 96193 km
Power: 130 HP
Cylinder capacity: 2,4 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Rear drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior color: Black
Interior material: Fabric/Leather combination
Exterior color: Green
Manufacturer color code (exterior): Vipergrün
Matching numbers: yes
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: Germany

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