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Porsche 993 Carrera

Porsche 993 Carrera

Coupé, 1994


  • 1 hand
  • Annual PZ maintenance
  • Orig. 27,000 km

Buy Porsche 911/993 Carrera 2 Coupé in polar silver metallic!

The Porsche 993 replaced its predecessor the Porsche 964 in 1993 (model year 1994). It is the last 911 that was still equipped with an air-cooled engine. The new model 993 was not only changed visually, but also improved in many details that were new to the 964 and still caused problems. This gave the 993 a reputation as a particularly mature and reliable sports car among the 911 models.

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Motorlegenden by Michael Schnabl
Dießener Straße 19
86919 Utting
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The vehicle in detail

This early 911/993 Carrera 2 example from 1994 is unique and offers superlatives: it comes from first hand and was delivered on June 13, 1994 by Porsche Salzburg. The original vehicle registration confirms the history and the only entry to date. The car is almost completely in the first paint and corresponds to the original condition in every detail. Despite the extremely low mileage of only 27,500 km, the vehicle has been serviced a total of 18 times. The continuous checkbook entries (carried out exclusively by two Porsche centers), as well as without exception all documents since delivery including the original order, the delivery invoice and all service documents confirm the complete history.

For many of the most beautiful 911s: The classic color combination of silver / black together with the characteristic silhouette gives the 993 Carrera Coupe an exciting overall picture: sporty, elegant and classy at the same time.

The key data of this vehicle meet all expectations of a perfect collector's item without compromise: Austrian delivery from the early first year of construction, to this day still in first hand and still almost completely in the first coat, and the complete history is available, which covers the mileage of only 27,500 km without gaps occupied. In addition, all original receipts have existed since the order and delivery. The overall condition can only be described as almost untouched and flawless. Although it is a vehicle that is 26 years old, it can only be described as largely new.

The interior is clean and tidy down to the last detail and shows no wear.

The vehicle was delivered on June 13, 1994 to its first and so far only first owner. The car has been professionally maintained and serviced over the years, as well as kept dry and dark. The owner, himself a board member of a large authority in the Salzburg area, carried out the vehicle in the utmost meticulousness every year from 1994 to 2012 in the Porsche Center. Due to illness, the owner could only move the vehicle a little since 2012. A large and comprehensive service is currently being carried out in the Porsche Center. The widow of the now deceased first owner has decided to part with the vehicle and is therefore looking for an equally knowledgeable new owner for this special vehicle, who will continue the history of this collector's item.

The entire on-board folder including operating instructions, maintenance booklet, touring pass, radio instructions, as well as the complete key set and the partly unopened and still original tool set are available.

Conclusion: This early 993 from 1994 is probably the best remaining vehicle in German-speaking countries. Actually it remains a pious wish to buy a vehicle with the combination of perfect history, low mileage and a new car-like condition with a complete history at first hand. However, this complete package allows collectors to simply secure the perfect last air-cooled 911. And although this vehicle deserves the title "ready for a museum", it is suitable for every day and can be moved with an H license plate in 2014. The car will be handed over with a current service by the Porsche Center, as well as a full acceptance and new TÜV from the current owner.

Vehicle history:

On June 13, 1994 the first delivery was made by the Porsche Center Salzburg in Austria. Since then, the vehicle has remained with the same and only owner until 2020. It is an entry in the Austrian letter and therefore a vehicle from first hand.

Service history fully documented by checkbook entries and maintenance invoices:

09.02.1995 at km 3.135 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
18.05.1995 at km 4.183 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
24.06.1996 at km 9.737 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
16.06.1997 at km 12.359 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
04.06.1998 at km 16,817 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
07/05/1999 at km 18,598 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
22.05.2000 at km 19.412 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
09.07.2001 at km 21.038 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
10.06.2002 at km 22.422 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
06/30/2004 at km 23,042 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
07.06.2005 at km 24.084 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
13.06.2006 at km 25.032 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
12.06.2007 at km 25.362 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
19.06.2008 at km 26.225 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
06/18/2009 at km 26.415 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
28.07.2010 at km 26.445 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Salzburg)
21.10.2011 at km 26.584 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)
07/17/2012 at km 26,840 - vehicle maintenance (PZ Zell am See)

Vehicle condition and evaluation (based on the knowledge and statements of the vehicle owner and obvious assessment):

The body is in series production all round.
The body is well protected against rust in all respects.
The vehicle was stored dry. The gap dimensions are uniform all round. Doors and hoods close perfectly. Falling errors or protrusions are not present.

The vehicle is accident-free. Any body repairs had obviously not taken place so far.

Exterior paintwork
According to the paint thickness measurement and general definition, the paintwork is the original paintwork of the vehicle except for the fender on the right, which was also painted (invoice Porsche center available).
The paint is very well maintained and shows no damage or the like. There are a few stone chip marks on the body.

attachment parts
All parts of the vehicle are complete. They are in pristine condition all round. Only the front underbody protection has scratches in some places.

The vehicle's glazing is almost free of stone chips and scratches.

Seats and panels
The entire seating system and the side panels as well as the headlining and the center console present themselves in a practically new condition.
There is no damage.

The vehicle has the standard instruments, which are all in technically and optically perfect condition.
All instruments work properly.
The steering wheel is the original component of the vehicle, which is in very good condition with no signs of wear.
There is no damage to the entire interior of the vehicle.

Aggregate engine
After researching the vehicle owner based on the understandable history, it can be assumed that the engine and transmission are the original units of the vehicle.
Up to now, no revisions have been necessary, however, all necessary maintenance measures have been carried out so that the engine works perfectly in all temperature, speed and load ranges. There are no suspicious noises or smoke.

Additional units
All additional units such as the ignition system, starter, alternator etc. are technically in perfect condition and all work perfectly.

The gearbox of the vehicle can be shifted perfectly in all load conditions, there are no suspicious noises.
The gear works perfectly.

Chassis and brake system
As far as can be seen, all four brake discs are in very good condition.
All maintenance work was carried out on the brake system and the chassis, so that the vehicle works perfectly in all driving conditions.

wheel and tires
The wear is even across the entire width of the tires, which is an unmistakable indication that the chassis is properly adjusted and works accordingly.
The tires are mounted on the original Porsche wheels. The rims are in new condition.

Electrics and lighting
The entire electrical system is almost in the delivery state. No changes have been made here, however, all care and maintenance measures have been carried out so that the entire electrical system works properly in all areas.

Special equipment



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Year of construction: 1994
Model: 993 Carrera
Body: Coupé
Series: 993
Mileage: 27532 km
Power: 272 HP
Steering: left
Transmission: Manual
Drive: Rear drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Configuration: ABS Airbag Servo steering Air conditioning
Interior color: Black
Interior material: Leather
Exterior color: Silver
Manufacturer color code (exterior): Polarsilber Metallic 92M
Condition: Accident-free
New / used: Used car
Ready to drive: yes
Country of first delivery: Austria
Number of vehicle owners: 1

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