Porsche 928 GTS

Porsche 928 GTS

Coupé, 1993


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From time to time we also reach our limits when we have to describe absolutely extraordinary vehicles for which we run out of words.

It is difficult to describe the qualities of a nearly 30-year-old motor vehicle, such as the Porsche 928 GTS presented here, in a descriptive text, mainly because you always have to fight against the sober numbers, data and facts that a vehicle of this age happens to have brings with it.

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The vehicle in detail

Matured for 30 years, driven 127,000 km, it cannot leave a motor vehicle like the 928 GTS untouched. This is the general, quite justified objection of every sober observer. We fully understand this and admit it openly – with all our experience over the past decades, even we are much more skeptical at first when we are given one superlative after the other in connection with such key data. Our… advantage in such cases is our routine and the surprises of the last decades, which left us speechless even after thorough testing, inspection and extensive test drives. The insight from such great moments: throwing sentences like “it can’t be what shouldn’t be” overboard and not allowing any rule without the much-quoted exception.

That's the keyword. Exception.

We present you the former flagship of the 90s from Porsche, and thus most likely one of the top 5 vehicles in terms of the time required from the first screw to the finished vehicle. We once heard something about 70 hours of construction time per unit, which from today's perspective exceeds the effort required to build a Maybach Mercedes many times over. In the early 1990s, Porsche was almost forced to become much more profitable in order not to be absorbed by some corporation like Mercedes Benz. The numbers were alarming, Porsche did its homework, Toyota showed those responsible how “lean production” and “just in time” works, and Porsche did its homework thoroughly….everything else is history. But up until this critical point in time, Porsche built automobiles as is usual in a manufactory – by hand, so to speak.

In the model hierarchy at the time, the Porsche 928 GTS was the spearhead alongside the top-powered 964 Turbo models and represented the top model from Porsche. The transaxle GT, which was already constructed at great expense, reached its zenith with the GTS, until it was finally withdrawn from the range in 1995.

Attempting a balancing act today, 27 years after the 928 GTS was discontinued, initially brings the following realization – what a damn good shot this 928 was. Its views from every conceivable perspective, but above all its contours – its broadside, so to speak – already make it an automotive work of art from the last century, whose design is good for eternity. However, we are by no means alone with this now well-established insight and are happy to join the long applauding crowd of automotive aesthetes. This finding gains in importance when you look at the time when the original 928 was presented: in 1977, i.e. 45 years ago today, this automotive monument was presented by Porsche. The automotive designer Anatole Lapine, who passed away in 2012, deserves great recognition for his timeless automotive design.

Let's get back to our 928 GTS, which in its overall condition and condition is like it shouldn't have been for well over 20 years and over 100,000 km.

In the meantime, we really had enough 928s of every series and every model to be able to get a picture that has grown over the decades of when to expect what with this Porsche 928 and who, in the best case (and now also for the corresponding sums), lends a hand to it , in order to let this sensational vehicle drive in the way that one would ideally like, but unfortunately rarely gets it. More on that later, because a few things have to work together happily beforehand to ensure such an extraordinary vehicle.

Let's start with the outward appearance. How many, or better, how few 928s are 100% in the first coat? Like how they left the factory? So really consistent, so also the front and rear PU skin, hood, front fenders…first paint. We estimate cautiously, but reckon with around 95% of all offered specimens that they are already out of the race with this question. Especially when it comes to the few Indian reds that tend to fade over the years due to their color pigmentation.

It goes without saying that a 100% first coat of paint also requires no accidents – even minor damage. But not at all common…at this point the sieve becomes even tighter than it already is.

Let's go further and turn our attention to the interior design. In this color combination, it is probably unique on the market and in a condition that suggests a well-kept year-old car. The lavish leather upholstery in the Exclusive department, from the headlining to the trunk to the entire dashboard, is in near-pristine condition and appears to have been treated extremely well. The usual shrinkage on the dashboard, the often present blisters and detachments on sun-exposed areas – not there. Surface of the old Roser leather – perfect, supple, and still typically velvety feel, wherever you put your hands. The fragrance of this equipment alone should be available in bottles, it would be a bestseller.

Up to this point, the 928 GTS hasn't driven a single meter and hasn't made a sound.

The following statement will astonish you, but we stand by it without any ifs or buts: You will not find a better-driving 928 GTS. No matter how many you will test and compare.

We have no clairvoyant powers and we do not presume to judge other offers from afar. But we don't have to, because we know too well and very well how an optimally conditioned, healthy Porsche 928 GTS has to run if it is to fascinate its driver from the first meter. That's why we're going to be brief at this point and assure you: A 928 has to be like this and nothing else if it's to feel like a new car even after almost 30 years. Just as Porsche handed it over to its customers back then and proudly said that its owner would get one of the world's best GTs, which would make every drive a special experience.

When this driving feeling comes up from the first second, even after this long time, when everyone – REALLY EVERYONE! – Functions are perfectly available on demand, if not the slightest background noise can be heard apart from the magnificent V8 in all facets, no play in the chassis, steering, drive train and wheel bearings or spring struts can be heard, if straight-line stability or turning into the can be precisely dosed, the automatic air conditioning controls perfectly, when all these systems in such a highly complex high-performance automobile mesh so perfectly after such a long time, then we allow ourselves to claim:

It doesn't get any better than that.

There are reasons for this that we cannot list individually at this point because they would go beyond the scope of a description. But lucky coincidences that lead to this result, we can enumerate. Finding a really good copy, which in most cases fails due to the hurdles listed above, is the first and essential step. However, the second step is the most important – namely to understand that these 928s already had weak points ex works, which only became apparent during driving and after more or less long years. Irrespective of mileage and the most careful care possible, neuralgic points came to light over the course of use, for which solutions were fortunately found and provided by proven specialists such as landsharks.de or the Kramers from Vogt. The consequence of turning to such addresses after buying the best possible copy and taking the next step to make the best possible out of a good, accident-free and well-maintained vehicle is the most significant step in this chain towards the optimum and deserves our utmost respect.

The result of all this effort, patience and financial investment can be admired in the form of this guards red Porsche 928 GTS. Even when stationary, just walking a few laps around the car and taking a look reveals a lot.

After all, starting the Porsche and driving it a few kilometers seems self-explanatory and needs no further words. You can read and count why everything is the way it is in the bulging Leitz folder.

The conclusion of this effort can only be: such a Porsche 928 GTS is under no conceivable circumstances a special offer. On the contrary. It is probably one of the most expensive on the market. But it is also very definitely one of the best on the market. This unique piece is therefore automatically recommended for those who do not accept compromises and buy on sight. This 928 is ready for another 30 years, which it intends to take under its wheels with the right care. It is also the 928, which makes driving fun from the first meter without preventing its new owner from driving with many small and large problems. So it's the 928 that people like to call the needle in the haystack. Both in its appearance and in its state of preservation, which simply leaves you speechless.

You are welcome to convince yourself if our attempt to convey the special and thus uniqueness of this motor vehicle to you was only halfway successful. We look forward to seeing you by appointment and we are very sure – from then on the 928 will take over the work and explain itself, leave no doubts and hopefully take you along just as it did with us.

With the best recommendations

Your dls team

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Year of construction: 1993
Initial registration date: February 1993
Model: 928 GTS
Body: Coupé
Series: 928
Mileage: 126760 km
Power: 350 HP
Cylinder capacity: 5,4 Liter
Steering: left
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Rear drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Configuration: Sun roof ABS Airbag Servo steering Navigation system Air conditioning
Interior color: Beige
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Red
Manufacturer color code (exterior): Indischrot
Matching numbers: yes
Condition: Accident-free
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: Austria

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Porsche 928 GTS

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